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It isn’t Lynx. He looks so much like - identical - Lynx, but he isn’t. It’s another Sontaran, this one a military leader of some sort – Field Major Styre. Sarah’s surprised – he looks so much like Lynx, and…and oh! Offensive value nill? How dare he.

And how dare he kill Roth! He’s a murderer, just like Lynx! Roth is dead, Sarah realises, looking back at the body. And Roth…oh, poor Roth. She cringes when the Sontaran comes closer, pushing her head to get a closer inspection…of something. What are Sontaran’s doing here? Furthermore, what experimentation is he talking about? Sontaran’s are a militaristic race, aren’t they?

She finds out soon enough as he marches her over to a remote section of the rocky outcrop. He orders her to sit and Sarah obeys, being in enough similar situations in the past to know that it’s best not to contradict. The Sontaran roughly grabs one arm to lock in a metal (and thankfully not rusted) chain, earning an annoyed glare from Sarah. It’s ignored as Styre pulls some odd oval-shaped device from a pocket and places it on the middle of her forehead.

She looks away, at the ground. Anywhere but at Styre, standing tall and arrogant (or at least what Sarah considers arrogant for a Sontaran) about her capture. If being separated from the Doctor and Harry is bad enough, this is even worse. She detests being held prisoner, and even more so, detests his lack of straightforward answering.

“When I ambushed the ship, there were nine survivors. I have already used up five of them, and I have been studying the free ranging patterns of the remaining four,” he explained. She still avoids his gaze. “It will be useless lying to me. I know you were not on that ship. Where do you come from? What is your planet of origin?

Sarah does look up at those questions as her mind races for an answer. She simply can’t tell him about the TARDIS, or the Doctor or Harry. She can’t tell him about time travelling or any of the sort! Finally, Sarah realises what she can tell him.

Looking down again to forge shame at answering, she replies: “Earth.”

It looks as if for a moment that he’s going to strike her. Styre doesn’t believe her, but Sarah Jane continues on – it’s true! She’s from Earth! Not this Earth, perhaps, but oh, for once, can’t the bad guy’s reports simply be wrong?

“You are nothing, you understand? You are a mistake and therefore be eliminated.”

Take deep breaths, she tells herself, trying to remain calm. The Sontaran sounds so strong in his beliefs and it scares Sarah. It scares her to be told she’s a mistake and nothing and more than that, it hurts to hear anyone say those words. She struggles against the chain, trying to pull it out of the rock face. But she’s not strong enough, and all her struggling gets her is more of a mess in the dirt.

After pressing some button on an odd little device, the Sontaran looks at her once more before leaving. She’s alone now and Sarah just has to escape. Someone has to find the Doctor and warn him about Styre. And Harry too! Harry’s never faced a Sontaran before. He has no idea just how dangerous they can be!

Above all the worries is the desire to stay alive. She can’t die, not like this and not this soon.S Sarah tugs on her chain again and again, desperately trying to pull the cuff out from the rock. Nothing works and for a few seconds, she begins to lose all hope. This is one she’s not going to get out of. She’s not going to return to Milliways and see that scarf, and she’s never going to be able to make notes on this adventure.

This is it. This is—

Her name?

“Harry!” Sarah Jane had never been so delighted to hear any familiar voice before. “Oh, Harry! Over here!”

Sure enough, it is Harry that comes jogging in to the outcrop. Of course it’s Harry, given the look of confusion he’s currently giving her. He could do something more than just stand there, doesn’t he realise that? Men. Really.

“Well, come on. Help me!” Sarah pulls at the chain again, shaking her arm violently. What will it take to get him to do something more than just stand there?

The question is answered quickly. Calling her old thing again (Harry!), he rushes over, only to be propelled backwards by…by some sort of force field. Flippin’ bullocks! It’s going to take a lot more to help her after all. Sarah sighs. Harry can run off all he wants to go get the controls to the thing, but no matter what, she’s still stuck.

She’s stuck and oh god, that isn’t. Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god. Her heart begins to race and for a moment, Sarah’s eyes are stuck on the creature beside her. It’s a hissing viper, very much like the one she saw in the London Zoo all those years ago with Aunt Livinia that had scared the living daylights out of her! And it’s right next to her now. Somehow, despite the lack of life on Earth, the snakes must have survived.

Sarah looks away quickly, trying so very hard not to move. When she looks back, she notices that it’s gone now. No, now she’s suddenly hundreds of feet in the air, looking down at the outcrop and feeling oh so dizzy. It’s so high up, and she’s never been particularly fond of heights and everything starts getting woozy.

That is until she feels something oozing up her legs. She dares herself to look down again and sees the bubbling quicksand work its way up her legs. But it does not smell like quicksand. No, instead she gets the faint smell of a decomposing bog, very much like the one she stumbled in to when she was three and on a hike with her father. It’s all too much for Sarah Jane, and finally, she screams.

