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1. Make a list of the gifts that you would give to other people, if money and power were no object.

[ooc: Individuals mentioned from a variety of different games/verses/what have you. Point is? They are all individuals on her friends list that Sarah has gifts in mind for.]

[livejournal.com profile] born_running: A trip about the galaxy, completely danger free and preferably with the Doctor and K-9 joining us.

[livejournal.com profile] callitavesper: What do you give the man who has given you something as precious as a daughter, a husband and a proper family? I wish I could give you everything your heart desired. In the end, I think the only gift I can give you is the promise that I will always, always be there for you. I love you. And, materialistically? It would most certainly be a framed photograph of our family.

[livejournal.com profile] clever_wanderer: I think a box of tissues might be appropriate, considering all the crying I seem to do around you. But any gift? I’d find some way to fix the TARDIS for you. I know you aren’t happy with the way she’s acting right now. I just… oh, I wish I could make everything right for you.

[livejournal.com profile] cocky_cockney: Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. :D?

[livejournal.com profile] coffeekingianto: A pretty little China teapot and some Darjeeling tea. If that doesn’t convince you of tea’s value, I honestly don’t know what will.

[livejournal.com profile] eleventh_doctor: I think you need a bright pink teddy bear that says best mum. You certainly can be to Luke when you want to.

[livejournal.com profile] exiled_prof: Perhaps… oh, if I could give you anything? It might just be a child.

[livejournal.com profile] gethin_jones: An extra helmet for whenever he’s not alone on his bike.

[livejournal.com profile] hapan_heiress: A shopping spree at Hamley’s.

[livejournal.com profile] i_heart_winona: A weapon good enough to replace Wynonna.

[livejournal.com profile] izzie_mcphee: Most definitely a good pair of running shoes.

[livejournal.com profile] j_harkness11: I think I may just be willing to offer to babysit at some point so you and Ianto can enjoy some time alone.

[livejournal.com profile] londonsdaughter: A practical guide on how to travel with the Doctor, complete with illustrations on how to best thwack him when not listening. It’ll quite possibly be written by yours truly, if you don’t mind, Donna.

[livejournal.com profile] lost_a_hand: Not quite the best gift in the universe, but a banana milksahke and the promise to be the best companion I ever can from this point out. This time, I’m not giving you any reason to leave me behind.

[livejournal.com profile] lovetolongago: Another kiss. Or, if not, a trip for two to this new Earth we’ve found ourselves on.

[livejournal.com profile] ninewho: A silly Hawaiian shirt, the tackier the better. You need some sort of colour to brighten up your wardrobe.

[livejournal.com profile] not_on_her_own: I know the perfect gift for you, Maria: a leather bound journal so you can start some writings of your own.

[livejournal.com profile] not_tindog: A K-9 unit of your very own. Someone like you ought to have one.

[livejournal.com profile] notanarc: My prized typewriter. I need to give it up sometime, and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather give it to than a fellow journalist and a wonderful friend.

[livejournal.com profile] queenofmay: It may be a children’s book, but I think it might give you some insight to what women of both the modern world and the past are quite capable of: Lives of Extraordinary Women. And another book, Literature of the Women’s Suffrage Campaign in England. I do hope you find both useful.

[livejournal.com profile] rude_not_ginger: I think that, perhaps, I would want to get you a kitten. I have very fond memories of rather enjoying my time with a kitten who had your personality, after all.

[livejournal.com profile] shot_my_shoes: Your own little yacht. Then, if you wanted, you could have your own travels to gloat about someday.

[livejournal.com profile] slasherofprices: If I could control such matters, it would be another chance at life and this time with me and Luke in the picture.

[livejournal.com profile] thecricketer: Would you fancy a new cricket set? I’d even be willing to throw in a game or two with you, if you promise to make the odds more interesting. Say, winner has to treat the other to trip of his or her choice?

[livejournal.com profile] thedoctorwho: A part of me wishes that I could give you my promise that I’ll never do anything to make you cross again, but I know that isn’t true. So it would have to be a photograph I took one day when you were lounging about Milliways. So that you remember that you can always visit me here.

[livejournal.com profile] toshtosh: One of the Doctor’s old sonic screwdrivers.

[livejournal.com profile] velvetdoc: Some silly gizmo that you could have fun playing with. I wouldn’t understand it at all, of course, but I’m certain you’d try to explain to me anyway.

