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She hadn't meant for it to happen. James had been growing more and more distant ever since his last mission. And rather than making any snide remarks, Le Chiffre actually seemed to sympathize. One thing led to another, as these sorts of events typically go, and Sarah Jane found herself finally forgiving her one time torturer.

Twelve months later and everything had returned to normal at the Smith-Bond home. Valerie was walking, getting in to everything she possibly could. James had apologised months ago for his behaviour, admitting to a kill he had been haunted by. The arrival of his son had only reaffirmed their marriage.

Andrew Nigel Bond didn't necessarily look a lot like his father, but the moment James held him, he was lost in fatherhood happiness all over again.

Sarah tried to go back to Milliways once, three months after Andrew's birth. She knew the truth, one secret she would always keep from James. But Le Chiffre wasn't there.

She wondered if he'd ever know.
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4. Roleplay Prompt - For some reason, you're tied together with someone else. Now what?

There are always perils associated with a trip to Milliways Bar. Always. Be it magical gender switching or transfiguration into animals or even random songs, there are real perils associated with a trip. It usually akes for interesting times. And sometimes, it makes for annoying ones.

Today, Sarah Jane finds herself face to face with one of those latter events. Without Valerie to serve as a figure of neutrality, she and Le Chiffre had spent the past fifteen minutes bickering over who arrived first at a barstool. Sarah was more than certain it was her. The other man was convinced otherwise.

Bar, as they found out a few moments later, isn't fond of such a row. So very not fond that, in effect-

"Oh, this is all your fault!" Sarah Jane yells, glaring down at their tied wrists.


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