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Write a letter to your muse. Tell them all of the reasons that you are thankful that they are yours. Give them some advice/suggestions for things that you want them to do. Be firm, but show love. Remind them who is in charge.

Dear Sarah Jane,

So I said that I would app Mickey Smith originally. Cause Cati was playing Rose at the time and Kyle was thinking of Jackie and I was writing that fic with Ten, Mickey, and Jack. But then that all of that sort of fell apart and I had begun watching old school Doctor Who episodes because of School Reunion. And you sort of slowly moved into my head and, at with certain encouragement, I sent in an application for you to Milliways.

When I did that, I still wasn’t sure if I’d be playing you young or old. I debated that for about another month as I waited for the application to be approved. In the end, I opted for you to be young because you had canon yet to come out as your older self. I figured it could be fun to play you still traveling with the Doctor with all your youthful enthusiasm.

You wound up replacing Jaina, who had previously been the most talkative pup I had. I did prompts with her for a while too, you know. And when Jaina was retired in the game, you became my central headvoice. I don’t know what it is about you, and I still don’t, but you keep on talking! You give me stories. You create plots for yourself. I’m in so many prompt communities now because of you. And because of the fact that you won’t shut up.

And then you met James in Milliways and this led to an amazing spiral of threads upon threads upon threads. I’ve loved every single one of them. This has seriously been the best relationship I have ever, ever RP’ed. And you’re still with him and everything still isn’t perfect in your eyes. It’s great. You’re not going to settle and life will just be more and more difficult.

But, sometimes? I kind of do wish you’d be quiet. You’ve been amazing to play but oh my god, sometimes I really do want to try out some of my other head voices. But instead you demand to play and you demand to have a story written and it never stops. You just want to be happy travelling with the Doctor or happy being with James or having fun in this au!SJA verse that you’ve created (because Simon Skinner and Luke Has Two Moms tends to blend in my head). But you seem constantly talkative. And I don’t get why.

Also? I’m still terrified to play you most of the time. I doubt that I do a good job. I doubt that I’ve done the right things in Milliways, having you pregnant and married. I doubt that I get your voice right. But despite the fears, I have fun. And that’s rather awesome.

So, overall? Thank you. It’s been over a year and it’s been awesome. I hope to get at least another year out of you. And at the rate you’re going, I really think I will.

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What person in your muse's life, either by canon or in roleplay, has most affected their personality in your writing of them?

Canon wise: Even though she's never appeared in the show, I would say that Sarah's Aunt Lavinia Smith has had the greatest affect on Sarah's personality. Which, thinking on it, probably makes the most sense as Lavinia was the woman who raised her. Based on episodes and novels and miscellaneous articles, I've developed a picture of Lavinia as the intelligent, no-nonsense scientist who, being in a field highly dominated by men, has had to stubbornly hold true to the idea that she's just as capable.

Therefore, as Sarah's guardian, Lavinia probably instilled all these ideals on her niece at a young age. I believe that Sarah Jane is naturally stubborn, but her preference towards women's lib is definitely something that stems from Lavinia. It is also something that tends to define a lot of who she is. Lavinia also encouraged schooling and, therefore fostered Sarah's intelligence. She encouraged curiosity and a love to succeed, thus shaping Sarah Jane into the eager journalist she would become -- you know, that one with a knack of quite easily getting in over her head because she believes herself to be capable of anything.

Role play wise: I have Sarah in a lot of different games and communities. The one she's been in the longest though has been Milliways. It's there that I think people have really had a chance to help shape her -- specifically James Bond. They've been friends since late January, and what I once believed as going to be a sibling like relationship has turned into so much more. He's usurped the role the Doctor would have played in Sarah's life if she had not come to Milliways. He's now her guidance and her best friend and her love. She holds his opinion higher than anyone else's (even if that's not saying much) and she cares so much about being the sort of woman he needs.

The biggest effect James has had on her, though, is in their relationship. He's a good fifteen years older than Sarah. That, in addition to his profession, has resulted in him being much more worldly and mature than Sarah in a lot of respects. In order to make this relationship work, she's had to learn how to grow up quickly. She's still as playful as she usually is, but she's learned how to only act as such when the situation calls for it. She's learned when not to pressure and how to still stand her own despite however much the situation gets to her. Knowing James has forced Sarah to grow up, and I love the way that it's progressed.

Add in one pregnancy plot, though, and you get an absolutely haywire personality of mixed up emotions. Now that's been fun.
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Is there something that your muse does that shows a certain emotion or feeling? Do they eat when they are depressed? Run when they are upset? What things does your muse do, either intentionally or as an automatic reaction, when dealing with certain events or feelings?

Sarah Jane wears her emotions on her sleeve. She doesn’t try to hide her feelings most of the time. If she doesn’t want someone to know something, she’ll go into another room or another place and avoid them. That’s usually a drastic case though, as she tends to be rather honest about everything. If she’s upset, she’ll cry easily. Happy: smiles everywhere. Angry: beware a temper.

It’s that simple. For a change.
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Make your muse dance. Can they dance? What do they look like when they do? What kind of music would they most likely dance to? Who would they dance with?

Given the proper location, music, and partner, Sarah Jane would enjoy dancing. She wouldn’t be the most graceful or the most talented dancer on the floor – far from it, in fact – but she would be the one with the greatest amount of laughter in her features. Sarah would be the girl who would not care about following the proper rules of dancing: she would consistently step on the toes of her partner (half by accident, half on purpose), she would keep her eyes on her feet a lot, she would let hands wander, and more than anything, she would probably try to seize the lead away from her partner. Dancing for Sarah wouldn’t be about looking good in front of people, it would be about having fun and taking pleasure in her partner’s company.

