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F. Rocket Man
Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids.
In fact it's cold as hell.

It was cold when she stepped out of the TARDIS. This had come as a surprise to her. Despite the fact that Mars was further from the sun, for some reason, she had always pictured it as warm. Perhaps it was the B-films that she had occasionally watched in childhood. Maybe it was a result of reading novels like The Martian Chronicles later in life. Either way, Sarah Jane was surprised to find herself shivering.

She ran hands up and down her arms before hugging herself tightly. Her thin blazer did little to provide heat. Her skirt was no better. It was cold here – almost as cold, she wanted to say, as the North Pole. But Sarah Jane had never been to the North Pole before. She made it to Mars before she ever made it there. After her previous adventure, a trip to medieval England, she honestly shouldn’t have been surprised. But she was.

“I’m actually here,” she whispered, turning to beam at her companion. The Doctor, with his white hair and velvet cloak, was a distinguished looking fellow. How could she ever have mistaken him for a villain? “Oh, this is flipping amazing, Doctor!”

He chuckled as he slipped the velvet cloak around her shoulders. “Mars, 20,000 B.C. Man hasn’t even discovered fire yet. But Mars is blooming with life.”

It certainly was. Odd coloured plants littered the landscape. There was a bird (or something that sound a lot like it) screeching off in the distance. Something nearly invisible fluttered by her. It was like Mars as depicted in science fiction, so much like it. But it was so much colder. So, so much colder. Despite that, she didn’t care. It was her first planet. She was still so far in the past, even further than she had been the day before. Still:

She. Wasn’t. On. Earth.

It’s was absolutely amazing!

“I love it, Doctor,” she finally decides. “I absolutely love it. You might as well expect me to stick around now. I don’t know how anyone can give up a life like this. Another bloody planet. Absolutely amazing.”

Sarah didn’t ever want to leave. It was cold and exotic and so strangely beautiful. It was so far from the home she had grown up in, that small suburb in England. It was so unlike anything she had ever seen before. Mars had never been her favorite planet. To be honest, she never had a proper one like the boys in primary. This though? This changed everything. She knew now that in stepping on the red planet that life could never be the same again.
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Seven Impertinent Questions : a. Who’s the biggest idiot you know?

Well, that’s certainly an easy question, isn’t it? I think I’ve found that often times, the biggest idiot also tends to be the most arrogant and most conceded and most intelligent person I know. This, of course, would narrow this question down to one man: my travelling partner, the Doctor.

Please do not get me wrong. He really is an amazing individual. He’s courageous and determined and caring. He cares more for strangers he’s never met and planets he’s never visited before than anyone else I know. He has this… I suppose, this sensitivity about him that makes him naïve at times and very vulnerable. Overall, I think the best word to describe him would be ‘conundrum.’ But if it were my choice, I would go with idiot.

I’ve never met a man more oblivious to the opposite sex. It’s not… oh, it’s not as if I fancy him! Really, I promise you I don’t. Really! But, well. Once in a while a compliment towards the way I look would be appreciated. Especially when I go all out and find something rather lovely to wear and take careful care with my makeup and hair. But it’s really a wasted effort. He’d never notice me in that way. He’d never realize how much he makes me happy.

I’m his best friend. And because of who he is, I will never be anything more than that. I find the Doctor to be the biggest idiot I know sometimes. He’s oblivious and rude and impertinent. But I wouldn’t change anything about him. Not ever.
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After drinking a few too many eggnogs at your annual holiday party, you wake up the next morning realizing you did some things you now regret. Write an e-mail, a letter or a card to the people you need to apologize to.

December 27, 1983

I really do apologise for my behavior at the UNIT holiday party last night. It was lovely of you to invite me, even though I’m not a proper staff member. I hadn’t been planning on doing much for the holidays this year, you see. Aunt Lavinia is on holiday in Australia and well, life hasn’t exactly been the same since the Doctor left. Yet, that was no reason for me to berate your secrecy clauses or to blame you for the fact that I could never exactly publish any of those news stories I witnessed during my time with you lot. I suppose I allowed myself to get a tad drunk last night. It was, I suppose, easier than remembering last Christmas with the Doctor.

You really are a wonderful friend, Alastair. You’re not the workaholic, anal arse I called you last night at all.

Many apologies,
Sarah Jane


December 27, 1983
Darling Harry,

I didn’t mean Oh, well, I meant You really are a wonderful friend. And, if you don’t mind, I would prefer that we keep it just at that. I, well, I don’t quite have the time for anything more than a one night stand right now.

You do understand, don’t you?



December 27, 1983
Dear Ms Grant,

I do apologise for calling you a ‘conceited, ill-mannered, simple cow with an inferiority complex that made you worth nothing more than a two-cent whore’ last night.

I was jealous of your relationship with the Doctor. And quite possibly a tad drunk.

Sarah Jane Smith


December 27, 1983

Sergeant Benton,

That kiss under the mistletoe last night meant absolutely nothing. I do hope you understand. I vaguely remember trying to slip hands underneath your uniform and, perhaps, kissing you a tad rougher than I had planned.

I hope you weren’t too embarrassed. And I truly am sorry for acting like such a… oh, you know!

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Write two letters to two different people. In one, threaten. In the other, apologize.

based on Milliways Bar canon )

spoilers for ‘The Lost Boy’ )
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Write a letter to your muse. Tell them all of the reasons that you are thankful that they are yours. Give them some advice/suggestions for things that you want them to do. Be firm, but show love. Remind them who is in charge.

Dear Sarah Jane,

So I said that I would app Mickey Smith originally. Cause Cati was playing Rose at the time and Kyle was thinking of Jackie and I was writing that fic with Ten, Mickey, and Jack. But then that all of that sort of fell apart and I had begun watching old school Doctor Who episodes because of School Reunion. And you sort of slowly moved into my head and, at with certain encouragement, I sent in an application for you to Milliways.

When I did that, I still wasn’t sure if I’d be playing you young or old. I debated that for about another month as I waited for the application to be approved. In the end, I opted for you to be young because you had canon yet to come out as your older self. I figured it could be fun to play you still traveling with the Doctor with all your youthful enthusiasm.

You wound up replacing Jaina, who had previously been the most talkative pup I had. I did prompts with her for a while too, you know. And when Jaina was retired in the game, you became my central headvoice. I don’t know what it is about you, and I still don’t, but you keep on talking! You give me stories. You create plots for yourself. I’m in so many prompt communities now because of you. And because of the fact that you won’t shut up.

And then you met James in Milliways and this led to an amazing spiral of threads upon threads upon threads. I’ve loved every single one of them. This has seriously been the best relationship I have ever, ever RP’ed. And you’re still with him and everything still isn’t perfect in your eyes. It’s great. You’re not going to settle and life will just be more and more difficult.

But, sometimes? I kind of do wish you’d be quiet. You’ve been amazing to play but oh my god, sometimes I really do want to try out some of my other head voices. But instead you demand to play and you demand to have a story written and it never stops. You just want to be happy travelling with the Doctor or happy being with James or having fun in this au!SJA verse that you’ve created (because Simon Skinner and Luke Has Two Moms tends to blend in my head). But you seem constantly talkative. And I don’t get why.

Also? I’m still terrified to play you most of the time. I doubt that I do a good job. I doubt that I’ve done the right things in Milliways, having you pregnant and married. I doubt that I get your voice right. But despite the fears, I have fun. And that’s rather awesome.

So, overall? Thank you. It’s been over a year and it’s been awesome. I hope to get at least another year out of you. And at the rate you’re going, I really think I will.

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Invictus – William Ernest Henley

OUT of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

She came to in the darkness.

For a brief moment, she was frightened that she had lost her sight again. That wasn’t the case this time, though. It was only dark: dark and dank and dreadful. She could not even see her own fingers in front of her face. There was a funny smell within the cell and, when Sarah moved to the right, her leg brushed by something she could only hope wasn’t what it seemed. Despite the overwhelming fear, she still felt the need to explore her surroundings. God knew what had happened to the Doctor. He was obviously not here with her; it was only her voice the echoed in the darkness. She needed to find a way out on her own.

Carefully, Sarah Jane got on all fours. Her knee creaked as she did so, and there was a sharp pain in her side. When she tried to stand, her head touched the ceiling before she could even straighten up. It hurt more to hunch over than it did to crawl so she quickly went back on to her knees. In the end, it turned out that there wasn’t much to see – or feel, as the case was. Aside from what had to be a chained body next to her, there was nothing else within the cavern. She thought that she felt what could be a trap door at the other end, where a minute trickle of light did shine through. It must have been how she got in.

As much as Sarah wanted to cry (the Sontarans had her prisoner, didn’t they?), she only pulled her knees close to her chest. She tilted her head upward and stared into the artificial night. The Doctor would come and find her. He always did. Even when she had – and took – the opportunity to rescue herself, she would meet him at some point along the way. She told herself that it would be the same this time.

