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Name:Sarah Jane Smith
Birthdate:May 28, 1956
Location:South Croydon, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:Sarah Jane @
Name: Sarah Jane Smith.
Goes By: Sarah or Sarah Jane. Never SJ.
Race: Human.
Age: Twenty-four. May sometime vary in game play.
Education: Graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in journalism and full honours.
Occupation: Journalist and sometimes time and space traveller.
Home Planet: Earth.
Currently Resides: Typically either in a small flat in South Croydon, England or within the Doctor's TARDIS.
Childhood: Born in Liverpool 1959, Sarah Jane only had five years with her parents, Nigel and Alice Smith, before they died in an automobile accident. She then moved to Ealing to live with her virologist aunt, Lavinia Smith. Young Sarah was a tomboy at heart, very prone to disobeying rules and quite fond of asking questions. She excelled at field hockey, learned how to shoot rifles from an eccentric next door neighbor, and did decently in her coursework. At age thirteen, tragedy struck again when Sarah lost her best friend Andrea Yates to a deadly fall from an abandoned pier and witnessed the event.
Adulthood: Although Lavinia had hoped Sarah would follow in her scientific footsteps, upon reaching university, Sarah took a keen interest in journalism. She spent her university years writing on the school paper and becoming more involved in women's lib. During this time, she met fellow journalism student Andrew Lofts with whom romance would lead to engagement. It was an engagement sadly ended when he had Sarah Jane choose between finishing university and love. Shortly after graduation, she took a job with the Metropolitan, a small newspaper outside of London.
The Doctor: Although her interest in women's lib never waned, Sarah did become more intrigued with investigative journalism in the time between graduation and meeting the Doctor. While house sitting for her aunt one faithful day, a letter came requesting Lavinia move to a UNIT safehouse during a period in which Britain's notable scientists were disappearing. Sarah appeared in her aunt's place, hoping to solve the mystery and get the scoop. Little did she know that meeting irksome Doctor John Smith would change her life forever...
Sarah Jane Smith does not belong to me, but her creators and writers over at the BBC. Likewise, this journal has no relation to her actress, Elisabeth Sladen. I am just borrowing Sarah Jane for roleplaying and creative writing purposes.

Info post for Amatomnes can be found here.
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