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She hadn't meant for it to happen. James had been growing more and more distant ever since his last mission. And rather than making any snide remarks, Le Chiffre actually seemed to sympathize. One thing led to another, as these sorts of events typically go, and Sarah Jane found herself finally forgiving her one time torturer.

Twelve months later and everything had returned to normal at the Smith-Bond home. Valerie was walking, getting in to everything she possibly could. James had apologised months ago for his behaviour, admitting to a kill he had been haunted by. The arrival of his son had only reaffirmed their marriage.

Andrew Nigel Bond didn't necessarily look a lot like his father, but the moment James held him, he was lost in fatherhood happiness all over again.

Sarah tried to go back to Milliways once, three months after Andrew's birth. She knew the truth, one secret she would always keep from James. But Le Chiffre wasn't there.

She wondered if he'd ever know.
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Ill!Sarah for [livejournal.com profile] shot_his_shoes:

She knew beyond a doubt that she would not make it. The poison from the cybermat was filling her veins, making them bulky, filling them with a metallic sheen that almost seemed to block the flow of blood to her body. It makes it hard for her to breath. The scream had been the last real thing she had been able to do, aside from fall off the chair while fighting the creature.

By the time the Doctor pulled it off of her, her vision was splotchy. Black dots danced around her face. His features, typically much sharper and angular, appeared blurred. Sarah was barely aware of him picking her up and carrying her away from the room. A wave of dizziness overtook her.

Voices now. That was all she could hear. Something was wrong with the transmat drive. The Doctor sounded furious.

“Let me be the doctor this time, Doctor.” Harry. His voice sounded so close and yet so very far away. Something cold pressed against her skin. “We need to get it out of her system. Come on, old girl, hang in there.”

Vaguely, she was aware of being turned on her side. “Somebody get me water! Something! Doctor, do you have--”

The voice sounded so mournful. “No.”

Sarah blinked, tried to wake up from the coma she was slipping in to. “Doctor. Harry. It was--”

“Save your voice, Sarah,” Harry whispered. “He’ll fix it soon enough. And you’ll be okay. Until then, I’m going to try to induce vomiting. Got it, old girl?”

“Don’t.” She coughed. “Don’t call me that.”

“Sarah?” The Doctor’s voice. “Sarah Jane, I will never forgive you if you do not fight this.”

Neither of them had any idea how hard it was, how difficult it was to hang on. The darkness was overwhelming and the pain far too much. She knew, without a doubt, that the Doctor would not fix the transmat machine in time. She knew Harry’s efforts would not work. This, she knew, was the end of her journey. It had been a good one.

Sarah let go.
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Sawyer of [livejournal.com profile] merlin_doctor fame wanted spoiling-the-wolf!Sarah.

“Sawyer, we are not going any further. I absolutely mean it, Sawyer. We’ve gone far enough as is. This is all your fault anyhow.”

Sarah Jane would almost swear that the look the wolf was giving her read innocence all over it. She did not know if wolves could, in fact, play innocent despite guilt, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be this one. He pushed his head under her hand, whining quietly.

She sighed. “He’s going to be furious, you know. Bad enough I let you out of the TARDIS to chase that rabbit-thing. He had told us to stay put. And this? Oh, I don’t even know where we very well are!”

He whined again and then barked as something rustled the bushes not too far away. Sawyer’s ears perked up and he barked again. Hesitantly, that same pink noise on that furry white face from earlier peaked out between leaves. It blinked once, gave a sort of yelp, and disappeared. Sawyer growled.

“Oh no you don’t,” Sarah warned. “We’re heading back. I mean it, Sawyer. I very well— oh, fine. But wait for me!”

Damn that wolf and his looks.
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[livejournal.com profile] eleventh_doctor asked for working!Sarah. I will try to complete more of these as the day goes on.

“This,” Sarah Jane said contemptuously, gesturing to the rather early eighteenth century wench like costume she wore, “is work?”

“We’re pirates, Sarah Jane.” The Doctor wasn’t dressed much better off, although something about her size(why was it that even female, he – she – had to be taller than her?) made the costume fit better. “Least that’s what we need to be if we’re ever going to get back the treasure of Davy Jones’ locker. You know we can’t leave it in Pirate Sid the Cash-strapped hands!”