For right now, it seemed impossible to find a way out. It did not seem likely that she would be able to escape on her own.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud,
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

As it turned out, her cracks in the wall were indeed an opening. She discovered as such the next day when she was rudely awoken from a restless slumber by an even grumpier Sontaran. It didn’t talk, nor answer her questions, as it reached in and grabbed her leg. The return of the sharp pain awoke her quickly. Sarah muttered in annoyance but knew better than to argue. She crawled out. The harsh light (eyes already unused to such) burned. It took minutes to adjust. In this time, she couldn’t quite make out where she was being led to. All she could do was to stumble along and talk until she got an answer. She never did get a logical one.

Instead, she was taken to a small white chamber devoid of anything but a plank-like bed with straps. She was pushed roughly towards; the shove caused her to stumble and fall this time. The Sontaran picked her up as if she weighed nothing and placed her on the slab. Sarah Jane blinked as she watched it tighten leather-like cuffs around her wrists and ankles. They were tight enough that she was certain that her circulation had been cut.

“What happened to Linx?”

She was almost surprised to hear the Sontaran talk. She was even more surprised to hear that name. It had been years in one way or another since she and the Doctor had encountered him. Why was she being asked about him now? They had encountered other Sontarans since: there was Styre on that future Earth and he hadn’t asked once.

“He’s dead,” she replied smartly. It was hard to look angry tied to a bed, though. But she was very much so, even if it was overshadowed by her worry over the Doctor. “Why would you care? I thought you lot only cared about your stupid war.”

“He was my incubation comrade in the muster parade. We served in the Fifth Sontaran Army Space Fleet together until he was attacked by a squad on Rutan fighters while on a reconnaissance mission. I had my orders and my duty to revenge. But when I returned to the hole he had landed on, all I found were traces of his ship. The savages inhabiting the area told me of a Gallifrian and his human partner in return for their lives.”

Her side still hurt. It seemed as if the room was getting brighter. If it was, the Sontaran chose not to notice. He was protected by his giant metal helmet. She had to close her eyes as her head began to ache from the light intensity.

Sarah stayed quiet. After encountering the Sontarans twice, she had never actually thought that she would cross one who almost seemed to care about another being. But there was a twinge of affection in the alien’s voice that was certainly out of place. It also frightened her to her core. They were a mad enough lot as is. She didn’t want to imagine what a Sontaran out for revenge was capable of.

Speak, human,” it snarled, slapping her face hard enough that she tasted blood. “I demand answers.”

“Why?” She found it hard to talk. She needed to though, if she were to get free. “You already know. Just… oh, let me go, will you? We were only trying to protect our own!”

With the helmet on, she couldn’t measure its reaction to her words. She could, however, measure it in actions. It hit slapped her head again. Her neck made a horrible cracking sound as her cheek and forehead collided with the metal board. There were stars. Her head was spinning and the world felt numb around her. She blinked. She blinked again. It was hard to stay conscious, but she had had enough of the darkness within her cell.

“Let… le… go.”

She did not want to give up the fight. She wanted to struggle with her bonds. She wanted to call for the Doctor, wherever he may be. Sarah Jane had never bowed to anyone before. She had always spoken her mind, without a bit of doubt over whether she should be doing so.

The bright light was glowing dim. She tried to open her eyes again but everything around her was hazy. She could barely see the Sontaran. She could not hear the words that were echoing through his helmet. She did not see it pick up the militaristic ray gun. She did not see it aim. Sarah only felt the piercing agony as something burrowed its way into her abdomen.

She never saw the shot.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Only twice in her life had Sarah Jane Smith been afraid of death. The first time had come at the age of five, shortly after her parents had died. The second time had been at age thirteen. She had watched her best friend fall to her death off a pier. Neither time was there anything Sarah could have done to stop the incident from occurring. Yet, both times, she had been taught a valuable lesson. She had been taught just how valuable life was.

She awoke once more that day. She was still in that white room but she was no longer on the plank. The Sontaran had gone. It had been replaced by a more comforting body: that of her best friend. He held her gently in his arms. She felt the lightest brushes of his scarf on her face. Then, she felt the tears. Whether it was hers or his, Sarah could not tell. It did not matter though. She was not afraid. She had lived her life exactly as she had wanted with no one ever to tell her otherwise. There was absolutely nothing to fear.

She wanted to tell him that. She wanted to reassure him that all would be okay in the end. She wanted to tell him that she loved him. She wanted to ask him to bring her body home to her aunt. There were so many things she wanted to say. There were so many things she wanted to do. But her life was over. She knew that. And she did not mind in the slightest. In the end, her body made the choice for her. She only had the energy for three words that came out as little more than a whisper:

“Thank you, Doctor.”
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George Carlin Quotes: If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.

She hadn’t understood any of it. One moment, she had been in the UNIT-guarded think tank and then, after following that annoying Doctor Smith into that daft police box of him, she had stumbled upon a far too realistic pantomime. In a world that was vastly different from Sarah Jane’s own, she had only been left with rationalization. She must have been knocked unconscious while exploring the inside of the police box and, then, it must have been loaded on the back of a truck so the Doctor could sneak out inconspicuously.

As for bringing her to one of these bloody tourist places, well, to be honest, she couldn’t figure that one out. She had tried to, of course. But absolutely no reason truly made sense. What would missing scientists have to do with grotty tourist sites? If they just wanted a vacation, surely all they had to do was ask! UNIT, let alone any agency that they worked for, didn’t seem that horrid as to deny hard-working men the break that they deserved.

Sarah had still been puzzling out all her explanations when he walked in. He wasn’t like anything that she had ever seen before. The man possessed no visible neck and his clothes (if you could call them that) were horribly out of place for either time period: past or present. It was metallic and, well, almost reminded her of a space suit out of a particularly bad Star Trek episode. It was the head that kept getting to her though: the eyes were too sunken in and the lips were too wide and there was absolutely no hair to be found on his person!

The strange man walked forward towards Irongron, stating something about weapons. All Sarah Jane could really do was to stare. He certainly spoke English well enough, but she had found in her travels with her aunt that that didn’t necessarily explain anything. She found herself wincing as he came forward, acting almost… confused by her presence.

Suddenly, she found herself wanting to go home – wherever or whenever home was. She didn’t want to believe it to be possible: that she wasn’t in a pantomime and that all this was really happening. But the man’s grasp on her chin felt strange, completely unhuman. He seemed as confused as she did, babbling away on reproductive systems and some Sontaran Military Academy.

It was after he pulled the wand-like device on her that everything became clear. She could almost see herself in the trance. Sarah didn’t want to answer any of Linx’s questions, but with the glow in her eyes, she found herself compelled. As her mind’s eye watched from far off, she knew that this wasn’t some silly tourist place. This was real.

She always felt that those UFO groups were just nutters. Oh, she wasn’t arrogant enough to believe that they were alone in the universe. After all, it was a great big wide one filled with lots of stars and planets humankind would never be able to reach. Sarah did, however, fancy herself as realistic. Just as there was no likelihood of humans ever reaching far past their own solar system, likewise was the likelihood of aliens reaching Earth. They were out there, yes, but certainly not anywhere within the vicinity of Earth.

Sarah Jane liked humans well enough. Even with all their faults, it made her lot rather interesting. But a universe capable of all this life on Earth wouldn’t just settle for one planet. That, more than anything, was completely inconceivable.

The device switched off. Suddenly, all previous thoughts and recollections disappeared. She had no idea what she had just said, let alone what she had been thinking. All Sarah Jane knew as that this situation was getting weirder and weirder and that she had to get away from Irongron and his strange looking knight.

So she ran when no one was looking.

It wasn’t until two nights later, asleep safe and sound within the TARDIS, did Sarah Jane remember those lost thoughts and words. As she turned on her side and stared out in the darkness of the bedroom she had claimed for herself, she had a chuckle.

Not alone in the universe, indeed.

She was certain that befriending this Timelord (as arrogant and vain as he seemed) would turn out to be quite the adventure. Being alone in the universe was a vastly daft idea, overall.
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“Sarah Jane Smith. Honestly! Must you behave like this? Mr Foster was only being polite.”

Sarah shook her head, glaring at her aunt. The twelve year old girl didn’t understand why she could see it and her aunt couldn’t. Mr Foster wasn’t just being polite. He was being too polite, too friendly. And she didn’t like it one bit. She leaned back in the chair, crossing her arms over her chest as she frowned.

“No he wasn’t. He wasn’t being anything like Mr Bryan. He was polite. And old and stuffy, but polite,” she repeated. “And he wasn’t hanging all over you at dinner!”

Lavinia looked at her niece in shock. But there was a hint of a blush that wouldn’t otherwise be there. “Sarah Jane! I would think that I would notice such a thing!”

No she wouldn’t. She never did. She was always too caught up in her research to notice things like men. Sarah had always found it silly, except for now. She didn’t like that blush. It seemed to indicate her worse nightmare come true. Sarah Jane wasn’t afraid to admit she was selfish. She liked her little family just as it was: her and her aunt and she didn’t want anybody to come and change it.

“Not my fault you’re obtuse,” she retorted. “You never notice boys. Why do you have to notice him?”

“I…” Lavinia faltered. “Sarah Jane, go to your room – now. I am not going to stand for this sort of behavior. It’s rude and obstinate and completely unlady like!”

Sarah stayed rooted in her chair. It was turning in to a battle of the wills, and she absolutely refused to go to her room for behavior that Mr Foster deserved. So she sat and glowered until her aunt sighed and left the room. She watched for another moment before standing and shouting in her wake:

“At least I’m not obtuse!”