There’s a voice now telling her that it’s in her mind and to fight it, but that voice seems so far away. The quicksand continues to slowly crawl its way upward and she struggles, trying so hard to get away. But she can’t and it keeps coming and then—

--then there’s something far worse. She sees a house on fire, her aunt’s house, and hears dying screams from within. She sees Harry being crushed by the Sontaran and then James being mortally wounded on some routine stakeout. Clorinda’s dead and so is the Brigadier and Sergeant Benton and John and Michelle and everyone. Finally, she sees the Doctor’s body as a Dalek rolls pass it.

That’s it. She’s alone. She’s all alone and she couldn’t help anyone and it’s too much. She can’t be this alone. It’s too, too much.

The world goes black.

When she finally does come to, it’s with a splitting headache and Harry kneeling down next to her. Sarah smiles and laughs in relief, throwing her arms around him in a big hug. “You’re alive,” she whispers gratefully. “Oh, it wasn’t real after all.”

He smiles back at her (if not once again confused at what it is she’s saying) and nods. “You’re going to be fine, old girl. The Doctor said you might be disoriented when you woke up, but the effects of that device – whatever it was – should wear off in an hour.”

That device, the one on her forehead, it’s gone now. She can only feel skin where it previously was, and it seems like everything, from the snake to all the deaths, was simply a dream. An absolutely horrid dream, but a dream just the same.

“What was that?”

“The Doctor said something about fear experiments. Speaking of the Doctor, we better get going, Sarah. He’s waiting for us.”

The Doctor! Sarah nods and carefully gets to her feet. Everything seems a little dizzy at first, but it all straightens out quickly enough. She grins at Harry and he sets off, Sarah following close behind.

Once the Doctor is in sight, Sarah Jane rushes ahead, running up to him with a bright smile. “Doctor!” It’s all she can say right now as she works on catching her breath. But the smile stays in place, and only grows when the Doctor smiles back at her.

“Ah, Sarah. Feeling better? No, don’t tell me. There’s no time.”

Everything’s back to normal again. The Sontarans are invading (it still doesn’t fully explain those dreadful experiments in Sarah’s opinion) and they have to stop them. Everything is absolutely back to normal! The Doctor has a plan, as always and—

Single combat? Sarah Jane can’t help the frightened look on her face. “Oh, you’re not going to let him kill you?”

He shakes his head and explains the rest of the plan. While he distracts Styre, Harry is supposed to sneak into his ship and steal a device. Meanwhile, she’ll rescue the other captives and get them to safety.

Except safety winds up being going after the duellists, where Veral sacrifices himself to save the Doctor from Styre. And then the Sontaran ship explodes, and somehow (according to the Doctor), Styre had the energy sucked out of him by his ship. The Sontarans aren’t going to invade Earth, after all. At least two of the crew members survived, but Sarah can’t help but feel horrible about all those – Roth and Veral especially – who didn’t.

Still, it’s time to go back to Nerva now and report everything they’ve just witnessed to the colonists. Once again, the universe is the way it’s supposed to be.
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It doesn’t seem like Earth at all. There weren’t any pigeons at Trafalgar Square, and oh, it was just so quiet. Grass and plants and absolutely no remains of any buildings. It’s empty and abandoned, and even with Harry beside her Sarah’s a little bit frightened. Not that she’d ever let him know, of course. But it is empty. This Earth is just too empty.

She follows Harry (well, mostly follows seeing as Sarah is too busy constantly looking around her to keep up with her friend) on a trail leading off further away from the Doctor. It’s peaceful, she’ll give it that. Certainly not the London she knows…a London that is dead now for twenty-odd centuries. She gets a chill from that thought, suddenly realising just how far away from home they were. It’s not at all what Sarah Jane had imagined. No, not at all.

“Hey Sarah, come and have a look at this.”

She turns around just in time to see Harry stumble and fall down – down something! Sarah runs forward, no longer looking at her surroundings and shouts after him. She stops at the edge of the cliff, kneels, and looks down at…

…oh, oh Harry! “Harry, are you alright?”

But he doesn’t look alright. He looks unconscious and oh, she does hope it’s only a lack of conscious and not something far worse. For a few seconds, Sarah is frozen with fear, praying that the UNIT doctor wasn’t dead.

Oh Harry!

Sarah Jane beams when she sees him get up, rubbing at his head and quickly examining for no broken bones. Oh, he’s such a man, isn’t he? To tumble forth like that, not at all watching his step. Typically, though, Sarah thought Harry was one of the more thoughtful ones. Old fashioned, yes, but still thoughtful. But…wait, what’s that?

On closer examination, Sarah notices all the twigs. Those twigs right at the edge of the pit, covering the hole with their careful arrangement. Her eyes narrow as she picks up one with a gloved hand to study. This isn’t normal, no. This isn’t right at all. “Harry, the edge of the whole has been covered!”