Sarah sighed, looking down at the dress again. The corset was too tight, leaving little space to breathe and revealing far more of her bosom than she’d prefer in front of these… well, mangy dogs certainly seemed fitting. And the layers of skirts… Oh, there were far too many skirts given the blazing sun up ahead.

“That’s the part that confuses me, Doctor,” she said after a moment, taking the time first to glare at the first mate who constantly tossed lewd comments her way. “All these other times, we’ve just barged in there without fancy dress. Why now?”

“Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.” The Doctor shook her head. “You should know by now that work needs to be fun. And what’s more fun than this?”
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[livejournal.com profile] clever_wanderer asked for confused!Sarah. So!

“I don’t understand, Doctor.”

Sarah Jane frowned, staring up at the man in front of her. He ran a hand through his hand, a nervous habit of his she had come to recognize as a sign of imminent awkwardness. She sighed, glancing down at the small box in her hand. She hadn’t meant to do that, to put him on the spot like that. She just… well, to put it simply, she didn’t understand.


“I… er, I…” He was stuttering. At the very least, Sarah knew that she had to be thankful that he hadn’t started talking about the weather yet. “Kinda stumbled along it the other day, going through the c box. I figured it was about time for a reread of Murder on the Orient Express, given that I can’t spend all day working on the TARDIS and I--”

The Doctor shrugged, smiling faintly. Sarah may have been confused by the small gift, but by now she had at least learned, and understood, the trouble he had with words sometimes. Babble was one thing. Emotions were something entirely different.

“ It’s been brilliant, having you here that is. I’ve told you that, haven’t I? And I just want you to remember. That I always want you… blimey, are those really tears?”

They were. She smiled weakly as she brushed away said tears. It had become habit now, hadn’t it? Confuse her, make her cry. Still, she doubted she would have it any other way. The box fell from her hands as she fingered the silver Claddagh ring. “It’s lovely, Doctor.”

“’Let love and friendship reign,’” he whispered. “Never forget me when you wear this ring, Sarah Jane Smith.”
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"Everybody leaves me in the end. My parents...Andrew... The Doctor will. I thought that you'd be different, James. I was going to be your wife. Never going to leave."
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Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

1. You're All I Have :: Lyrics :: Fic
2. Hands Open :: Lyrics :: Fic
3. Chasing Cars :: Lyrics :: Fic
4. Shut Your Eyes :: Lyrics :: Fic
5. It's Beginning To Get To Me :: Lyrics :: Fic
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7. Make This Go On Forever :: Lyrics :: Fic
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9. Headlights On Dark Roads :: Lyrics :: Fic
10. Open Your Eyes :: Lyrics :: Fic
11. The Finish Line :: Lyrics :: Fic
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Moments had always been precious to Sarah Jane ever since the day of her parents’ accident, when she had realised that the seemingly mundane night before was the last she would ever have with them. Ever since then, she had treasured each moment as the unique occurrence it was. Every single one of them, the good and the bad, catalogued in her mind like photographs on a filmstrip. They made up her life and because of that, she loved them all.

But right now, when she opened the door to their flat and saw the sight in front of her, she couldn’t imagine any moment more precious than this:

Her husband asleep on the couch, face paint stained and hair sparkling with glitter, an arm wrapped the blonde bundle of yellow and glitter that was still protesting the waves of sleep. With a quiet laugh, Sarah surveyed the mess of the living room. There was construction paper and paste askew amidst crayons and markers, with glitter covering just about every centimetre of the floor. It was an explosion of shimmering colours; reds and golds and purples and silvers and greens and blues.

But what shone more than anything was the smile on Sarah’s face as she took in the moment. As she took in the exhausted and contented smile on James’ face, she wished that she had a camera to preserve the scene for ever. And as she took in the way Valerie snuggled up against him, still clearly the girl who had stolen his heart two years prior when she unexpectedly entered their lives, she wished the moment would never end.

Glitter was used to make things sparkle. But when James slowly opened his eyes to look at her still standing there, Sarah saw the love reflected in there that made the scene shine in an entirely different way.

Cleaning up the mess would come later. Until then, Sarah Jane would make good on her resolve to savour this moment. And what a beautiful moment, sparkling with glitter and with love, it was.

011 - Glitter.
Millirific 42 Prompt Table.


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