[livejournal.com profile] walkineternity: I would work up the courage to give you the absolute and honest truth about how much I adore you.

[livejournal.com profile] works_in_space: Most certainly another trip to James’ London.
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2. You've just had one of the most grueling days of your life when you stumble upon a wishing well. While you don't typically believe in such things, you need a pick-me-up. So you toss a penny down the well and make a wish. Lo and behold, it comes true.

Sarah Jane didn’t think she could take it anymore. As much as she adored travelling with the Doctor, as much as she adored him, after the past week – after Sontaran mind experiments and never ending wars and poison and Cybermen – she couldn’t take it anymore. The Doctor promised them a reprise. The Brigadier needed them back on Earth. First, he said, they’d go to a very peaceful and very safe (“oh, I doubt that!”) planet that he often liked to visit. Show Harry the perks of being a travelling companion in the TARDIS.

Perhaps he was right about this place. On the whole, it reminded Sarah of some giant market out of Arabian Nights. There were men and women trying to sell her exotic goods at every turn. Animals she had never seen before. Peoples she had never seen before. It was enchanting. The wishing well she found in the center of town even more so.

She never believed much in wishes growing up. As a child, Sarah would wish on star after star for her parents to be alive. It never came true. She always woke up in her aunt’s house on Bannerman Road in Ealing, alone and orphaned. So, at some point, she had stopped believing in wishes and dreams coming true all together.

But after the week she had, after being tortured and enslaved and poisoned, Sarah Jane was almost tempted to be that naïve seven year old who had wanted her wish to come true. Wishes never came true. So it there would be no harm in acting foolish just for a few seconds.

She closed her eyes, fished a penny out from her trouser pocket and tossed it in. “I wish Mum and Dad never died.”


It had been another night of strange dreams. )

[ooc: some scenarios mentioned roughly based upon role play games sj is in: [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar, [livejournal.com profile] twood_hub, and [livejournal.com profile] relativespace.]
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4. Roleplay Prompt - For some reason, you're tied together with someone else. Now what?

There are always perils associated with a trip to Milliways Bar. Always. Be it magical gender switching or transfiguration into animals or even random songs, there are real perils associated with a trip. It usually akes for interesting times. And sometimes, it makes for annoying ones.

Today, Sarah Jane finds herself face to face with one of those latter events. Without Valerie to serve as a figure of neutrality, she and Le Chiffre had spent the past fifteen minutes bickering over who arrived first at a barstool. Sarah was more than certain it was her. The other man was convinced otherwise.

Bar, as they found out a few moments later, isn't fond of such a row. So very not fond that, in effect-

"Oh, this is all your fault!" Sarah Jane yells, glaring down at their tied wrists.
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Movie Prompts: 8. Human thought is so primitive, it's looked upon as an infectious disease in some of the better galaxies. That kind of makes you proud, doesn't it? From Men In Black

“Human thought is so primitive, it’s looked upon as an infectious disease in some of the better galaxies.” The man chuckled, eyes wrinkling with wry amusement as he smiled. “That kind of makes you proud, doesn’t it?”

“Honestly, K.” Even in her early fifties, Sarah Jane could not help but roll her eyes at that statement. She glanced away from the passing Hudson River scenery to look up at her walking companion. She arched an eyebrow, questioning. “You don’t exactly strike me as the sort of man to have an inferiority complex. I was taught to consider human thought as a burgeoning promise, not a disease.”

“We’re too loud. The number of races in the galaxy that think--”

“I think we’re wonderful. And if you just took a moment to step away from the job, I believe you’d realize that as well. Just look at Luke.”

K raised a finger. “Alien manufactured.”

“But he holds the potential,” Sarah Jane stressed.

However, he stony look on his face hinted that she would never win this discussion. Holiday to New York City had been much more eventful than she had ever imagined it to be. The Brigadier would have a lot of explaining to do when she returned to England. Starting with the fact that UNIT and Torchwood were not the only alien defense agency on the planet. It had surprised her at first, almost more than the run-in with the Zygon had. Now though… now her curiosity was peaked.

And not just by the agency.

“K,” she murmured, only half aware that had stopped walking. “You’re being daft.”

