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So, it's been some time since I've actually posted in here. But I heard the news from yesterday a few hours ago, having just gotten back from a holiday, and -- I just couldn't let it go without saying something.

Because Sarah Jane Smith was the first muse I played who really *came alive* for me. Sure, I had Jaina from Star Wars and I did amazing things with her. But Jaina's life was all scripted. Sarah's -- there were so many cracks to fill in. So much life and adventure I could invent based on Elisabeth Sladen's amazing performance. And I adored it.

To the point where, in the recent weeks, I had been thinking of playing Sarah again and bringing her to Paradisa. That's been a slow process in itself - given that I've needed to rewatch canon. And rewatching just rekindled my love for this companion. Sladen brought to life such an amazing character. She was a role model to many, myself included. The reason I started watching the original Doctor Who episodes. The costume I would make sure to do every year at Dragon*Con.

I think this cartoon says best what I feel right now. I never got a chance to meet Elisabeth Sladen, but in some ways, she still affected my life given her dedication to Doctor Who.

Rest in peace, Elisabeth Sladen. You will be missed.
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