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070. TEN kisses.

1. Paul McCrimmon: He was my first ‘romantic kiss’. I was four and he was six and we lived next door to each other in Liverpool. He kissed me. And then I kicked him into the mud. Mum didn’t know whether to laugh or scold. Paul did, though: he laughed and, after standing, pushed me in to the mud as revenge.

2. Andrew Lofts: He was my first proper boyfriend and my first proper fiancée. Our first kiss was at a party my first year at uni. For a short time, it was the start of a terrific relationship. Sadly, I cannot say the same to its ending.

3. Harry Sullivan: Kisses with him have always been of the utmost platonic manner. We were never meant to be anything more than friends, even if I do expect him of carrying a short torch during our times travelling together.

4. If I could remember one thing from my childhood, it would be what hugs and kisses from my parents were like. I knew they loved me, I can remember that much. But the memory of their touch has been long lost in the past few years.

5. The Doctor (Four): It might be silly, but I prefer his hugs more than anything else. There is certainly something about being wrapped up in his arms, the way I always feel dwarfed and safe when he does. I know perfectly well that a woman does not need a man to feel safe. I am, after all, a steadfast believer in this idea. But there’s something about the Doctor, about his awkward kisses and warm hugs, which always seems to do the trick. (Theatrical Muse)

6. James Bond: Our first kiss took me by surprise. I didn’t suspect for a moment that James harbored feelings for me. I didn’t ever suspect that, when I cornered him in our shared flat to discover just why he was being so cold, he would kiss me in response. I never suspected how much I’d bloody enjoy that kiss or what it would lead to.

But my favorite kiss with him will always be the one he gave me after Valerie was born. It was brief – perhaps the briefest of all due to our mutual desire to watch our baby sleep – but it was promising. It was tender and loving and apologetic. It was beautiful. (Milliways.)

7. Valerie Bond: Holding and kissing your baby for the first time, knowing she’s real and yours – there’s nothing else like it. (Milliways.)

8. Simon Skinner: I don’t know if we quite knew what we were doing. I sometimes suspect that we still don’t know what we’re doing. It’s absolutely daft, considering our ages – we’re far too old to be having a fling like this. Even if it has become love, I still don’t know if it is wise. But, at the moment, I couldn’t imagine having anyone else fill his place in my life. (Mixed Muses.)

9. Sam Linnfer: Really isn’t what you’d expect. (Milliways.)

10. James Bond: It was Christmas time in Milliways and we got caught under the mistletoe together. For the record: it meant nothing. We’re only friends. I am married, after all. That doesn’t change the fact that, like my husband, he certainly knows what he’s doing when it comes to such matters. (Milliways.)

Muse: Sarah Jane Smith
Fandom: Doctor Who
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048. TEN things that you're thankful for:

None of the following are things. Oh, I enjoy possessions and the like as every person does. But if you want the sorts of things I’m really thankful for, they’ll all be of the living variety. Life just isn’t life without the people that influence you along the way. I owe so much to the following and I’ll always be very thankful for having them in my life.

1. Lavinia Smith: My aunt and, in a lot of ways, my mentor. She took me in after my parents died. She taught me that I could do just about anything with my life. Without her, I wouldn’t have had a family growing up. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today, either.

2. The Doctor: He showed me the universe and its entire splendor. He changed my life in a way I never thought possible. And even if we did part and he never did return until decades later, he’ll always be my best friend. Always.

3. Harry Sullivan: After the Doctor and I said goodbye, he became someone I could confide in. Although he always will be a bit old fashioned, he wasn’t nearly as stuffy as the rest of that UNIT lot. We could reminisce together and enjoy life for what it really is. He became a better friend than I ever thought possible.

4. K-9: K-9 was one of the first gifts I had ever received from the Doctor. I had no idea it would be a litany of gifts, but my dog remains the most treasured (yes, even above you, Mr Smith). He’s the most loyal companion anyone could ask for. It had been the two of us for so long until he broke down. I don’t know how I would have made it through those years without him.

5. Luke Smith: I never wanted a family of my own. Oh, well, maybe I did when I was young and engaged to Andrew, but those days passed quickly. I became used to being alone, a hermit if you may. But Luke changed all of that. I couldn’t just give him up after rescuing him from the Bane, after all. And, to be quite honest, I’ve discovered that I rather enjoy having a son. He keeps me on my toes, teaching me new things every day whether he realizes it or not.

6. Maria Jackson: She reminds me a lot of myself at her age: curiosity, a thirst for adventure. To say that I don’t adore spending time with this girl would be a lie. She’s rather become the daughter I never had. She’s a loyal friend to Luke and Clyde and she’s so very determined to make her own sort of impact in the world. I admire her. And I’m very much thankful that she snuck into my yard those months ago.

7. Clyde Langer: I suppose we don’t always get along at the best of times, but he’s been there for both Luke and Maria. He’s turned out to be quite accepting of this daft life we live, even enjoying it. I don’t doubt for a moment that Clyde would ever abandon any of us. He’s… well, he’s a breath of fresh air. And we all need that time to time.

8. [Milliways] James Bond: He showed me that love and marriage isn’t something I ought to avoid in my life. He gave me Valerie. He’s taught me that some heroes are just men trying to do the right thing, that adapting is terrifying but worth while at the same time, and that the most joyous part of life is having someone to share it with. I love him. I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

9. [Milliways] Valerie Bond: She’s my daughter. How anyone could not be grateful for receiving such a gift, I don’t think I could ever understand. I highly doubt that life with her and James will be easy, but I’m thankful for that. I don’t want a dull, domestic life. I have a family with Valerie and James, and that’s all I really want in the end.