“I am afraid our combined stubbornness won’t get us out of this situation, Sarah Jane.”

She couldn’t stand it when he talked like that. Maybe it had been a mistake when she insisted that the Doctor accompany her on a jaunt around Terra IV, claiming that if the TARDIS was parked here, it had to be for good reason. He had been rather morose today, more so than normal. It wasn’t the first time he had stood in the console room and stared off into space, lamenting his lot in life as a Timelord. Like all those other instances, Sarah had simply mocked him. When it hadn’t been enough, she tossed him his hat, opened the TARDIS doors, and pushed him outside.

And now, they were trapped by the native pygmies, a strange bunch of rainbow colours with eyestalks growing from the crown of her head. She wasn’t sure if they were just typically aggressive or if they had done something to disturb their way of life. Regardless, nearly ten minutes after leaving the TARDIS, Sarah and the Doctor had found themselves surrounded by sharp wooden spears. Fifteen minutes after, they were locked in a small hut, one with barely enough room for either of them to sit up straight.

“Don’t be daft, Doctor,” she responded, reaching over to lean her head against his arm. “One of us will think of something. We always do.”

“Too often,” he murmurs, looking down at her. “I put you in danger far too often, Sarah Jane. Why do you continuously follow me when you long for baths and tea and human company?”

Sarah smiled softly. “I guess I’m too stubborn to stop. It gets to be kind of addicting. Even when we are trapped in huts without a sonic screwdriver to get us out of the situation.”

“I’m glad.”

“Me too,” she agreed with a nod. “But I’d be even gladder if we could get off this flipping planet.”

“Sarah, you have to be the most stubborn, obstinate woman I know.”

It hadn’t been the first time she had heard those words. And she doubted that it would ever be the last. She only smiled sweetly at her husband, rubbing her rather pregnant belly. Almost as if in response, there was a hard kick from her child. Their child, she corrected as she watched James closely. He was pacing, clearly unhappy with her decision.

“If you think I’m horrible, darling, wait until our daughter is born. I almost fear to see the result of the union between the two of us.”

“I’m not nearly as bad as you are,” he retorted, wagging an accusing finger at her.

She rolled her eyes, staring at him doubtfully. “Need I really mention the number of times I have to ask a question to get a proper response from you?”

James sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. It was a common reaction now, a sign he was rather exasperated and frustrated with dealing with her. She considered it a sign that their relationship was still very much alive if she could rile him up like this. Sarah walked towards him, placing a hand on his arm.

“I know we have no intention of being a regular, dull couple, but it’s only a film, James. What’s so wrong with it?”

“It has Ewan McGregor.”


“It’s a chick flick,” he answered, wincing at the words. The wince turned into a facepalm at his wife’s laughter. “It’s meant to attract over hormonal women who have nothing better to do with their time than watch Mc-”

James,” Sarah interrupted, looking up at him. “I don’t know how you’ve failed to notice, but I very much fall into that category right now. We’re going to the movies, darling. We are going to see Miss Potter. Together.”



“Why didn’t you quit?”

“I wasn’t going to give him the pleasure of boxing me into that corner,” Sarah Jane responded coolly as she lifted her tea cup to her mouth. “If Mr Stram wasn’t happy with the sort of articles I was putting out, that was his problem, not mine. I was rather content working at the Sunday Mail.”

Teri, her friend and co-worker from the paper, nodded. “Well. None of us had ever seen someone stand up to him in such a way. Not since Matthew was fired. Kudos, Sarah Jane. It’ll be one for the record books.”

She laughed, shrugging almost bashfully. “But now I’m out of a job. James and I can’t send Valerie to uni on his income alone.”

“Aww, you’ll find something,” Teri answered, holding up her cup and nodding almost sagely. “It’s you, Sarah. One of the most talented, obstinate, and dedicated writers in the lot. A paper would have to be daft not to want you on it.”

“I suppose,” she murmured, drifting into thought as she watched people pass by the corner café. She was nearly forty now. One would think she was too old for these sorts of silly games. Maybe her job should come first. Sarah, though, couldn’t see anything else but her pride and integrity in her writing as being of the upmost importance. She wouldn’t cave just because her editor wanted to sell a few more papers. She was too stubborn, and journalism meant too much to her.

Eventually, Sarah Jane shrugged as she glanced back towards her friend. “I don’t look forward to telling James, though.”

“You two have been married what, about fifteen years now? You’d think he’d be used to it.”

That does earn a chuckle in the end. “Sometimes I wonder if he really knew what he was getting in to. Either of us, for that matter. But in the end, we’re happy and I’d like to think that’s all that really counts.”

In the end, Sarah Jane was alone. She was nearly ninety-three now. James had passed away ten years ago. Valerie was gone as well, having died three years prior in an automobile accident. At this point, Sarah wanted nothing but to rejoin her family wherever they may be. But her body seemed far too stubborn to quit. It was as if it was waiting for something. She had no idea what.

The reason came to her one day as a blue police box materialized in her home. Even if the town house was far too big for just one individual, Sarah had refused to leave the memories behind. She could, after all, be just as obstinate as her body. With assisted living and medical care, everything had been fine. Her heart had nearly stopped, however, at the presence of the box. The man who stepped out of it was no help. He stopped less than an inch away, leaving the door half open in order to talk to the companion still inside it.

“Looks like we made a wrong turn by that black hole. We shouldn’t be here, wherever here is. Think Twilight Zone but infinitely worse. If we don’t find a way to reverse the flow of the polarity in the console, we could quite easily cause the apocalypse here and back home.”

He hadn’t changed. It looked to Sarah that this was still his tenth incarnation. She wondered how many years had passed for him since they last talked.

“Ahem,” she cleared her throat, determined to get his attention. “Doctor.”

“Uh.” He turned around. And then looked at her with a wide-eyed expression of awe. “Sarah Jane?”

She nodded, smiling softly. It was like that episode she saw on the telly once. “I grew up, Doctor. I got old. But it was an absolutely brilliant life. I wouldn’t have changed a moment of it.”

“Sarah Jane,” he repeated, beaming wildly at her as he walked over and pulled her in to a gentle hug. Whatever row they had once had seemed to be forgotten. “My Sarah Jane.”

It was in the hug that Sarah knew her time had finally come. She could only cling to life for so long. And now, after finally reconciling with her best friend, it was time to bow out with grace.

[ooc: last three parts based on [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar roleplay]
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Ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

Sarah Jane smiled coyly at the alien bloke standing in front of her. He was roughly humanoid, the biggest differences being in his pointed ears and lack of five digits on his hand (there were instead only three). He had a golden glow to him, radiating skin colour like she had never seen before. He was, for all his differences, rather attractive. He was, also, rather charming.

From the corner of her eye, she saw the Doctor still standing with the rest of the Cifiny delegates. They had landed on Zona accidentally, but just in time for a United Nations (or Planets in this case) type meeting being held. Despite the presence of other Timelords on the planet, the Doctor overjoyed in mingling with various species. His talk of politics was far past anything Sarah Jane could understand. Worst of all was the fact that it was next to impossible to have any interview she conducted published.

They had been there a week now, and after the first hour, it seemed as if the Doctor had forgotten she existed all together. Sure, he would drag her along all over the alien convention center. But after a brief “and this is my best friend, Sarah Jane,” he would continue on rambling with various aliens over topics she didn’t understand or even know about. And no one would bother to take the time to explain it to her.

It was at one such meeting, their first with the Cifiny delegates, which Sarah had ran into the man she continued to flirt with now. Ucaloco was considered a youth about her age by Cifiny standards, brought to Zona for something she believed akin to an internship. Like Sarah Jane, he had been quickly bored with the proceedings. This wasn’t his choice of career, it was his father’s – the tall, bushy bearded man that the Doctor was currently in an animated discussion with. With their mutual ennui of the conference, an easy comrade had struck up between them.

A comrade, it seemed, that had begun to lead to something more. The Doctor still hadn’t glanced back at her (much to Sarah Jane’s unexpected disappointment), too caught up in whatever dull topic on the trade of jam fish meet or whatnot was being discussed. Didn’t he notice how close she was standing to Ucaloco? Or how he practically towered over her, leaning against the wall and smiling back at her with something that any sentient being in his right mind would know as lust?

Despite being the most brilliant man she knew, the Doctor also could be the thickest.

She sighed, an action that could easily be misinterpreted as flirtation rather than disappointment. Even thought her friendship with Ucaloco had started out as just that, Sarah Jane had to admit that when she had noticed the alien’s interest in her as more, she had wanted to use it to her own advantage. Oh, one night stands weren’t so bad by her opinion – if they occurred with the right person. She was, after all, a modern woman of the late twentieth century. But more than that, she had hoped to use it to make the Doctor jealous.

As Ucaloco dipped his head down, she glanced once more towards the Doctor. Was that wishful thinking, or was he finally noticing her and Ucaloco off in their own little corner? She certainly hoped so, especially as Ucaloco’s lips closed on her own. She closed her eyes, allowing herself to savor the kiss. She had, after all, never kissed an alien before and, as much as it was a ruse and an attempt to determine whether the Doctor would get jealous, she was intent on enjoying herself. He tasted sweeter than she imagined, rather like honey. For a moment, she wondered what she tasted like to Ucaloco. Whatever it was, he didn’t have any complaints as a three-fingered hand slipped down to her bum.