“Right now, a million miles away, your thoughts are radiating through the infrastructure of a sensitive Correllian scanner.” He shook his head, breaking gaze for a moment to look up at the setting sun. “The scanner is supposed to be looking for frequencies of colliding nebulas. Instead, it picks up on a stray human thought regarding the color of eyes: insignificant and ridiculous.”

Sarah had to admit that he did have very nice eyes. But it was far from what she was thinking right now. So she only smiled and caressed his cheek. “You’re wrong.”

For the briefest of moments, K blinked. He was startled by her action. Then, a millisecond later, he returned to his stiff and proper self. The perfect policeman: polite, gentlemanly, but stern. He was certainly the most interesting bit about this trip. His history alone was fascinating. His personality, Sarah found, even more so.

“Come back to England for a spell. Let me show you my world. I promise that it will completely fascinate you.”

“UNIT?” he asked doubtfully.

“No,” she answered, smiling. Sarah stroked his cheek again, staring up at him. “You see, Earth can be as much of an adventure to. We live on a glorious planet and if you just paused for a moment to appreciate it. It is a difficult lesson to learn, especially for daft old fools like us. But oh, how it’s worth it, K. It is so very worth it.”

She took a deep breath before continuing. “Because we’re not infectious diseases, you see. I don’t care what the rest of the galaxies think, K. It’s about time you learned something new.”

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

“But you can always try.”
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Is there something that your muse does that shows a certain emotion or feeling? Do they eat when they are depressed? Run when they are upset? What things does your muse do, either intentionally or as an automatic reaction, when dealing with certain events or feelings?

Sarah Jane wears her emotions on her sleeve. She doesn’t try to hide her feelings most of the time. If she doesn’t want someone to know something, she’ll go into another room or another place and avoid them. That’s usually a drastic case though, as she tends to be rather honest about everything. If she’s upset, she’ll cry easily. Happy: smiles everywhere. Angry: beware a temper.

It’s that simple. For a change.
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You are to write a recipe, an actual recipe, for ONE of the following four things: a)a perfect mate (lover, husband, wife, etc...), b) a dream come true, c) a disaster or d) a battle of wills.

Remember, this must be in recipe form.

I’ll let you pick which of the above categories my ‘recipe’ falls in to, even if the following recipe may be misinterpreted by some. As long as I know which I believe it to be, I could honestly care less what most the lot of you think.

250-g jelly babies
300-g annoying jokes
100-g insults
500-g encyclopaedic knowledge
1 goofy big grin
1 rather long scarf

700-ml curiosity
200-ml naivety
150-ml distress
500-ml affection
90-ml madness
200-ml love of laughter
1.51-l sense of adventure

a pinch of protectiveness

1. Stir together curiosity, naivety, distress, affection, and laughter in a wide-brim hat using a sonic screwdriver set on setting 401. Ad a pinch of protectiveness and sense of adventure for seasoning.
2. In scarf, shake (on one foot), jelly babies along with annoying jokes and insult. Slowly add this mix to the emotional soup until a solid form congeals.
3. Add remaining ingredients (grin, knowledge, and madness) when certain that the composition can handle it. Then pour into a long, narrow baking pan and allow it to heat at the approximate temperature of the nearest star for a century or two.
4. Remove, let cool, and enjoy to the fullest.

WARNING: If following this recipe exactly, life may become irrevocably changed. Don't ever fight it.

Nutritional Content:
Servings Per Recipe: 1
Amount Per Serving:
Calories: 1200; Total Danger: 139-g; Companionship: 470-g’ Daftness: 300-g; Happiness:: 600-g; Total Memories: ∞-g [Good: ∞/2-g Bad: ∞/2-g Priceless: 299-g Rather be forgotten: .001-g]; Infuriation: 340-g
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Make your muse dance. Can they dance? What do they look like when they do? What kind of music would they most likely dance to? Who would they dance with?

Given the proper location, music, and partner, Sarah Jane would enjoy dancing. She wouldn’t be the most graceful or the most talented dancer on the floor – far from it, in fact – but she would be the one with the greatest amount of laughter in her features. Sarah would be the girl who would not care about following the proper rules of dancing: she would consistently step on the toes of her partner (half by accident, half on purpose), she would keep her eyes on her feet a lot, she would let hands wander, and more than anything, she would probably try to seize the lead away from her partner. Dancing for Sarah wouldn’t be about looking good in front of people, it would be about having fun and taking pleasure in her partner’s company.

