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1. How long can you hold your breath?

Not very long at all, I'm afraid. Which is just one of the reasons why I detest being in the water. Not only can't I swim, but I can't quite hold my breath longer than about thirty seconds.

2. How long do you wait to cut your hair?

Typically, whenever it gets too far past shoulder length. I used to keep it right at, but travelling with the Doctor hasn't exactly given me many opportunities to visit a hair cutter's. But if it gets too long, it will get trimmed.

3. How long do you normally wait at the grocery?

Not very long at all. The grocer I go to tends to have rather speedy check out boys.

4. How long can you sing a song without getting the lyrics wrong?

Probably about halfway through the song. Longer if it's playing in the background. And perhaps even longer still if I don't start giggling of embarrassment as I sing.

5. How long is the best relationship you've been in?

I've never had what anyone in their right mind would call a 'best relationship'. So, never.
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1. Who is your best friend?

The Doctor. I believe that, so far, this may in fact be the easiest question I've had to answer yet.

2. Why did you become friends?

Well, it's rather hard not to when you're practically living in that blue box of his travelling across the universe. If you know hime, I'm sure you'll understand what I mean implicity.

3. How did you meet?

I was undercover trying to get a scoop on disappearing scientists from Think Tank. He was there as well, still serving as UNIT's scientific advisor. He wanted me to make him a cup of coffee after he saw through my disguise (the nerve!). I still haven't let him forget that to this day.

4. Why have you stayed friends?

Because, despite everything, I couldn't ever imagine my life without him in it.

5. How long (realistically) do you think you'll be friends?

I won't ever have another friend like the Doctor. It's rather impossible to, if you ask me. Forever, even if we're no longer travelling together.
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1. Who was your favorite teacher?
Miss Johnson, my third year primary school teacher.

2. Why was that teacher so special?
She opened my eyes to just how wonderful writing is. Aunt Lavinia claimed that I always had a knack for story telling and words, but it was Miss Johnson who truly inspired me to write. We had this class project, an interview you see, and I was assigned Miss Johnson. I thought it was going to be dull at first, but instead I only had fun talking to her. I didn't want to stop asking questions. Or writing up my report for that matter.

3. Do you think teachers get paid enough?
Probably not. It's certainly worth the investigation, I would think. Maybe I should consider that for my next article. Thank you for the idea!

4. Do you have a favorite year of school?
My second year of uni. Everything seemed wonderful back then.

5. If you could travel back in time and tell yourself something now that would have helped you get through school, what would you say?
I doubt it's a good idea to go back in time to alter anything. I've seen where time travelling can get you first hand, and the results are not always pleasant. Still, if I could tell myself one thing, it would probably be this: No matter how much it seems like Katie Wellington deserved that black eye for poking fun at your lack of parents, the trouble you got into was really not worth it.


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