Eventually, they did break apart. Sarah Jane giggled, resting her forehead against his. Quickly, she stole another peak towards the Doctor. As far as she could tell, he had no visible reaction to his companion kissing a strange man in public. In fact, he seemed to be in the middle of an animated discussion, his hands flying crazily as he used his scarf to demonstrate whatever it was he was talking about. It seemed that her ulterior motive had failed rather miserably.

“I think I enjoyed that,” Ucaloco whispered, smiling down at Sarah. His voice snapped her out of her daydream and back to the reality in front of her. He caressed her cheek gently, causing her to smile. “Would you mind, SarahJane, if we continued?”

She had a choice now, didn’t she? With a kiss like the one he had given her, Sarah Jane had a feeling that this could quite easily lead to more. Well, it certainly would be an experience. A one night stand with an alien? Not many women could claim to have experienced something like that. God knew that it would be much more entertaining than hanging about here waiting for the Doctor. Even with no ulterior motive at hand, she supposed it couldn’t hurt.

“I would love it,” she responded with a steady nod. “Perhaps we could call this a proper sort of date, along with dinner and some of that Zona champagne?”

“I would be honored.”

Sarah Jane smiled warmly at him, kissing him lightly this time. “Let me just tell the Doctor and I’ll be right back.”

He nodded, clinging to her hand as she began to walk away. Instead of letting go, she pulled him along with her. Maybe if the Doctor saw just who she was going to have this fling with… Oh, she was just being ridiculous again, wasn’t she? This would never work. He was the Doctor. He would never be interested in her like that. And, as if to prove it, the Doctor merely shrugged as she told him about her date.

Well, at the very least, she would still have an absolutely wonderful evening, guilt and consequence free. Caught up in her own nervous anticipation of the night, she failed to notice the Doctor staring at them as she and Ucaloco walked off.
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Stranger Danger

She had been in worse situations before. In fact, she was certain that she had been in stranger danger in the past. Sarah Jane had been kidnapped by robots, tortured by Sontarans, and possessed by mutated spiders. She had faced Daleks and Cybermen without backing down and had saved multiple worlds many times in her life. Sarah had always led a life full of danger, be it through her investigations as a journalist or as the Doctor’s companion or as James Bond’s wife.

It was a fact that she had learned a long time ago not to deny. Better to deal with the matter head on than to pretend such events were not a part of her life. The more willing she was to accept it, the more she thought capable of getting out of such situation. Back when she travelled with the Doctor, she considered it a good thing as it meant not disappointing the Doctor. Now, there was much more at stake: a daughter and husband to get home to. She couldn’t avoid danger, but she could certainly do her best to get out of it.

Like most incidents, she hadn’t meant for this to happen. At age thirty-four, Sarah Jane believed herself incapable of being kidnapped anymore. There was, after all, a distinct difference between stumbling into the top secret meeting of some sort of secret organization and finding yourself abducted from the a tea shop during lunch. The first had happened often enough, despite Sarah’s attempts to the contrary. Even with ten years of experience, she had always been a little too eager to get the scoop for The Observer.

But it really had been years since she had been properly abducted. Any of James’ enemies who knew about his family knew that they were a difficult bunch to catch. Valerie was fiercely protected by both parents. And both, even Sarah, were capable of defending itself.

When she had heard rumours of Hugo Drax’s reformation and release from prison, Sarah Jane had jumped at the opportunity for the interview. Her editor had agreed as Sarah had been the one to report on the foil of his plot seven years ago. James had been less than thrilled when she told him, promising that they would meet in broad daylight at the Lyons Tea Shoppe in central London. She would take every precaution and, she said, return home in one piece.

Yet, it had turned out that Hugo Drax had not been as reformed as he had claimed to be. Like most villains in a B-movie plot, he wanted revenge at the couple who had prevented his attempt at the destruction of London. As thrilled as Sarah had been to receive the interview assignment, Drax was even more so. The interview had started out normal enough. Sarah Jane had purchased the teas, not trusting Drax alone with her cup for a moment. There was absolutely nothing dangerous in the air. It was just too former opponents meeting to discuss the results of a prison sentence.

Then, as she left the shop, everything went horribly wrong. She had reached into her purse to pull out her mobile, needing to call Valerie’s primary school and let them know that she would be a few minutes late. Distracted, she didn’t notice the brute behind her that clutched a rope tightly in his hands. Sarah Jane struggled as it slipped over her head, strangling her and pulling her in to the alleyway towards a van on the other side. But he was stronger than she was and, in the end, Sarah slipped unconscious.

When she woke up, she found herself inside the hull of the Deimos-5 rocket, part of an attempt by the recent revival of the British Space Programme to send another satellite into space. Drax’s company had helped to fund the building of this rocket with the promise that Drax himself was not allowed within the government premise without the accompaniment of multiple guards. Yet, somehow, he had found a way to sabotage the mission to suit his own purposes. This time, he had no intention was not to start another world war through the destruction of London. He only wanted to ruin her and James’ life. To do so, he planned to let Sarah have the front row seat inside the rocket when it launched.

Sarah Jane, however, didn’t trust him. Oh, she believed that he was set on sending her to her death but she didn’t trust that Drax would do anything good for the nation. She was certain that, somehow and someway, this rocket would explode over London before even leaving atmosphere. She had been in stranger situations in the past but never had she felt before that she was this doomed. As far as Sarah knew, her mobile was lying with her purse in the street where she had been abducted. No one knew where she was.

It was dark in here. She could barely see centimeters in front of her. Her hands were bound tightly and her throat still felt sore. How could she ever get out of here? Sarah sighed, closing her eyes as tears dripped down on to her cheeks. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to go home to her husband and her daughter. She wanted to write the bloody article that got her into all this trouble. The crying lasted for minutes. It wasn’t the strangest situation that she had ever been in, but she had to admit: it was the most dangerous.

When the feeling of self-pity finally passed, Sarah found herself with renewed strength to get out. She couldn’t wait for someone to rescue her. As she had decided moments before, there was no way for anyone to find her. She had to get out on her own. Sarah Jane fumbled around in the dark, trying to get her tied hands to the front. In the process, her sonic lipstick fell out of her pocket. The clatter startled Sarah for a moment before she realized what it was.

Never in her life had she been more grateful for the Doctor's gift of sonic lipstick. He had given it to her months after their initial row over the way she had altered her own future by marrying James. It was an apology present; one he said would blend in easily on Earth and prove to be useful as well. He had been right. Not only was there a setting for cutting through rope, but there was also one to cut through metal.

Then came the hard part. Sarah gulped as she stared downward. She was so very high up at the top of the rocket. The last time she remembered being in such a situation, it was on Skaro as she had tried to escape slavery at the hands of the Thals. She had been caught then, after nearly falling to her death more than once. It had been absolutely horrible. The sheer height was dizzying. She wasn’t sure if she could handle it.

But as last time, scaffolding wasn’t so far away. She just needed to reach out and grab it. She could do it. It was the only way to possibly get home. It would be the only way to possibly stop the rocket launch, as well. She took a deep breath, mentally preparing herself to make that leap. In the end, climbing down on the scaffolding had been much easier than climbing up had ever been. This only left disabling the rocket which, given the sonic lipstick, was very easily done.

Sarah laughed when she saw the look of surprise on James' face as she stepped back from the rocket. There was a smudge of oil on her face from tinkering with the rocket and there was rope burn on her wrists and neck. Her husband, on the other hand, was mildly battered, clearly having been in a fight with Drax and whatever assorted henchmen that had interfered. There were cuts on his face and bruises on exposed skin. She wasn’t certain how he had found her, but Sarah Jane didn’t care. Seeing him was a sight for sore eyes.

They walked over to each other slowly, all danger put aside now. Carefully, Sarah put a careful hand on his cheek as soon as he was within range. He gripped her waist tightly with the lesser bruised of his arms, pulling her close to him. James stared down at her, blue eyes searching and studying ever single bit of her face. Sarah was certain she wouldn't get him to let go of her any time soon. She didn’t care.

"Next time," she promised, caressing his cheek. "You can be my knight in shining armour next time. But every once in a while, I do prefer to save myself."

In response, he only kissed her soundly. Blood and saliva mixed together as the couple stood there in a passionate embrace. The roar of sirens could be heard in the background, a crescendo of sound to accompany this moment. Sarah Jane had faced stranger danger in the past, but she had never had such a sweet reunion as this.

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“Hah! Oh, I told you that I’d win at least one round, didn’t I?”

Sarah Jane giggled, tossing a handful of popcorn at her husband. Tonight was a night in. James had just gotten back from a mission in Belize two days ago. Between mild injuries, exhaustion, paperwork, and extensive time at the office, they hadn’t had a chance to catch up until now. Valerie had been put to bed only minutes before, far past her bedtime. She had been too excited to have Daddy home than to actually agree to sleep.