With that in mind, the sort of music would really matter much to her. With Sarah Jane being a girl from the seventies, she probably grew up dancing to the pop of the sixties and whatever else was popular in her times. But as long as it’s a melody with some promise of fun, she probably wouldn’t complain. And if it is a familiar tune, well all the better then, right?

However, if this dance became highly formal or put Sarah in the spotlight, I think all of the above would not apply. Then, in this scenario, she would try to remain as serious and to the rules as possible. Given that, dancing in these conditions would not be Sarah’s first choice.

As for who she would dance with, that list would probably include just about anyone who asked. But (not that she would ever admit it), if she could pick anyone to dance with, it would be the Doctor.
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Pick one of the following items, and write a fic about it...

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue

It wasn’t much to look at, but still Sarah Jane kept it on the top of her night table, letting it stand out among books and clocks and clutter like the prized possession it was. It was old and broken – it hadn’t worked in years – and becoming slightly rusted. It wasn’t anything one would imagine deserved such a prestigious position in someone’s bedroom. In fact, perhaps the only thing that stood out less was the photograph behind it; blue tinted due to abysmal processing and dog eared thanks to years of being carried around in books and bags.

She had borrowed it off the Doctor years and years ago, when he hadn’t been looking and she had needed it to attempt and repair the desk in her room. She had seen a couple of sonic screwdrivers lying around the TARDIS and had figured that one missing wouldn’t matter all that much. And despite initial confusion on the Doctor’s part (and a sheepish admittance on hers), it really had not mattered much. And she had gotten to keep it in the end.

-- “You mean to tell me that all this time you’ve been walking around with a sonic screwdriver as well?”

“Oh, it wasn’t as if I meant to! I just borrowed it one day and forgot. Besides, it came in handy today, didn’t it?”

“Yes. Yes it did, Sarah. You clever girl! The Hilns would never have thought to check a twentieth century human—


“I quite mean it as a compliment. Perhaps you should keep it, then. The sonic screwdriver you borrowed may come in handy again one day.”

“I certainly think it will.”--

Sometimes Sarah wished that it would still come in handy. Perhaps she had wished for it to magically repair itself most of all the day K-9 broke down for good, leaving her unable to repair him and best friendless for the second time in her life. But whatever powered the sonic screwdriver had long since died, leaving it an empty shell full of old memories. It no longer possessed the same power it once held, but the one it contained now was perhaps (when not lamenting the loss of K-9) even better.

One look at the screwdriver, placed so carefully next the picture of smiling faces wrapped in a scarf, and she remembered.

She remembered first meeting him. She remembered the first time she saw the device in action. Her first trip in the TARDIS, her first trip to another time, her first trip to another world. She remembered times with UNIT and times without. She remembered Harry and she remembered the Brigadier and she remembered all those other faces that had entered her life because of him.

And, of course, whenever she looked at the device, she remembered the Doctor. He was her best friend. You can’t ever forget your best friend. But more than that, he was the man she gave her heart to. No one else would ever compare. That was the real reason why the tarnished and broken screwdriver would always remain where it was.
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Your favorite possession has climbed to the top of the Empire State Building and is threatening to jump. Talk your beloved item out of jumping by expressing your love and letting it know why it's so important to you.

“Oh, K-9! Oh, get back here, won’t you?”

Sarah Jane stood with her back and palms flattened to the wall of the Empire State Building, trying rather hard not to look down. Heights had never been her strong suit, and at this moment, she felt dizzier than at any other time. It probably had something less to do with being pressed back against the wall of the building, back flat and palms clutching paint, and more to do with the whole reason she had snuck out of the Observatory in the first place.


That flipping dog! For the life of her, she couldn’t remember what had possessed her to bring him with her to New York while on assignment. Maybe it was because he was a recent acquisition to Sarah’s collection of oddities – a gift she had received from the Doctor last Christmas – and one that meant more to her than anything else she owned in the universe. She hadn’t been ready to part with it yet, not even for a week.

And now…now she was chasing him throughout the Empire State Building, past the Observatory and in to the Staff Only entrance and up more stairs to the very top of the tower. An area where, Sarah Jane could note quickly enough, only those workers with absolutely no paranoia of falling away from the antennae tower and to the concrete below should go. It was clearly an area she should never be, and she felt sick as the wind ruffled her hair.

