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Sep. 21st, 2017 05:17 pm
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Sawyer is terrified from the moment she steps through the door right up to this moment when she's trying to set the door on fire. The only fortunate thing about the door refusing to burn (seriously, the paint doesn't even peel) is that it slowly transitions Sawyer from terrified to angry. She's more comfortable with angry (aren't most people or is she special in this?).

Her face is flushed with heat. She's pushed the sleeves of her sweatshirt (normal people scare me) up and she's grateful she's wearing cut-off shorts with a pair of black converse. She looks overheated because she is. Not only had she spent a good deal of time trying to set the door on fire, she'd created that fire and she's really not good or reliable at that right now. She expends too much energy far too quickly.

Finally, the feeling of wooziness and being entirely parched from the inside out drives Sawyer to the fountain, where she peels her socks and shoes off in favor of putting her feet in the water. She leans over her legs, placing her forehead against her knees as she dangles her hands in the water too.

She really doesn't care what she looks like. Besides, there's a fifty-fifty chance that this is some weirdo, wacky dream she's having. She's certainly had her fair share of them in the last few weeks.


Sep. 17th, 2017 07:24 pm
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Dean is actually settling into this weird place. He's got the Men of Letters bunker here, complete with all its contents, and he's moved into there. The apartments hadn't really been his style. Or maybe it was that they were too much what he was used to. His apartment had looked like some cheesy 70's motel room, basically home away from home. The bunker makes him feel a little more stable, which is weird. He hasn't felt stable anywhere his entire life.

Yeah, this place is a learning curve.

In the interest of really settling in and getting to know the town (and some of the people in it), Dean decides to have a walkabout. He'll stop for coffee (black) at the cafe then he moves on to a bodega to do some shopping. A guy needs snack food in the house. He stops by the police station to talk to the woman in charge there. He works on a car at the garage for a little bit then stops off at the Houndstooth to have a drink (and maybe talk to a pretty bartender) before he heads back to the bunker.

Belated Intro!

Sep. 15th, 2017 10:59 pm
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Better late than never maybe? I'm Alex and I'm bringing Jake Jensen from The Losers. He's a motormouth hacker who's had an Adventure in Bolivia and probably can stand a nice vacation. I'll have his IC intro up soonish, and will be throwing him at a few posts this weekend.

My plurk is [ profile] corvia and my Discord is ravynstoneabbey#6171.

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Sep. 15th, 2017 09:07 pm
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Best place to get a pumpkin spice latte, bonus points if there are cream puffs, too, because I'm craving them and don't judge me, ready, set, GO!

While Zatanna has been kind of laying low and trying to find a way back to Alpha Complex — a thing that you couldn't have paid her enough to consider doing before; she supposes that's what she gets for getting attached to Al — she's also maybe kinda sorta totally been secretly enjoying the freedom that comes with being the crap out of there. Real food. Real food that she doesn't have to hide in the skirt of her dress and sneak out while Alcide is laughing like a jerk and nearly blowing their cover. It's a novelty in spite of the fact that it really, really shouldn't be. But every time she eats a meal, it makes her feel guilty because, as far as she knows, Alcide can't. As far as she knows, her bestie is back in that horrible place and she'd promised to bring him home with her. Now she's neither home, nor is he with her. God, when did she get so bad at keeping promises?

She's been practicing her magic in secret, usually far out near the blue doors that no one really comes out to disturb. The thing is that Zee is trying to teach herself to get back there and retrieve her friend, and then go home and rejoin the team with her own freaking wolf. Take that, Wolf, her wolf could talk. And he was nice to look at when he wasn't a wolf, but again. Don't judge her. She's out there because it's safer, in case she does something wrong in a totally whelming way; the last thing anyone needs is for Zatanna to blow up the building in which the majority of them are housed.

Zatanna is on her way back into town because she's dying for something...pumpkin-y. It's fall. The leaves are turning, the air is getting more crisp. She's been here too long without her team or her friends — in some cases, they're, she misses Rob... — and it's time to really crack down and get it right. If nothing else, she has to get Al and bring him here so he's safer and so that he can be the wolf he really is. She's never felt more liberated than when she was finally able to use her magic again and she can only imagine how it will feel for him. She's doing this tonight if it kills her. might kill her, actually, so she's absolutely having one last pumpkin spice latte or something with pumpkin spice before she tries because if she gets back to Alpha and she can't get out again, dammit, she needs to make it worth it. So as she strides into town and down the street, if it looks like the girl is on a mission, that's because she is. That doesn't mean she won't stop to talk, though; she's very friendly, really.

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Sep. 15th, 2017 08:51 pm
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All right, my sister has decided that I have two choices: I can get off my ass and make some new friends or I can find somewhere else to live. Since I'm terrible at the former and not interested in the latter, I guess I'm going to need some help.

What is there to do around here?

[ Because, quite honestly, he's been keeping largely to himself, so as not to third wheel Buffy and Alcide...but he's also been more than a little clingy; he can't help it. Laura's alive. That novelty isn't going to fade any time soon.

This message is going to have to do. Her exact suggestion was that he get off his ass and "get laid" but he's still not ready to move past the unspoken...whatever he had with Katniss back in Alpha Complex. ]

Admittedly, this place is a lot more relaxing than Beacon Hills or the Alpha Complex had been and Derek really can't complain. It's nice being able to just be himself and find that no one gives a rat's ass. He doesn't really run around saving the city with his sister, mostly because he's still so conditioned against letting himself be who he really is, but he likes the idea that he could if he could just muster up the energy and confidence to do it without being afraid of being hunted for the sake of being hunted.

Or thrown in jail for being a traitor for literally anything that he might say or do.

Walking through town and just sort of looking at the sights in spite of the fact that he's seen them all a hundred times, Derek allows himself to take things in with a fresh set of eyes. The people are friendly here. The streets smell like the coffee shops and eateries he passes, rather than nothing at all because he hadn't had his sense of smell.

Maybe he could settle here. Maybe once he gets over Katniss and just moves on, then he can actually settle down here. Maybe he'll meet another woman; maybe she'll be The One, if he's especially lucky. Derek is finding more and more that he could get used to it here. He just has to let himself.
He can do that. Right?


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