And now, it seemed, that the only thing left to do was to have share a bottle of cheap wine and popcorn (“See the sorts of things that happen when you go away, James?” Sarah had teased earlier) as they vainly attempted to take the mickey out of each other in a game of poker. Not for the first time, the bed was ignored for sake of the floor. Neither had any need to properly act their age; they were far too happy acting as randy and silly as a teenage couple in love.

“This means you have to remove an article of clothing now,” she continued, beaming. By now, she had already lost both socks, her blouse, and her skirt. If she hadn’t been so used to consistently winding up in this position when playing poker against her husband, Sarah would be rather embarrassed. “And it better be something significant, James. You’ve already seen far too much of me for the night.”

“I’d prefer to think that it isn’t enough,” James replied as he stood and tugged at the fly of his trousers. A second later and his pants were flung across the room, landing somewhere between the bed and a dresser. He smiled at her and Sarah Jane nodded her approval. While he still had his boxers on, it had been far too long since she had seen any bit of him unclothed. “In fact, I am rather ashamed to have lost that round.”

“Well, I’m not. It’s about time I beat you at this game. It’s only taken me…how many tries?”

“Too few, I’d say.” He sat back down across from her, leaning in for a quick kiss before shuffling and dealing the cards. “I had been hoping to…win a few more rounds before letting you have one.”

Sarah Jane laughed from behind her cards, organizing them carefully. “Perhaps I’ve gotten tired of having to strip you after the game. It’s rather difficult, you know. What with your hands roaming and all.”

She threw a couple of chips into the mound in the middle. The rules of this game were simple enough. Standard hold’em in which the loser of each round had to remove another layer of clothing while the winner of the pot decided just how they would be making love that night. Cheating was more than allowed. Usually, the game never lasted that long as one or both of them wound up losing control and their hand at the same time.

It had been something they started while Sarah Jane was still pregnant (and rather sex crazed) with Valerie. It had become a tradition to play their private game of strip poker whenever James returned from an assignment.

“Yet you manage,” James responded, meeting and raising her bet. “I haven’t had any complaints, darling.”

Sarah snorted, shaking her head. “You wouldn’t! You never, ever have any complaints about sex, James Bond. Don’t even deny it.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said with a chuckle. For a man who used to think that making love to only one woman for the rest of his life would become rather dull easily, he had grown rather used to it instead. Their marriage was going on four years now and so far he didn’t have a single regret.

“I could give you something else to dream about instead.” She smiled seductively as she stretched out a leg to tickle the sole of his foot. There was no way that she would win this game, meaning that there was nothing left to lose. “Something that would, I believe, satisfy your sexual fantasies for the year.”

His eyes were now trained on her body instead of her face, exactly where she wanted them to be. They had shaded a darker blue, a clear sign of his attraction and a perfectly good start to her distraction. Sarah Jane moved her toes up his leg, scattering cards and poker chips as she does. She giggles for a second before she moves her leg back underneath her to kneel. Sarah leaned forward, making sure that he got a good view of her breasts before crawling forward. There was another giggle – Sarah Jane always had trouble properly seducing him – before capturing his lips with hers.

Soon enough, James had pushed her back onto the carpet. The poker chips and cards pressed in to her back, but the way his body loomed over hers had set aside all any comfortless. Her heart pounded in her chest with anticipation as a heat radiated between them. James tilt his head down to kiss Sarah again. To kiss and kiss and kiss until:

“Daddy? What are you doing to mummy?”

As per usual, Sarah Jane and James had kept their bedroom door opened in case Valerie woke up in the night crying. She had been suffering from a string of nightmares lately, much to both parents’ dismay. The only thing they could do was pay attention to their daughter until they found out what it was exactly that was causing them. They hadn’t actually ever expected her to wander in to her room, especially after she had been sound asleep.

Nearly simultaneously, James sat up as Sarah pulled away, reaching for her blouse to cover herself as well as possible. Both wore identical expressions of guilt and amusement. Wincing for a moment, she pulled her shirt back on, very grateful that her bra or knickers hadn’t been removed as well. They already had enough explaining to do as it stood.

While Sarah reached for her skirt, James had already stood and walked towards Valerie. He smiled down at his daughter, ruffling her blonde hair before he hoisted the three year old upward and rested her on his hip. He kissed her forehead and she giggled.

“What have we said about knocking?”

“The door was open,” Valerie replied with a sleepy yawn, resting her head against her father’s shoulder. “An’ I heard noises. If you and Mummy are up, I wanna be too. Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, darling,” Sarah Jane murmured as she joined the rest of her family, now fully clothed. She stood next to her husband as she stroked the girl’s hair. “You’re still far too young for a proper answer of anything more than playing a game. A game for mummies and daddies, Valerie.”

“There is cards on the floor,” she said, glancing downward and pointing accusingly. “That’s a me game!”

James rolled his eyes when Valerie wasn’t looking, smiling awkwardly at Sarah. It was a look of ‘how do we explain this one?’ and a look both Bonds were used to sharing. When she only smiled back, he knew it was his turn to deal with it. Sarah Jane owed him and for more than her original idea of that ajar door.

“It’s, er. …it’s way past your bedtime, love. We’ll discuss this tomorrow.”

“You still awake! An’ I miss you,” Valerie answered brightly, giving her father a hug and a sloppy kiss on a cheek. “I want to know.”



“Valerie,” he answered, staring at her warningly. “What have we said about whining?”

“That only silly people do that,” she responds with a giggle.

Behind her, Sarah Jane raised an eyebrow of doubt. She had missed this life lesson apparently. James shrugged, adjusting the girl in his arms. Perhaps it was time to let Sarah Jane do the rest of the explaining. He hoisted Valerie into his wife’s arms, flashing her a loving grin. Her turn.

“And if you promise never to say that again, no matter what Daddy says,” Sarah stated, still eying James when not smiling at her daughter, “we’ll let you spend the night in our room and play Go Fish in the morning.”

Valerie shifted in her arms to look at James with wide blue eyes. “Really?”

He sighed, nodding. It was clear from the look on Sarah’s face that this wasn’t exactly how she had planned to spend his first real night back home either. This was not the first time such homecoming plans had been cancelled; it had been like that ever since she was born. And, of course, both were sure that this was not the last.


Sarah smiled when it was her turn to receive the sloppy kiss. She kissed her forehead in return before placing Valerie on the bed. For a moment, Sarah Jane stood there and watched as Valerie crawled towards the middle, absolutely determined to be stuck between her parents. When an arm snaked across her back, she looked up and smiled. There was a quick peck between them before Sarah decided on resting her head on his shoulder.

“Tomorrow,” she whispered as Valerie began to fall asleep. “I promise. Your fantasy of the year.”

James shrugged, squeezing her hand. “I think I’ve already found it. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to involve sex or cards.” Beat. “Thank you, Sarah. It has been a wonderful, if not unconventional, homecoming.”

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Innocence versus Lack of Guilt

Luke watches her sometimes. It’s late at night and she thinks that she’s alone in the attic. Mr Smith isn’t on and neither is the light. The only glow emanating from the room is the red glow of her sonic lipstick. But she isn’t using it on anything. She just seems to turn it over slowly in her hand, almost studying it as she takes comfort in the familiar hum. It’s these moments as he spies on her from the crack in the door that she actually seems her age.

These are private moments. Luke, for all his naivety, is aware of that much. These are the moments where Sarah Jane lets herself mourn for a youth well lived, a youth that was far too short. But these moments fascinate Luke. They reveal a side of his mother that she would never let the world see, or even let him see. Maybe if they were closer, he would interrupt. Maybe if they were closer, he wouldn’t keep coming to the door at night.

Tonight is different though. Tonight, oddly enough, there seems to be some sort of eagerness in Sarah Jane’s eyes. She sits on the wooden chair in the corner near her desk as per usual. The sonic lipstick is out in her hands. The red glow and the hum of the tool fill the room. Tonight, though, there are no tears in her eyes. There is no delicate fingering of old photographs and documents. There isn’t any murmuring of old stories or regrets to an empty room.

It is almost as if Luke is viewing the Sarah Jane Smith he has grown accustomed to instead of the stranger that oft appears at this point in time. He sees the stubborn and inspiring woman that he has grown fond of in a short time sitting in that chair. This is a woman full of life and excitement, the one who has always seems to remember to pack him a proper lunchtime meal ever since the incident with the Slytheens. She has claimed to make an awful mother. The woman he sees sitting in this chair is the best mother Luke has ever known. He finds himself smiling. He likes seeing her like this.

As he continues to watch, another glow and sound fill the room. His eyes widen almost at the same instant that Sarah’s do. Except his eyes are full of shock while Sarah’s appear more joyous than he has ever seen before. Her smile seems to light up the room more than this blow light does; it’s brighter than that time she introduced Luke, Maria, and Clyde proudly to her friend Josh last Boxer Day. He wishes that he could see her smile like this more often.

Any further thoughts are cut off by the appearance of a rather dusty looking blue box. It’s a box he recognizes from a prior trip to Glasgow chasing after a renegade Cyberman that had somehow survived the Battle of Canary Wharf, according to Sarah Jane. But that box had been just a cappuccino stand whose cuppa can’t compare to any made by his mother (Clyde had claimed, repeatedly, on the way home). Still, it had held some sort of meaning to Sarah that only intrigued the trio.