“You daft metal dog! Don’t tell me you’re malfunctioning already!” It would be like the Doctor to give her something that would start having problems within months. Sarah squeezed her eyes shut, willing for the wind to stop so she could inch around the corner a few more steps to where K-9 sat too close to the railing. “Oh, K-9!”

“Yes, Mistress?”

At last! It had taken him long enough, but with the response came the release of a breath she didn’t realise she was holding. Slowly, Sarah Jane opened her eyes and carefully glanced over to her pet, careful not to let her view dip too far below the horizon. She smiled weakly at him, and tried nodding to the open door.

“K-9,” she began, trying to be stern but unable to keep the quiver of fear from her voice, “we ought to go back inside. We don’t belong here.”

They seemed like silly words, coming from her, but at the moment Sarah Jane would honestly and wholeheartedly comply with rules if it meant getting off this narrow balcony.

“Negative, Mistress. My task is not yet complete.”

Sarah sighed, rather audibly. Oh, that dog! It would figure that any former pet of the Doctor’s would be just as stubborn as he was! As patiently as she was capable of, Sarah asked, “And what task is that?”

“To jump,” came the quick and assertive robotic reply. “I need to see if my primary repulsion jets are still in functioning order. This building appears to be a superior location for the test. It fits all qualifications, including your concern of human passer-byers, Mistress.”

“My concern of…K-9! You can’t be serious, can you? Um, ah… oh, I really don’t think the top of the Empire State Building is where we should be having this conversation right now.”

“Negative, Mistress.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Sarah Jane replied, reaching out with one hesitant hand towards the robot dog. “That should be ‘affirmative, Mistress,’ not negative. Get back here, K-9. I’m not losing you over some daft test!”

“Your concern has been noted,” K-9 replied, ears twitching as he spoke. He moved closer to the edge and Sarah Jane gasped. “However, it is unnecessary.”

“No it isn’t!”

She winced, sighing. Sarah had never liked begging, but it seemed as if right now, her stubborn dog was giving her no choice. She was determined never to let anything happen to him. He was her last connection to the Doctor. And more than that, he had become her friend and companion. One who had become as dear to her as his previous owner. If K-9 jumped and if his jets really weren’t working, Sarah Jane would never forgive herself. He was her responsibility. He was her friend.

“K-9, we’ll do flying lessons at home. Right now, I just don’t want anything to happen to you. You’re my best friend, the only one I have left. Please, K-9? Please?” Sarah’s eyes glistened with budding tears. “This is positively barmy to do this here. Adequate or not, can’t we start with something smaller? I love you.”

The dog turned its head, and Sarah could almost imagine him cocking it rather like a real dog. Its red eyes (if you could call them that) glowed, and she knew he was considering her request. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, K-9 rolled forward away from the edge of the top of the world, towards Sarah Jane and safety.

“Affirmative, Mistress.”
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We spend a third of our lives in bed, so talk about your muse and how they sleep. Describe their bed, bedroom, what they wear to bed, positions...how do they sleep?

It’s sort of funny the way Sarah Jane has been collecting bedrooms in the various games I play her in, Milliways especially. And I tend to consider each room distinct, each with a different feel that still says that Sarah is the room’s inhabitant. In canon, I suppose there would be three rooms of importance: that of her flat in the old school episodes -- that of her room in the TARDIS, and then her room in the future in her house. But because I rarely play an older Sarah Jane, I prefer to stick to describing the two previous ones, as I believe them to be.

Her room in her flat in South Croydon I’ve mentioned a couple of times in various prompts and RPs I’ve done. Typically, I tend to imagine it as possessing light blue walls and a dark red rug. In fact, I’ll copy and paste what I wrote in one RP: “The bed has a wine-coloured quilt and like in the living room, shelves are lined with books and papers and notes. A small and worn teddy bear lies on top of the pillows. Her desk sits in a corner with her typewriter on top. It's a well lived in room, with photographs and miscellaneous other memories scattered around.” It’s comfortable is what I was going for the most.

As for the TARDIS, I always pictured this one as a little more classic looking. A four poster bed with red curtains that Sarah Jane loves, a huge wardrobe where she finds random items, a desk (of course), and a couple of shelves for books and items she collects on her journeys with the Doctor. I don’t imagine it nearly as well lived as her flat in Croydon, but I do imagine it to be somewhat cluttered with random items she’s brought on to the TARDIS.