With that in mind, the sort of music would really matter much to her. With Sarah Jane being a girl from the seventies, she probably grew up dancing to the pop of the sixties and whatever else was popular in her times. But as long as it’s a melody with some promise of fun, she probably wouldn’t complain. And if it is a familiar tune, well all the better then, right?

However, if this dance became highly formal or put Sarah in the spotlight, I think all of the above would not apply. Then, in this scenario, she would try to remain as serious and to the rules as possible. Given that, dancing in these conditions would not be Sarah’s first choice.

As for who she would dance with, that list would probably include just about anyone who asked. But (not that she would ever admit it), if she could pick anyone to dance with, it would be the Doctor.
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We spend a third of our lives in bed, so talk about your muse and how they sleep. Describe their bed, bedroom, what they wear to bed, positions...how do they sleep?

It’s sort of funny the way Sarah Jane has been collecting bedrooms in the various games I play her in, Milliways especially. And I tend to consider each room distinct, each with a different feel that still says that Sarah is the room’s inhabitant. In canon, I suppose there would be three rooms of importance: that of her flat in the old school episodes -- that of her room in the TARDIS, and then her room in the future in her house. But because I rarely play an older Sarah Jane, I prefer to stick to describing the two previous ones, as I believe them to be.

Her room in her flat in South Croydon I’ve mentioned a couple of times in various prompts and RPs I’ve done. Typically, I tend to imagine it as possessing light blue walls and a dark red rug. In fact, I’ll copy and paste what I wrote in one RP: “The bed has a wine-coloured quilt and like in the living room, shelves are lined with books and papers and notes. A small and worn teddy bear lies on top of the pillows. Her desk sits in a corner with her typewriter on top. It's a well lived in room, with photographs and miscellaneous other memories scattered around.” It’s comfortable is what I was going for the most.

As for the TARDIS, I always pictured this one as a little more classic looking. A four poster bed with red curtains that Sarah Jane loves, a huge wardrobe where she finds random items, a desk (of course), and a couple of shelves for books and items she collects on her journeys with the Doctor. I don’t imagine it nearly as well lived as her flat in Croydon, but I do imagine it to be somewhat cluttered with random items she’s brought on to the TARDIS.

So those are important bedrooms, although in other games (coughMilliwayscough, where she has a bedroom in a flat in Milliways, and has moved in to James’ bedroom in his London flat) there are more. But bedrooms are only a part of the question. I think the next logical part would be to discuss what she wears to bed. For the most part, I tend to picture a nightgown of some sort, simple, practical, and comfortable. Probably most times, the nightgown might be a little too big, but she’d rather that than something tight. Tying back to Milliways, where she shares a bed with James, I tend to imagine that most nights she’s gotten to sleeping in the nude due to certain habits the couple have. But if she were alone, nightgown most definitely.

Finally, it’s how Sarah Jane sleeps. I think she’s a sound sleeper who tends not to toss and turn very much and always wake up and bounce out of bed when the alarm goes off. Sleep for her is a time to unwind and relax. Maybe sometimes she’ll read part of a novel going back to bed. In Milliways, it tends to be making love before sleeping. But for the most part, I think when she crawls into a bed, it’s with the intent of sleeping and so she does. I see her as the sort of person who, most times, will spread across the bed and hog the pillows and sheets. But when she’s upset over something, she’d curl up on her side in a foetal position, hugging her legs to her chest. It’s also something she’d do when having a nightmare. Also, it should be mentioned that when sharing a bed with a lover, she tends to snuggle and use his chest as a pillow.

Again, it all comes down to doing what’s most comfortable. Sleep is practical and not anything that would involve being on display as in daylight hours. I think aside from comfort levels, bedrooms and sleeping positions and the like come down to safety. It’s the one time she’ll let herself be shown as vulnerable (because practically everyone is vulnerable when they sleep) and I think it shows most of all when she sleeps with someone else and wants to be held.
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How does you muse express and deal with anger?

By nature, I don't think Sarah Jane is a very angry person. She's more often than not depicted as cheerful, cheeky, and optimistic and being angry would just go against that. If anything, I would say she tends to be grumpy -- if something annoys her, she'll frown and glare, but eventually shrug it off.

But if something really riles her up, she won't hold back. She's blunt and to the point, and while she fashions herself to be polite, I don't believe she feels the need to necessarily hide her temper. Sarah will yell, and probably hit -- and I can definitely (and have written) cases of a wee Sarah Jane fully embracing her tomboy nature and getting into schoolyard scraps. I'd imagine that she's much more refine now as an adult, but I also think if someone really got her angry, that part of her personality would come rushing back.

Aside from that, she really deals with words. Sarah's a journalist and words are certainly her weapon of choice. "The pen is mightier than the sword" and all that -- totally a motto Sarah Jane would live by. She's better at written expression, but just as good with verbal communication when the need arises. Despite her temper, she has enough control to get out the words she feel will make the most impact. She'll use them to belittle and to hurt and most of all to prove herself as correct. But it doesn't always work in all situations, and I think those would be the cases where a verbal lashing would lead to physical violence as well.

So: anger Sarah Jane and you'll get a verbal scolding at first. Really anger Sarah Jane and don't be surprised if you wind up with a black eye.
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Does your muse engage in and/or enjoy sex? Discuss your muse's sexual behavior and conduct.

Yes and yes. Even though Doctor Who is family friendly television, Sarah’s a feminist living during the start of the sexual revolution and second wave feminism I can wholly see her supporting the ideas go with that as part of advocating Women’s Lib. Like everything else, in her eyes women should be given the same expectations and allowances as men when it comes to sex. They should be capable of engaging in pre-marital sex, have as many partners as they wish, etc. without being looked upon any differently as a man would look upon himself.

I sort of can't believe I wrote this much. )


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