It’s the look that fills Sarah’s face when a lanky man in a blue suit walks out of the TARDIS that gives it all away to Luke. He hasn’t seen that sort of look ever before, but he suspects it is something similar to what Maria tried to describe love between parents as looking like. This time, he watches her more intently than he ever has. This man, despite the photograph Sarah had once showed, has to be the Doctor. Luke watches as the Doctor hugs her back just as tightly. For the first time, he feels a twinge of jealously. It is a strange feeling. He decides quickly enough that he doesn’t like it.

Jealousy, though, is soon accompanied by something he knows is guilt. This feeling he knows from sneaking off to the cinema with Clyde one Sunday afternoon and getting caught. He doesn’t like this feeling either. The Doctor has now pulled up a chair next to Sarah and the two talk in hushed tones. He notices their hands clasped tightly together and a look of sadness in the man’s eyes. He shouldn’t be here, Luke realizes. He’s being horribly rude to his mother by spying on this moment. But the guilt dissipates as he overhears snippets of conversation, curiosity drawing him in. Making another social mistake can be put aside to satisfy his inquisitiveness.

Sarah Jane is talking about him. About him and Maria and Clyde and asking the Doctor if this is how he feels every time he puts someone he cares about in danger. The strange man nods solemnly and then tilts her chin up so she has no choice to look at him.

“You’re as innocent as the day we met, Sarah,” he murmurs so quietly that Luke almost doesn’t hear him. “You might feel that guilt, but it only makes you human. It keeps you my best friend, my Sarah Jane. The day you feel a lack of guilt over Luke or Maria or Clyde’s well being is the day you can’t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore.”

“Doctor,” she replies, a quiver of sadness and vulnerability in her voice that Luke hasn’t ever heard before, “I don’t know if I can do this alone.”

“Stopping a Slytheen invasion? Defeating the last of the Gorgons on Earth? Outsmarting the Bane? Blimey! That’s quite the list of accomplishments you have there. None of my companions have ever disappointed me and you, Sarah Jane, keep on finding new ways to impress me every day.”

This all seems rather strange to Luke. In front of his eyes, his mother has turned into someone else. The lady sitting there now isn’t the eager woman from earlier and isn’t the confident adult he knows. This someone resembles Maria whenever she cries to him about her parents’ divorce. He doesn’t understand. He wants to understand. So, Luke does the only thing he can. As Sarah hugs the man again, he finally steps out from hiding.

Night after night, Luke has hid behind the crack in that door. This is the first, and probably only, time he’ll ever admit to it. For a moment, he stands there awkwardly. Luke tugs at his night shirt, watching as both Sarah Jane and the Doctor turn around to look at him. They are not hugging anymore, but they are still sitting rather close. Their hands are still clasped, Luke notes with a small smile. Mum likes holding people’s hands, he wonder if this is where she got it from.

“I think I’m making another social mistake. I wanted to say hello. Mum always said that she wanted you to return.”

The hands linger together as Sarah Jane stands and wipes at her tears. Arms stretch as she crosses the room to Luke until they are unable to stretch any more. She stops in front of Luke, placing hands on both his shoulders. For a moment, he thinks that she is going to scold him like that day at the cinemas. Instead, she only laughs and shakes her head at him. Then, she moves to his right, one arm still over the shoulder. She glances down at Luke and this time, he hasn’t ever seen her more proud. Whatever he did, it doesn’t seem like Sarah Jane considers it a mistake.

“Doctor,” she says warmly, as she walks forward with Luke in tow. “I’d like you to meet my Luke. My son.”

“Hello, Luke ol’ boy! I’m the Doctor. Long time friend of your mum’s who still can’t quite get over how tall you are for your age. Six months, is it?” The Doctor stands from his chair as he talks and Luke holds out his hand. He remembers this one, the introduction. It was one of the first things about being human Sarah Jane had ever taught him. What catches him off guard is the bear hug the Doctor pulls him into the moment their hands clasp. This is far unlike any greeting he has ever received from any other adult. Luke stands awkward and stiff for a moment before trying to hug him back.

“My boys,” he heard Sarah whisper with happiness. That awkward feeling came rushing back, but he ignored it. This might not have been what Luke expected, but if it made his mum happy, he was happy.

The Doctor does eventually pull away, but not before giving Luke a hearty clap on the back. Luke smiles back at him, but not before glancing at his mother for help. She just nods encouragingly, walking back over to place her arm back around Luke. For a few moments, the three of them just stand there in silence before the Doctor (who, Luke has decided, looks rather human after all) rubs his hands together and beams at them manically.

“Whatcha say? Trip in the TARDIS for old time sake? I never did quite take you to Florana, Sarah Jane. And you, Luke,” he continues, clapping Luke’s shoulder again, “about time you saw something past this atmosphere. Guilt free trip, for the lot of us.”

A chance to go to an alien planet? His dark brown eyes widened again, this time with excitement rather than surprise. No wonder his mother liked this Doctor fellow. Just the possibility of disappearing into that police box seemed exhilarating. He looked up at Sarah Jane, trying to perfect that puppy eye face Clyde promised would get adults to do whatever he said. It doesn’t work and only results in a stern gaze that only promises trouble for Clyde the next time he stops by. Still, Sarah shrugs and laughs in the end, smiling at them both: a sure fire sign that she agrees.

“Well, I suppose Luke does deserve to see more than this daft planet,” she relinquishes. “But no hijinks, Doctor. No trouble and especially no danger.”

The Doctor nods enthusiastically as he begins to usher them towards the blue box. But before Luke steps inside, he thinks about his mum’s words. No danger? He doubts it. There’s always danger when off on an adventure with Mum. And whatever guilt she may feel over it, he’s happy that she doesn’t let it affect her.

Innocent or not innocent, guilty or guilt free, Luke Smith knows he has the best mum in the world.
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Board Games Prompt – Choose one of the popular board games listed, and write a prompt somehow based on the game, it’s name or something related to it: Candyland

“Mummy, look what D’Argo lent me!”

That was the greeting that Sarah Jane came home to that one unsuspecting Tuesday evening. It had been a long day at the Globe and, in all honesty, all she had wanted was a warm cuppa accompanied by a snuggle on the couch with her husband. Domesticity, while still not entirely their lifestyle of choice, sometimes did seem like the proper path to follow for an hour or two. What she hadn’t wanted was a rather energetic five year old daughter begging for ‘quality time’ with her parents.

Apparently it was all the rage in the Sun-Crichton household according to Valerie, even if Sarah did have her doubts.

“…an’ Uncle John says that every Thursday, he and Auntie Aeryn and D’Argo and that grey girl go an’ meet in Pilot’s chambers and play a board game. It’s family bonding time and he says it’s loads of fun! And D’Argo even agreed! An’ then he gave me this and said he’s outgrown it but I think he’s lying because Uncle John was smiling a lot when he gave it to me. And Daddy says never to trust Uncle John when he smiles.”

There was a small pause in the long-winded explanation as the girl wrinkled her brow. “I think Daddy says I’m not supposed to trust him at all. But you do. An’ I like playing on Moya . Even when you and Daddy scold me for sneakin’ into Milliways without permission.”

Which, it had seemed, Valerie had apparently done today. Sarah reminded herself to have a talk with Nanny Williams about keeping a closer eye on the girl. Thankfully, the woman only babysat at a minimum now that Sarah Jane’s schedule was more closely adjusted to school hours. The last thing she really needed to happen was to have a perfectly down to earth and logical, no-nonsense woman discover a pathway to the end of the universe. Or find out why exactly Valerie had such an obsession with watching Doctor Who.

“Can we play, then? Please? I promise I won’t go into Milliways anymore without you or Daddy if we can play. No matter how much Allana wants to.” Valerie looked up at her mother with wide blue eyes. In so many respects, she was clearly her parents’ daughter. Sarah Jane doubted that promise in its entirely. She had made too many similar ones to her aunt when she was a child.

“All right,” Sarah finally conceded. She accepted the game box with only a small sigh. To her credit, she kept the sardonic grin off her face. She was certain that John had put both D’Argo and Valerie up to this. Candyland wasn’t exactly the sort of game she ever had interest in playing, even as a kid of Valerie’s age. She could only imagine James’ reaction when he found out.


“Sarah, she had gone into Milliways without our permission again. We shouldn’t be humouring her with a game night. Otherwise, she’ll keep doing it.”

As expected, James was less than thrilled at the idea of a family round of Candyland. Sarah Jane was certain that she would face the same reaction with any sort of game board suggestion. He wasn’t the type to sit about a table and play a game designed for those a fifth of his age. For that matter, Sarah wasn’t that sort of person either. But Valerie had her heart set on this. She had a hard time saying no, even if it was the proper decision.

Sarah shrugged, resting her head against James’ shoulder. Valerie was in the room she shared with her adoptive sister, playing with her toys before dinner. Allana wouldn’t be home for another week yet, away in her own universe for Force training. This gave Sarah Jane ample time to talk with her husband as they waited for food to arrive. As they had both worked late, ordering in seemed like their best bet. No one in the Smith-Bond family ever complained about a posh, well-cooked meal. And time without daughters running afoot was more the necessary at times.

