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I think this is how Owen said I ought to do it? Well, it's certainly worth a try, anyway, before I dash down to seek out Ewan. I want to save this.

It's a shame I can't save every memory in this manner.

in which we pretend the cut is not here and that this is indeed a public transcript of the IM chat )
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Travelling through space and time is quite the adventure. However, for the most part, it's the destination that matters more than the actual journey. I've travelled both conventionally in a proper space craft like those we have here on Earth and not so conventionally within the TARDIS. They make for quite the differing experience.

Travelling in the TARDIS depends very much on her mood. She's not alive, per say (although I'm certain the Doctor is convinced she is), but she certainly has personality. She's... well, I don't quite know how to describe the old girl. But when you're inside her, you're safe. There are never ending corridors to wander about and all these rooms to explore. The library is absolutely brilliant. The kitchen... well, the Doctor's taste in food leaves something to be desired. I adored my room aboard the TARDIS. It was home.

I believe that's a good enough explanation as any for travelling through the TARDIS. It's like being at home, with your best friend to keep you company, and winding up in a new location whenever you open the door to the outside world. Sometimes travel is instantaneous. Other times, we could be wandering for days. It all depends on urgency, I suppose, and just how fickle the TARDIS is being that day. There's no jetlag, there's no feel of movement. You're simply in one place one moment and another seconds later.

There also aren't any windows. But the Doctor has taken me to see nebulae and galaxies and all sorts of amazing sights within the galaxies. Space is increadible. There aren't any words to describe it.

As for the 'conventional' form of travel, I suppose that's more like flying in a plane. I haven't done it very often. In fact, the last time I did, the Doctor and I were trying to prevent the cybermen from crashing a ship in this asteroid made of gold. It's one of their weaknesses, you see. That? Well, that was certainly the whole darkness of space flying around you as the planet up ahead gets bigger and bigger and you nearly forget to breathe. Exhilarating and panic inducing all in one.

Then there are other forms of travel like transmat beams. That's very much like the "Beam me up, Scotty" bit of Star Trek. Absolutely instantaneous. You're in one place one moment and in another all together. Oh, there was also that time ring given to the Doctor by the Timelords when he had been sent back to prevent the creation of the Daleks. That was rather dizzying.

So I suppose, overall, it varies. It can be exciting and it can be boring and it's more than likely not anything you could initially imagine. But if I were given a chance to do it again, I most certainly would. I hope that answers your question, Gwen!
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I don't know if you can read this. It's daft, really, thinking that you can. But it's the only way I can think of to currently reach out to you. I'd like to imagine that you're currently in your TARDIS, on Earth or somewhere near with your current companion. Perhaps bored, looking through these electronic files and networks from UNIT and Torchwood that are supposed to be classified to all eyes to find some barmy adventure to go on. The TARDIS computer wouldn't ever fail you in that respect. So, you find this instead. I certainly can't send you a letter through the post. And, last time we met, those... email addresses, I believe they are, weren't in existence yet.

So this is it. At the very least, I can pretend that you'll be reading this. And you'll be realising that this wasn't South Croydon or even 1980 you left me in! Doctor, it was Cardiff and in the year 2008, too! You probably didn't even realise your own mistake, too preoccupied with those flipping Timelords. Are you still going to come back when through with whatever they want?

I want you to come back.

Anyway, I suppose I got lucky. A future companion of yours, a rather interesting bloke by the name of Jack, found me. He's a part of Cardiff's Torchwood - Torchwood Three - and, well, adopted me to the team. It's not journalism, but it is a job that'll keep me out of the spotlight. We came across evidence of my future self in 1998. I must find a way to get home somehow. And I know better than to interfere with the time-space continuum in hunting her -me- down.

Oh, you'll get a laugh out of this. My closest friend since arriving here? He's very much not from Earth and very much doesn't look his age at all. He's from a planet called... actually, I'm not too sure of the planet's name, but he says he's 'of the Rohskind'. Does that mean anything to you? You'd like him, I think. Quite a lot. He reminds me of you, a little, but in the end, no one can be you. There's only one Doctor out there and I'm proud to call him my best friend. Still, Ewan is... he's wonderful.

Everyone else in the team is rather nice too. It's so different from UNIT, much more informal and relaxed. And the technology... oh, the technology. Next time you bloody well go and decide to leave a companion in the future, make sure she understands how to work the technology! You know perfectly well that computers and I don't get along. I'm not Zoe, you daft git.

And here I go berating you again. Don't take it as anything bad, Doctor. I just... oh, I miss you. It's only been a couple of weeks and even if my life is still just as adventurous... it lacks you.

Please stay well. Please don't be too reckless. Please come back.