10. [Mixed Muses] Simon Skinner: I never expected to meet him. I certainly never expected to fall in love with him, especially at my age. But there’s something in him – perhaps it’s his guilt and his hope – that captured me. Every moment I spend with him makes me happy. The fact that he’s been so wonderful with Luke only adds to it. I can’t think of many men who would try so hard to please someone’s son. It’s lovely, really.
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What makes your life complicated?

January 7, 2009
Earth Calendar
Ealing, England

I used to think that the most complicated part of my life came from my travels with the Doctor. Back then, I could never quite tell what time or even what planet we would wind up in on our next landing. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It was absolutely marvelous. I saw so much: alien sunsets, nebulas forming, ancient and future civilizations both of Earth and of other races. Travelling was an absolute joy, travelling with him more so. It quickly became something I never wanted to stop doing, even with all the complications: missing deadlines for work, losing touch with my aunt, never quite feeling that I fit in with the year I was currently residing…

Time travel is rather complicated, especially in its adverse affects. But as it turns out, that wasn’t the most complicated part of my life. That part came from going to a pub at the end of the universe and falling in love with a man who, in his Earth, is recently deceased. I know it sounds well nutters as Clyde would put it, but do remember this is coming from the woman who’s best friend was an alien and who’s human son is alien born. Simon is, well, he’s very much alive when he comes here, to my Ealing. And so far, I haven’t seen any hazardous repercussions in letting him do so.

We talk about second chances often. I am very much a firm believer in those, especially given some of the things that I have done within my own life. I know Simon has a shady past, that he’s responsible for murders and the like. I also believe that there are more circumstances surrounding his reasons than he’ll admit as of yet. I prefer to see people as what they are capable of doing now rather than as anything they might have done. And Simon, for all his worries, seems very intent on redeeming himself. The idea that his second chance is in making my life a bit better is so flattering, in some ways, I find it rather hard to resist.

I believe I love him for that. For that and the way that he has fallen in love with me. Even if he doesn’t realize it, he’s handsome and charming and very sincere. He’s not the sort to lie to me just to please me. And, above it all, I believe that he is a good man. And I’d love to see that realization reflect in his own eyes some day.

I just don’t know how to tell Luke. I have the most brilliant son in the world and as much as I originally didn’t want to be a mother, I love him dearly. But his proficiency in societal understanding is still very much left wanting, although I have to say Clyde and Maria have been a very big help in educating Luke. I never realized just how wonderful it could be to see a child blossom. Oh, I have gone horribly mumsie, haven’t I? I don’t want Luke to ever think I could ever replace him in any way. He’s just as special to me, after all. I simply have no idea as to how he would react.

I never thought that I would fall in love again. I also never thought that love would be this complex. I’m very grateful to have Simon in my life and I’d love nothing more than to be able to share him with those others I care about most. But how do you explain a phantom of a partner to the world?

I suppose you don’t.

I’ve helped to save the world repeatedly. And yet, I’m absolutely terrified of having my son meet my boyfriend. Oh. When did my life get this bloody mad?

[ooc: based on roleplay in [livejournal.com profile] mixed_muses]
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She can't remember the last time she has really felt this nervous. It isn't been the first time Sarah Jane had brought Simon home to show him Ealing and her little world. But it is the first time she has brought him home to meet her son. It is, quite possibly, the first time that she has brought anyone of the male persuasion home to meet her son.

Sarah is, quite surprisingly to herself, a nervous wreck.

The dinner table is properly dressed with a table cloth. There are candles and flowers on the table and she has actually spent a good part of her day in the kitchen. Her best silverware and dishes aere out on the table. And, she thinks, the meal smells decent enough. She likes to cook, on occasion. But Sarah Jane knows that she is far from being the best cook in the world.

Now she only needs Luke to come home from Clyde's. She turns to smile at Simon, glancing quickly at her watch.

"He ought to be here any moment."
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The door opens to a cozy attic neatly cluttered with many assorted nicknacks. Some of the objects are easily recognisable: books, photo frames, papers, etc. Others, though, are much more alien in origin.

Sarah Jane smiles warmly as she moves aside to let Simon through. Then, she shrugs slightly. "I don't typically have much company up here."
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It has been a long week and Sarah Jane is ever so grateful when her attic door opens up to Milliways again. While she has found herself really enjoying Luke, Maria, and Clyde's company, a part of her still seeks to be alone. And to be in the company of adults that will accept her.

So, it's with a cuppa and her notebook that Sarah settles into a booth. She won't admit it to herself, but she's looking for someone in particular. Christmas shopping has been taking it's tole, resulting in her buying a few gifts she hadn't planned on. Including one for her one-night stand.

If he ever shows up.
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As brilliant as the past two weeks have been, all the energy put into keep up with two James Bonds has gotten to her. Today, Sarah is utterly exhausted. Morning sickness had been especially horrible when she awoke and she certainly didn't feel like going anywhere.

Yet, she found herself making the now almost-daily trip to Milliways to look for him. Like always, she left a note for James in the London flat. Then, as soon as she arrived in Milliways, she left a note for the other James to meet her upstairs.

Dinner in sounds like a perfectly good alternative to all the evenings spent out on the town.


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