“In her defense, she did promise never to go there without us again.”

“Sarah…” She could just picture James sighing patiently beside her. “She’s our child. One promise will be broken just as easily as the last one. Where did she get that bloody game in the first place?”


This time, James’ sigh was rather audible. He was irritated and hiding it. It seemed as if Sarah Jane wasn’t the only one who had a long day at work. Either that, or too much time had passed since his last investigation. Sarah was guessing a mixture of both. John should have known better than to tempt Valerie like this. The prospect of proper domesticity didn’t help his mood at all. Sarah knew that he loved their family. But both were rather unconventional in expressing that love.

“Darling, it’s just a game. One round and then, maybe, she won’t disappear to Milliways for another week.” Sarah lifted her head up to smile at him, a similar pleading glint in her brown eyes that matched that of her daughter’s from earlier. She placed a hand on his cheek, tilting his head downward for a long kiss. After, she rested her forehead against his; murmuring against his lips a promise to make up for it afterwards. Even after all these years of loving each other, sex was still the best way to bribe him into doing anything.

“Fine,” he grumbled. “But only under the condition that she is not to go back to Milliways for the next two weeks. She can’t keep breaking the rules.”

Sarah raised an eyebrow, grinning in amusement. “This coming from James Bond, the annoyance of MI-6?”

He scowled in return, only to be cut off for by kiss. Sex wasn’t only an effective bribe. It was an effective, and rather wonderful, way to silence an argument as well.


That night was certainly an event for the Smith-Bond family. The meal was typical, with Valerie talking more than she ate, wanting to tell her parents all about the day she had at school. Dinner, Sarah realized, was as exhausting as normal. And Valerie was too enthused by the prospect of having her very own quality time to even consider putting her to bed early. Everything leading up to the point of game night passed by quickly, too quickly for both adult Bonds. Seconds after the table was cleared, Valerie had ran back into the kitchen clutching the box to her chest.

It was Candyland time.

The game, it turned out, was simple enough. More than simple: it was simplistic. There was a winding track of a hundred and thirty four spaces in rainbow colours or representing locations and people. You had to pick a card off the stack and follow the colour or object on the card. You could move forward or backwards. Landing on the last space won the game. Sarah and James shared a look of frustration that goes straight above Valerie’s head. She’s too excited about playing a proper board game with her parents to even care.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night to Sarah were the occasional glimpses of smiles and laughter that would appear on James’ face. He really did try his best to remain stoic throughout the whole game. Valerie, used to her ‘grumpy daddy,’ didn’t care. But when she started giggling after landing in Gloppy’s Molasses Swamp, Sarah saw a flicker of a smile on James’ face. The smile widened when Sarah found herself meeting the same fate (this, she reminded herself, was what happened when your heart wasn’t truly into the game). It was the closest either of them would get to a full out grin that night when he won.

“Daddy, that’s not fair!” Valerie complained at the end of the game, her messy blonde hair flying as she shook her head. “You didn’t even enjoy it!”

Obviously in the five year old’s world, that individual that enjoyed the game most was the one expected to win. Sarah Jane only laughed, leaning across the table to give James a congratulatory kiss. It was only supposed to be a peck. She should have known better than to expect anything but.

Giggles were what finally broke them apart. Valerie was squirming in her seat with laughter, hands over her face. She beamed up at both of them, looking very much like the little angel that she wasn’t. “And now you and Mummy are being mushy again!”

“And now it’s time for you to get to bed,” Sarah countered with a smile. She stood, walking the short distance between seats to pick Valerie up off hers. She adjusted her daughter against her hip, planting a small kiss against her bangs. “Why don’t we get ready for bed while your father cleans up the table. That’s the true prize for the winner.”

“Aside from mummy kisses,” Valerie responded, earning another faint grin from James. She tugged on Sarah’s sleeve, her typical cue to start moving. “Nighty, Daddy!”

For such a menial and average event like playing a board game with her family, Sarah was surprised to discover it hadn’t been half bad. Maybe, if she could talk James into it, this could be something to do once a month. Although, they would have to find much more challenging games than Candyland. She chuckled to herself as she sat in the rocking chair, watching her daughter fall asleep. Who was she kidding? This was certainly a onetime event.

Still, Sarah realized that it had been worth every second of it. When a warm hand was placed on her shoulder, she looked upward to see James watching their now sleeping daughter with love in his eyes. Worth every second of it indeed.

[ooc: Clearly based on Milliways continuum.]
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What person in your muse's life, either by canon or in roleplay, has most affected their personality in your writing of them?

Canon wise: Even though she's never appeared in the show, I would say that Sarah's Aunt Lavinia Smith has had the greatest affect on Sarah's personality. Which, thinking on it, probably makes the most sense as Lavinia was the woman who raised her. Based on episodes and novels and miscellaneous articles, I've developed a picture of Lavinia as the intelligent, no-nonsense scientist who, being in a field highly dominated by men, has had to stubbornly hold true to the idea that she's just as capable.

Therefore, as Sarah's guardian, Lavinia probably instilled all these ideals on her niece at a young age. I believe that Sarah Jane is naturally stubborn, but her preference towards women's lib is definitely something that stems from Lavinia. It is also something that tends to define a lot of who she is. Lavinia also encouraged schooling and, therefore fostered Sarah's intelligence. She encouraged curiosity and a love to succeed, thus shaping Sarah Jane into the eager journalist she would become -- you know, that one with a knack of quite easily getting in over her head because she believes herself to be capable of anything.

Role play wise: I have Sarah in a lot of different games and communities. The one she's been in the longest though has been Milliways. It's there that I think people have really had a chance to help shape her -- specifically James Bond. They've been friends since late January, and what I once believed as going to be a sibling like relationship has turned into so much more. He's usurped the role the Doctor would have played in Sarah's life if she had not come to Milliways. He's now her guidance and her best friend and her love. She holds his opinion higher than anyone else's (even if that's not saying much) and she cares so much about being the sort of woman he needs.

The biggest effect James has had on her, though, is in their relationship. He's a good fifteen years older than Sarah. That, in addition to his profession, has resulted in him being much more worldly and mature than Sarah in a lot of respects. In order to make this relationship work, she's had to learn how to grow up quickly. She's still as playful as she usually is, but she's learned how to only act as such when the situation calls for it. She's learned when not to pressure and how to still stand her own despite however much the situation gets to her. Knowing James has forced Sarah to grow up, and I love the way that it's progressed.

Add in one pregnancy plot, though, and you get an absolutely haywire personality of mixed up emotions. Now that's been fun.
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Never ever discount the idea of marriage. Sure, someone might tell you that marriage is just a piece of paper. Well, so is money, and what's more life-affirming than cold, hard cash? Dennis Miller

Sarah Jane had been engaged once. It was a highly unsuccessful engagement that lasted for three months until she had broken it off. He had wanted her to give up her own career to be a supportive housewife. She hadn’t been that sort of women at the time. A few years later and experience only taught that she could never be that woman. She was too independent, too used to getting her own way to settle for anything less than her own expectations of life. She was perfectly happy to remain unmarried for the rest of her life.

And then, life ran away from her. She became engaged again – an engagement that once again did not last, even though the relationship continued. Within a whirlwind of months, she went from being a single independent woman to happily in love to not so happily pregnant. Being a mother was the antithesis of everything Sarah considered her life to be. With a child would go her independence to do as she wished. She wouldn’t be able to travel as much. She’d have to think first of another person when making decisions.

Worst off, in some daft and quaint ideal left over from the early twentieth century, was the fact that she wasn’t married. And, as she knew from experience, relationships ended just as easily as they began.

Despite that, she wanted the child. It meant a family, which was something Sarah lacked in the majority of her life. She couldn’t deny it existence.

So, she did what she could think of: she proposed marriage. Certain ideals of her time held true to her. Others, such as consistently waiting on the man to make the first move, never did. That never bothered her. What did bother her was her secret reason for wanting this marriage. It wasn’t just about setting nerves to rest. It wasn’t just about how madly in love she was with her child’s father. It had become about money. Marriage suddenly wasn’t the romantic, life-affirming event that it was in the stories. It was realistic and practical: a way to keep financial support if her boyfriend were to die.

The argument that had followed was just a reminder as to why she couldn’t tell him that truth. As cold and calculating as her reasons were, they remained reasons she never wanted him to know. Sarah Jane wanted to marry for post-humous financial support. Yet, she wanted him to marry her out of love. Her standards were crossed. She didn’t care. He wasn’t ready to make that step -- she could blame him, but his reasons were sound.

She never wanted to get married, not since her first disastrous engagement ended. She was positively frightened at the idea, even though she never let it show. Now, as logical as the step seemed, it also seemed impossible. She could only hope that he’d change his mind someday. It was a hope she put all her soul into. The child would need him, would need the income he could provide. She loved him. And she wanted it all to last from beyond the grave.

Love was for the living. Marriage would never end.
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You're walking along the beach one morning when you notice something sticking out of the sand. As you get closer, you realize it's a bottle with a message in it. You crack the bottle open and read it. What does it say?