Sarah Jane.
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Jack asked me to talk about one of my favourite adventures for this thing. There’s a lot I can say about travelling with the Doctor – I have notebooks filled of journal entries from that time. I detailed everything, as much as possible. Travelling with the Doctor is something you never want to forget. Some adventures are wonderful and some are absolutely dreadful, you see. I’ve seen amazing things and I’ve also witnessed some horrible acts. I have memories I would rather forget; I’ve been tortured, nearly killed, and have killed people myself. I’m a good shot and when given the choice between me or the Doctor and them… that split second, it’s not difficult to make the decision.

But that’s aside the point, isn’t it? I’m running away with my thoughts. It’s habit for me. Still, a favourite adventure is a favourite adventure. I’ll always have a soft spot for our first accidental trip together. I’ll have a soft spot for every moment I spent with the Doctor, in either form. But I’ve told so many of you that story by now, I think it’s only fair to choose something else to talk about.

The Loch Ness monster, perhaps? She’s real, you know and I’ve seen her. In fact, I helped the Doctor and UNIT stop her from attacking the Prime Minister once. We – Harry Sullivan, the Doctor, and I – had been travelling about the galaxy, really in no hurry to return to Earth (although I suspect Harry was). But our travels were cut short by a help message from the Brigadier. We returned to Earth – to Scotland to be exact. Of course, we didn’t land anywhere near the base UNIT had set up. This is travelling with the Doctor, after all.

To make a long story short, these creatures called the Zygons had landed on Earth a long time ago after their ship had crashed. As their world was gone, they had hoped to make Earth their new home. It turns out that Nessie is actually an alien – the Zygon version of a cow, for lack of better description. And also easily controlled by the alien race to do their bidding.

Did I mention that they had a machine that allowed the Zygons to take on someone else’s form? It led to a horrible fight between me and Harry. Thankfully, the man I knocked off the barn loft was not Harry Sullivan at all, but one of those Zygons. I eventually did find the real Harry, through a hidden passage in a Duke’s library (another one of those individuals who were being ‘masked’ by the Zygons) and freed him. He was a good sport about the whole thing, if not rather confused as to what was going on.

Anyway, as I said, ultimately the Zygons tried using Nessie to attack Stanbridge House near the river Thames – a conference was being held there that the Prime Minister was attending. We stopped them, of course, and, well… that was the last of the Zygons.

Nessie lived, though. And proved that, sometimes, certain rumours do have truth to them.

There. That's the last of these blogging things. It's been fun.
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Here you go, Professor:

Professor Ewan Harrow is:
Not human, despite looking rather a lot like one. He has some odd quirks, and some amazing gifts. Other than that, you might never suspect that he’s different from the lot of us. Funny how those things happen.

Quite the gentleman. Not nearly as old fashioned as Harry Sullivan, thank god, but old fashioned enough to be an annoyance at times.

Almost incapable of not worrying. That, perhaps, is even more infuriating than the gentleman bit.

Very good with his hands.

Mysterious, with far more stories to share. I intend to, hopefully, learn more of them as time goes on. Where he came from, how he got here, those sorts of things.

A witty conversationalist.

Rather attractive. The kilt just tends to make him even more so, in an adorable sort of way.

Not so easy to mock. Although I’m still determined to prove otherwise.

A caring, thoughtful individual who seems to be a bit of a blessing to the whole Torchwood programme.
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I thought, perhaps, that this 'meme' would inspire me to write something more poignant and practice using this bloody network. Instead, Gethin requests that I write about my underwear. While I doubt he'll ever see it firsthand (I have found some of the items I've purchased in stores on those internet sites, but I refuse to do you any such favour, Gethin), he'll have to live with this.

Clearly, as a woman, underwear for me consists of knickers and a bra. Even if I'm out on a date, I've never quite been good at matching the items. I tend to think that if a man does get to the point where he'll see me in little more than my knickers and bra, they won't be on much longer. I prefer to go with something cute, playful and comfortable. It seems, in this time, those qualities tend to be quite popular in women's underwear.

As for my favourite underwear. Contrary to what I just stated about matching items, this set actually does match. The bra is lovely and soft, white with black dots and black lace edging along the top of the cup. I find it to be rather adorable, especially the little bow right in the centre. The knickers I have to match it are also white with black dots. It's a thong, which I admit not to be entirely used to wearing but not all that horrible either. There's black lace along the waistband, and another small black bow in the centre.

I rather like them. Not overtly sexy but subtle and very comfortable in every day wear. Sadly, the last time I did wear the pair in front of a man, they didn't stay on long enough to receive any compliments.

And no, Gethin, that is absolutely none of your business.


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