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You're EXPECTING! TEN names you would name your child.

I most certainly hope not! Aside from the fact I haven't properly dated a man in... well, in a far longer amount of time than I care to admit, can you honestly picture me as a parent? I wouldn't know the first thing about raising a child. I couldn't even get along with the lot when I was their age!

But, I suppose, if I had to pick names, there are a few that come to mind.

1. Alice
2. Elisabeth
3. Tabitha
4. Bronte
5. Rebecca

6. Trent
7. John
8. Edward
9. William
10. Luke
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105. TEN things you would leave to your loved ones (and who they are) when you die.

1. [Milliways] To my dearest James, I would leave all my possessions to do with as you please. I would hope more than anything that you would keep my wedding band and engagement ring to remember what we once had. However, I am praying that my life with you will be just as it is in the movies: long lives for the both of us, seeing Valerie grow and find a family of her own, and that happy ending we both deserve.

2. [Milliways] To Valerie, my darling daughter, I don’t care how old you are when I pass, but more than anything I want you to have the stuffed owl my father gave me. It’s one of my most treasured possessions, aside from you and your daddy, of course. I’d also want you to have my TARDIS key and remember that not everything you read in a fictional novel is, indeed, fictional.

3. [Milliways] Sam: my death was not James’ fault so don’t you dare go blaming him for it. If Valerie ever comes into bar, I’m trusting you to look after her. In fact, I’ll leave you my camera as a sign of good will. Use it well, eh?

4. [Canon] Doctor, take care of K-9, will you? He’s been an amazing friend all these years. Thank you for leaving him to me. Also, make sure Mr Smith doesn’t cause any havoc please.

5. [Canon] My aunt passed on to me her home and I want to pass it on to you, Luke. I never thought I would have a son, let alone one as brilliant as you have been. I know you will take care of all those daft alien gadgets I have lying around. You’ll always make me proud.

6. [Canon] Maria: I want you to take the alien communicator the Starpoet gave me. I hope it’ll aid you in your own adventures some day.

7. [Canon] I guess I didn’t make it, did I Harry? Tell my aunt that I was working as a journalistic correspondent for UNIT and died well. If I can trust anyone to do that job, it’s you. The Doctor’ll probably just leave my body where it is. I never pictured him for the sentimental type. See that my belongings in my South Croydon flat are taking care of? And keep the typewriter for yourself. It’s an antique, but still works quite well. She’s always served me well, at least.

8. [Twood Hub, future] Ewan, leman, I know you’ll outlive me. I know that you will find new loves after me. But I do hope that you won’t ever forget me. There are so many things I could leave you – most of my belongings as you (and our children) are the closest I have to family here. I would, however, specifically leave to you keep that necklace you gave me after the twins were conceived.

9. [Twood Hub] Gethin Jones, if my death is any way connected to you, I’m coming back and haunting you. That aside, you see, you’ve become one of my best mates here in Torchwood. So I want you to have that strange looking burnt golden plant sitting on my desk. It’s from Delta Upsilon Nine. I tried to leave it with the Doctor, but he insisted he was better off alone. Talk to it; you’ll be surprised.

10. [Twood Hub] You took me in when I had been left behind, gave me a new career that eventually led me back to the one I adore, and introduced me to the man I love. I don’t know how to ever repay you, Jack, for everything that you’ve done. It’s been some life working for you. Thank you. In my flat, I have a thickly bound first edition copy of the Sherlock Holmes adventures. We went back to visit Arthur years after our first encounter and he presented it to me as a thank you for the inspiration. Enjoy, will you?
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93. TEN daily routines.

1. If possible, a jog. Even if the run only lasts for ten moments, I need some sort of physical activity to get the blood flowing in the morning. Preferably, I prefer my runs to last about a half hour or so. In the TARDIS, I never nearly get the time I want.

2. Shower. It is, unsurprisingly, my next activity after a jog. If I don’t have time for a jog, I still take one anyway.

3. Banana and toast for breakfast, with a good cuppa. There really is no other way to start a day. No other way.

4. If I’m in the TARDIS, no day is complete without bickering with the Doctor, or teasing, or laughing.

5. Quite unfortunately, it’s become a rather daily habit to get lost trying to find my way to the TARDIS library. I like to think I have a better sense of direction. I think the old girl just has it out to get me in the end.