[ooc: based on role play in [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar]

She felt absolutely horrible. Seven months pregnant and Sarah Jane was positive that she couldn’t possibly get any bigger than she already was. She could barely see her feet below her stomach and what little she could see felt horribly swollen. Whoever said pregnancy was one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life was completely wrong. In her opinion, anyone who actually agreed with that was deserving of the black eye she had given her husband earlier in the day.

So far, James’ idea of a beach get away hadn’t been much of a success. They had done little more than bicker on the way to Brittany, and had ultimately avoided each other the whole weekend. Today was their last day, before flying back in the early morning just in time for James to make the rush hour to work. Sarah was thankful for that. The sooner company included more than just her husband, the better.

At least this far away from the hotel, the beach atmosphere was peaceful. In the early hour, there were few people around. There wasn’t anyone to pester her about her condition, curious to know all they possibly could about the baby. There weren’t any children to avoid running in to and no pets either. Best of all, being in James’ world meant that there was absolutely no worry of any sort of alien threat. Sarah Jane was completely safe to walk along the beach without any sort of second thought.

Yet, there was only so far she could manage to walk without tiredness wearing her down. Though she would have liked to explore further, Sarah had gotten good at recognizing her limitations these past few months. She carefully sat on one of the many rocks that formed a line out towards sea, smiling as the tide splashed around her ankles. The water felt good on her sore feet, as did resting. Valerie seemed to agree; playful kicks reminded Sarah Jane of how much her daughter already was a handful to deal with. Naturally, she blamed James entirely.

Sarah was content to sit on the rock and watch the waves in the far off distance. She rubbed at her belly as she watched, both pleased and annoyed when Valerie seemed to return her gesture in the only way she knew how. As she watched boats pass in the distance, she yearned for travelling. What she wouldn’t give to be on some alien planet right now. But those trips would have to wait a while yet.

Lost in thought, Sarah was startled at the feel something smooth hit her foot. She bent downward the best that she could to investigate and was surprised to see the bottom of a bottle slowly being freed from its sandy prison by the surf. Grinning to herself, she dug around with her foot until the bottle popped out. Then, it was easy enough to collect from the surf.

She was even more surprised when she saw a faded note inside. But she wouldn’t have a chance to read it just yet. Before she could even attempt to open the bottle, Sarah heard her voice echo in the wind. She craned her head, and smiled wryly when she saw who it was. Eyebrows went up and her face fixed itself into a stern glare. The yelling quickly became more discernable as James hurried down the beach. It was clear that he didn’t want her playing on the rocks. That only made Sarah Jane more determined to stay put.

After sticking her tongue out at him, she turned her attention back to the bottle. The cap was sealed with some sort of wax to prevent leakage. It shouldn’t be too hard to open it. There was only one way to find out; but once again, she found herself interrupted.

“Sarah.” He spoke sternly, looking at her with concern and anger, both traits barely visible but obviously there. She had been around him enough in the past year to know what looks like mild anger on some is really cold fury on James Bond. He was not happy with her, and for a moment, Sarah Jane almost regretted punching him this morning.

“Sarah,” he repeated. “Please find somewhere else to sit.”

She shook her head, turning her attention back to the bottle. Sarah found no reason to be talking to him right now. All the bloke was good for was knocking women up, or, at least, knocking her up. She was tired of this pregnancy. A pregnancy, she kept maintaining, that was entirely his fault. Instead, she began to pick at the wax.

His sigh was rather audible. “Would it help if I apologised for earlier?”

No. The only thing that would help would be if this whole mess suddenly went away. But this time around, thinking of a life without Valerie and a life without James got to her in a way it hadn’t the other fifty-two times she had thought it today. She possibly couldn’t imagine her life without them. She didn’t want anything else but her daughter and her husband at this very moment. It was an absolutely horrid concept.

Her sniffles and tears started quietly, quickly picking up in volume and anguish. As she held up the bottle with one hand, she used the other to wipe at her face. Sarah Jane didn’t even protest when James gently pulled her up from the rocks and held her close to him. She only sobbed, pushing the bottle into his chest.

“…just…wanna know…what’s in there,” she murmured between tears.

Whatever James’ response was to her daft request, it was lost on Sarah until he began stroking the tears off her cheeks with his thumbs. Misty eyed, she looked up at him, confused. He placed a small kiss on her forehead, smiling softly. Then he held up the note from the bottle, having opened it while she cried.

“It’s in French,” he explained before kissing her forehead again. “And it doesn’t say a lot. It’s from a man -- don’t ask me who, darling; the name’s faded – to his fiancée. He was away at sea and thought of her every waking second, much like I have of you all weekend. He misses her dearly and only wishes that he could spend all morning lounging around in bed with no one else in the world but the two of them.”

He smiled warmly at her as he crinkled up the message. Sarah Jane hesitantly returned the smile, wiping away the last of her tears. It wasn’t exactly the apology she had hoped for, but it had worked. At the very least, they had today to salvage the awful vacation. She knew by the way that he looked at her that it would be a day well spent. Lost in thoughts of love, she never even bothered to question the contents of the note.

James ducked his head down to give her a tender kiss, one that Sarah eagerly returned. As they kissed, he allowed the crumpled up note to fall into the water splashing around him. She would never know that her message in a bottle was a ship’s inventory list rather than a love note. They were both content to leave it this way.
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Write a ficlet that starts with the following sentence: There was no sound, nothing at all, except for...

There was no sound, nothing at all, except for the quiet hum of the TARDIS as Sarah Jane wandered down the hall. The twists and turns of the maze of walkways never ceased to amaze her. It almost seemed as if she never took the same route twice; yet, she always found her way to the room she wanted. The Doctor had tried to explain it to her once, but Sarah had shrugged it off. As long as it worked, she didn’t really want to hear the complicated physics explanation behind it.

Tonight, however, was an entirely different case. She had awakened from a nightmare in the midst of the TARDIS’ sleep cycle covered in a cold sweat. It was a dream that had haunted her since her youth: her subconscious’ own rendition of her parents’ death. She despised it. When she was a child, Sarah Jane would typically crawl in to her aunt’s bed after the nightmare. Now, as an adult, that option was no longer viable. So she wandered the hallways of the TARDIS instead, determined to get rid of the chilling feeling that crept down her spine.

Sarah had no direction tonight. She only wanted to escape the images in her mind. As she walked, the halls of the TARDIS seemed to go on forever and ever. The Doctor always joked that it was bigger on the inside, and while she knew that to be fact, Sarah had never felt as overwhelmed until now. A part of her almost wanted the Doctor to come and take her hand as Aunt Lavinia did when she was a child. That ridiculous notion was dismissed instantly.

As Sarah Jane continued down the hall, she could feel her eyelids start to grow heavy. How long had she been wandering? It was starting to feel like forever. And it would take forever to get back to her room, wouldn’t it? She shook her head sleepily, unable to keep the yawn from escaping her lips. A short sit down on the floor suddenly seemed welcoming. After another yawn, Sarah relinquished to her body’s tired needs. The floor was far from uncomfortable as she discovered as she tucked her knees against her chest.

Just a small nap…

When she awoke, it was to the sound of footsteps echoing down the hallway. They broke the silence of the TARDIS night. She opened her eyes curiously, expecting to see the Doctor wander down the hall. She blinked in confusion when the figure came closer, revealing a female body in place of the expected lanky male one. The confusion rapidly became an awed fear as realisation hit: Sarah knew this woman.

“Mummy?” she whispered in a small voice. Somehow she was able to get to her feet, unable to take her eyes off of the woman in front of her. “Mummy? Is that really you?”

The woman nodded, taking a few steps closer before stopping in front of Sarah Jane. She reached a hand outward, stroking Sarah’s hair softly. For scarcely a second, Sarah closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. It had been so long since she had last seen her mother, years and years. She never wanted this moment to end. Sarah was convinced that if she looked away for even a second, it would all vanish like a dream.

But when she opened her eyes again, Alice Smith was still standing in front of her. She looked as every bit radiant as Sarah remembered: the same dark brown hair and brown eyes, a pixie face full of hidden mischief and obvious love. It was a face she had only ever seen in dreams or a picture frame for the past nineteen years. Taking another chance, Sarah Jane closed her eyes as she hugged her mother, burying her face in Alice’s hair. She felt tears threatening to fall and ignored them. This moment was too precious to waste.

“My little Sarah,” said Alice as she finally moved a step away. She kept both hands on Sarah’s shoulders, the same loving smile still firmly in place. “My, how you’ve grown.”

There were so many things Sarah Jane wanted to say in response. The only words that did come were a squeaked “I miss you” before the tears fell. Alice lifted one hand to Sarah’s cheek, gently wiping at the tears. The action felt so familiar that for a moment, Sarah wondered if it was really happening. She was in the TARDIS, wasn’t she? And her mother was dead. It didn’t make sense. But in some ways, it made all the sense in the world.

As the mother and daughter reunited in one of the many expansive hallways of the TARDIS, a still sleeping Sarah was unaware of the reality around her. As she slept soundly, lost in a much more pleasant vision, she had no idea of the man holding her or the way he manipulated this one particular dream. There was no sound, no sound at all, except for three hearts beating in sync. It was a sound Sarah Jane would never hear.


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