Oh god, this is far from right for an abandoned planet!

And that, of course, leaves Sarah Jane Smith with one option, doesn’t it?

The Doctor wasn’t there though. The Doctor wasn’t there and only his sonic screwdriver was and no matter how hard Sarah yelled for him, there was no answer. He was gone. Vanished or abducted or worse. And when she had returned to the pit, she had discovered Harry was gone too.

It had scared her – positively and absolutely frightened her. Here she was, stranded on some alien (well, Earth or not it was far enough in to the future to seem alien to her!) planet dressed in a bright yellow rain slicker and trousers, with orange boots and a bright blue hat. Why, she was a walking advertisement for these things (abductors) to come get her next! This…this really wasn’t turning out to be such a good day now after all.

And now, now she had been abducted herself. But that…that’s an overstatement, she realises shortly enough when this odd sound, definitely not human, fills the air. There’s something nearby, and judging by how still her captor is right now, it’s probably not something good either. After the noise goes away, the man releases her and explanations and introductions are made quickly enough.

Or, at least, introductions are. His name is Roth and he’s a spaceman, given the clothing he’s dressed in, and he’s very, very frightened of the odd noise – machine. And an alien in the rocks.

An alien, Sarah Jane realises a half hour later after being captured alongside Roth, that’s all too familiar.


But how had that Sontaran survived his spaceship exploding? Oh, whatever the reason, Sarah thinks as she stands there gaping, the Doctor had better recover from his fall into that same pit into which Harry had disappeared. She and Roth are going to need him.

And soon!
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Sarah’s in a bright mood when she walks out of the TARDIS back into the ark. Now well rested after her extended stay in Milliways, she’s more eager than ever to go with the Doctor to this 31st century Earth. An Earth wrecked by solar flares far off in her future…oh, how exciting!

Her small camera gets stuffed into a pant pocket as she races down the hall of the TARDIS, hearing the Doctor shout her name. Oh, the impatient man! But oh, how she had missed him. How she had missed this -- the knowledge and anticipation of another adventure about to begin instead of simply dosing her days around writing and reading. She grins brightly as she passes by Harry in the ark.

“Coming,” she chimes, running in to the control room as she pulls on one sleeve of her yellow raincoat. “Here’s your coat.”

Sarah Jane rushes up to the Doctor and holds out his coat (black and rather plain) for him, helping him dress. He grunts a thank you when she hands him the TARDIS key and walks over to one of the transmat stands, next to the Doctor’s. Harry’s on the other side, and there’s a quick wink over at him while she pulls on her hat.

The Doctor looks back and forth between them. “I don’t remember inviting you two.”

Of course he doesn’t. But honestly, he should know better by now. Sarah’s briefly reminded of that last conversation she had with James before leaving, and she grins, tilting her head towards the Doctor.

“Uh, no. You didn’t. But here we are.” It’s completed with a smile.

Harry adds in his own excuse and the Doctor shrugs, throwing Vira his bags of Jelly Babies before she feels the tingle of the transmat beam and---


Oh, that had hurt. That had hurt dreadfully. By the mouthful of dirt and the smell of non-processed air, not to mention the fact that she appears to be no longer standing, Sarah Jane Smith knows she’s not on Nerva anymore. She can faintly hear Harry and the Doctor talk from somewhere in the distance (maybe over that hill – is that a hill?) and she wants them to come and dig her out of this mess.

So she does the one thing she can only think of as she kicks her legs back and forth above the pit. Sarah Jane screams for help.

It’s a good thing only Harry and the Doctor are around. She doesn’t know how she’d otherwise live down this one.

“Help!” she screams again, trying her hardest to get out from this pit. Finally, she can make out a pair of hands above her and she grabs hold, grunting as she stands. Oh, that did hurt. There’s a sharp pain in her back, but she still smiles, relieved to finally be on two feet again.

“Okay old thing?”

He’s still calling her that. Sarah had almost forgotten, what with all that time spent in Milliways the past couple of weeks. She sighs, still smiling, and looks at him. “Harry, I’m not a thing.”

But then they’re off to see what the Doctor’s up to (after another moment of awkward conversation – honestly, Harry). It’s still slightly painful to walk, but finally, Sarah runs ahead as the last of the pain in her back dissipates. She stops in front of the Doctor, and giving in to a whim of playfulness, Sarah pulls the flap of her hat down and stares at him while she clears her throat.

Oh, that Doctor. Too caught up in his own work to notice her stranded in that pit! Well!

Oh, she’s looking well. So maybe he did notice her after all. Sarah beams at Harry with an unspoken ‘I told you so’. The Doctor would pause in his work to notice her after all. It makes her happy, that is until the Doctor suggests that she and Harry push off. So much for a break from his work. Devices and technology are interesting, but only to a degree. So she goes off, trailing behind Harry.

…wait, what was that about Trafalgar Square?


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