So those are important bedrooms, although in other games (coughMilliwayscough, where she has a bedroom in a flat in Milliways, and has moved in to James’ bedroom in his London flat) there are more. But bedrooms are only a part of the question. I think the next logical part would be to discuss what she wears to bed. For the most part, I tend to picture a nightgown of some sort, simple, practical, and comfortable. Probably most times, the nightgown might be a little too big, but she’d rather that than something tight. Tying back to Milliways, where she shares a bed with James, I tend to imagine that most nights she’s gotten to sleeping in the nude due to certain habits the couple have. But if she were alone, nightgown most definitely.

Finally, it’s how Sarah Jane sleeps. I think she’s a sound sleeper who tends not to toss and turn very much and always wake up and bounce out of bed when the alarm goes off. Sleep for her is a time to unwind and relax. Maybe sometimes she’ll read part of a novel going back to bed. In Milliways, it tends to be making love before sleeping. But for the most part, I think when she crawls into a bed, it’s with the intent of sleeping and so she does. I see her as the sort of person who, most times, will spread across the bed and hog the pillows and sheets. But when she’s upset over something, she’d curl up on her side in a foetal position, hugging her legs to her chest. It’s also something she’d do when having a nightmare. Also, it should be mentioned that when sharing a bed with a lover, she tends to snuggle and use his chest as a pillow.

Again, it all comes down to doing what’s most comfortable. Sleep is practical and not anything that would involve being on display as in daylight hours. I think aside from comfort levels, bedrooms and sleeping positions and the like come down to safety. It’s the one time she’ll let herself be shown as vulnerable (because practically everyone is vulnerable when they sleep) and I think it shows most of all when she sleeps with someone else and wants to be held.
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Who or what makes you laugh?

I don’t like clichés. I’ll tell you that now and I’ll keep by that until the day I day. But if I had to pick just one cliché, one motto to live by, I think that maybe - maybe - it would be that one that says laughter is the best medicine. Because it’s true, isn’t it? Seeing the irony in life, in the situation, the underlying note of humour that just makes you smile and twitch until it’s full blown laughter - that’s what makes you feel good. It’s what makes you feel alive.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t go about making fools of ourselves on a day to day situation. But poking fun in the situation, taking the mickey out of someone for something absolutely daft? That’s how life should be lived. It’s how it should be enjoyed. I know first hand just how short life can be, just how precious every moment is, and how much it has to be enjoyed. And there really is no other way to show your appreciation but to laugh alongside your best friend.

So I wouldn’t say any one person or thing makes me laugh. It’s everything. It’s life. Life that’s just so simply wonderful that you can’t help but smile at its intricacies. Although on that note, I do have to say this:

Doctor? More than anything or anyone else, you make me laugh the most.

Thank you.
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How does you muse express and deal with anger?

By nature, I don't think Sarah Jane is a very angry person. She's more often than not depicted as cheerful, cheeky, and optimistic and being angry would just go against that. If anything, I would say she tends to be grumpy -- if something annoys her, she'll frown and glare, but eventually shrug it off.

But if something really riles her up, she won't hold back. She's blunt and to the point, and while she fashions herself to be polite, I don't believe she feels the need to necessarily hide her temper. Sarah will yell, and probably hit -- and I can definitely (and have written) cases of a wee Sarah Jane fully embracing her tomboy nature and getting into schoolyard scraps. I'd imagine that she's much more refine now as an adult, but I also think if someone really got her angry, that part of her personality would come rushing back.

Aside from that, she really deals with words. Sarah's a journalist and words are certainly her weapon of choice. "The pen is mightier than the sword" and all that -- totally a motto Sarah Jane would live by. She's better at written expression, but just as good with verbal communication when the need arises. Despite her temper, she has enough control to get out the words she feel will make the most impact. She'll use them to belittle and to hurt and most of all to prove herself as correct. But it doesn't always work in all situations, and I think those would be the cases where a verbal lashing would lead to physical violence as well.

So: anger Sarah Jane and you'll get a verbal scolding at first. Really anger Sarah Jane and don't be surprised if you wind up with a black eye.
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After being gone for several hours, you come home and find something in your home that wasn't there when you left. What is it, where is it and what are you going to do about it?

There was a pitchfork in her room.

Sarah Jane didn’t know why there was a pitchfork in her room, a rather new looking one with still shining metal spears and polished oak wood, but there was a pitchfork in her room nonetheless. She had only been gone for a few hours, a trip to the library and then to that lovely pool for a soak with a good book. Then the plan was for a quick nap before they landed in London.

But there was a pitchfork in her room. It was a pitchfork that was leaning against her bed looking so inanely out of place against the four post bed. It was a pitchfork, Sarah Jane considered, that would look out of place anywhere except a barn.

After staring at the pitchfork a second more, Sarah sticks a head of still damp hair out into the hallway to see the Doctor walking her way. She blinked again, rubbing at one eye as if to make sure she was seeing everything correctly. Sure enough, there he was with his curly brown hair covered by a straw hat, dressed in a red and brown plaid shirt and wearing overalls. He was carrying a pitchfork similar to the one in her room.


“Get a move on, Sarah Jane. We have work to be doing.”

Slowly, Sarah looked back in to her room, eying the pitchfork with disdain and then the Doctor with confusion. It was as if all of the sudden, her life had left Oz and wound up in Kansas instead.

“Ah, Doctor?”

“Yes, Sarah?”

“You’re carrying a pitchfork almost identical to the one in my room.” It’s amazing just how rational she was able to make the sentence sound just now. “Is there a reason for all this?”

Maybe coming back to find a random pitchfork in her room was worth it just to see the awkward expression that filled his face as he thought of a response. Her eyebrows arched upward as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back against the doorframe, waiting for a response.

“Well, you see. The TARDIS may have inadvertently landed in the middle of a rather large pile of hay in a barn loft somewhere. From what I was able to see, it appears that we’re somewhere in America, turn of the twentieth century, I’d say. And well.” The Doctor shrugged. “I may need some help digging her out.”

Ah. So that’s what the pitchfork was for. Sarah didn’t bother stifling her laugh and only smiled brightly before stepping out of the doorframe and in to her room. Shorts and a blouse probably wouldn’t do. “Let me just change in to something a little more suitable and I’ll be right there.”

He smiled jollily and she smiled back before closing the door behind her. Well, there was a pitchfork in her room that needed to be put to use. The nap would just have to wait.
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It was pretty and sunny with hardly a cloud in the sky. There was a small breeze blowing around the bench Sarah Jane waited on, ruffling her hair and the light blue skirt. It really was beautiful out today, the perfect weather in her opinion for a first date.

Leaning back in the bench, legs crossed and eyes closed, Sarah smiled contently into the sun as she waited for the Doctor to show up. He'd be here eventually, and until then, there was nothing better to do than enjoy the weather.
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Does your muse engage in and/or enjoy sex? Discuss your muse's sexual behavior and conduct.

Yes and yes. Even though Doctor Who is family friendly television, Sarah’s a feminist living during the start of the sexual revolution and second wave feminism I can wholly see her supporting the ideas go with that as part of advocating Women’s Lib. Like everything else, in her eyes women should be given the same expectations and allowances as men when it comes to sex. They should be capable of engaging in pre-marital sex, have as many partners as they wish, etc. without being looked upon any differently as a man would look upon himself.

I sort of can't believe I wrote this much. )
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"I have to admit that I was completely wrong that time I..."

Oh all right, I’ll admit it. I was completely wrong that time I accused the Doctor of being in league with Linx. But I didn’t know him at the time, you see, and you have to agree that being suddenly transported back to the Middle Ages is rather likely to put one at edge. Especially when the only time travelling you had encountered previously had been in a HG Well’s novel. And he seemed like a very probably suspect given the TARDIS and her time travelling capabilities! After all, how else would the missing scientists, wind up in Irongron’s castle, eh?

I swear that it made sense at the time.

Maybe I was too busy chasing the lead for my story, which was the whole reason I had become involved in this in the first place. I refuse to say that in any way it was related to being overwhelmed on my first trip in the TARDIS. Once I figured out that I wasn’t in some sort of medieval castle restoration places, I believe that I caught on to things rather quickly. It wasn’t that hard to do, you know.

So I didn’t realise that the Doctor was there investigating the disappearances of the missing scientists as well. But seeing as it took capturing him and bringing him back to Sir Edward’s castle to finally get a straight answer from him, I would say that I’m not entirely to blame. He could have given me a straight answer the very first moment we met instead of being so preoccupied with those delta waves of his.

Still, it all worked out in the end. And I’ll always be grateful that it did.


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