6. Running for my life is also fast becoming another rather unfortunate routine.

7. If possible, I also like to get in a half hour of reading time before sleeping.

8. When not travelling with the Doctor, work is unsurprisingly a part of my routine. I adore my job, working at the Metropolitain, and having my own column. Not to mention the investigations I stumble upon as I try to make it in investigative journalism.

9. Writing. I know it is my job, but I enjoy doing it regardless.

10. Travelling. That is quite possibly my favourite above all: not knowing where the TARDIS will bring us each morning.
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082. TEN things that make your day better!

1. A good run in the morning, followed by a breakfast of toast and banana while reading through the Times and the Telegraph.

2. A cuppa, no matter what the time of day.

3. Aiding the Doctor in saving the world. There’s quite a reward in that, however unacknowledged this sort of work goes.

4. Not being tortured, not dying, or not being put in danger in any sort of way.

5. Reading a good book, or even a not so good book.

6. Finding my name in a byline.

7. Taking the mickey out of the Doctor. Or Harry, for that matter.

8. Compliments, especially of the appearance sort. Quite vain I know, but men don’t notice me that much. I’m not what you’d call beautiful. But if someone were to say something, I’d certainly smile. And probably appreciate it so very much.

9. Travelling to some place new.

10. Simply being alive to see another day.
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075. TEN things you should talk to a therapist about.

1. “My parents died when I was five. It was an automobile accident, and no, I wasn’t there. I don’t really have many memories of them, but I do have nightmares. They’re absolutely dreadful nightmares. And they’ve haunted me for most of my life.”

2. “Even though my aunt made a wonderful guardian, I often felt abandoned when she would go off to scientific conferences halfway around the world and leave me behind. Perhaps I do have abandonment issues – and oh no, that is very much not an admittance, thank you all the same – but I guess the point is that I had a lonely childhood. I never fit in with the other children very well either.”

3. “She was my best mate from the moment she moved to Ealing. She was unlike any other student at the school: stubborn, adventurous, rather outspoken – in a sum, rather a lot like me. It only made sense that we grew so close. Oh, we got in to so many wonderful scrapes together. Until the day she died. I couldn’t save her in time. All the therapy in the world, then and now, won’t ever change that.”

4. “I think that was my first taste at betrayal. I really did love him and I never once imagined that he only wanted me as a sort of trophy wife: pretty but not beautiful enough to have affairs with other men, intelligent, quick-witted. He wanted me to marry him and be his wife and oh, how I did want to marry him and be his wife. But not at the expense of my own career – never at that expense.”

5. “I’ve nearly died more than once. I’ve been beaten and tortured, mentally and physically. I’ve watched others sacrifice themselves for me. I’ve seen what war brings. Honestly, I sometimes wonder how I’m still sane.”

6. “He said he’d come back. He had always kept his promise before.”

7. “I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of death, no. And I don’t believe that I am suicidal either. I don’t like putting others in a position of danger – oh, I could never live with myself if something were to happen as a result of that. But to rush in to something foolishly? I’ve done that so many times, I’ve lost count. Perhaps I don’t value my own life as much as I follow those of others.”

8. “I’m not cut out to be a mum. I don’t know the first thing about it – and I’m far too old to start down this path, no matter what you say. It frightens me so much: that one day I’ll do something wrong and lose him forever. I have grown attached. For better or for worse, he’s my son now. I just don’t know what to do sometimes. How does anyone handle this sort of fear?”

9. “He’s a spy for the British Secret Intelligence Service. A double oh, to be honest. And I know all about it, so there’s absolutely no reason to bull shit around me. It’s the reason M recommended you to me. He’s gone right now - on a mission. And I never know how to handle sitting about waiting, let alone what lies to tell our daughter.”*

10. “I’m sorry. Coming here was a waste of time. There’s absolutely nothing I wish to discuss, after all.”

*from Milliways Bar ‘verse
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068. TEN cliches concerning your life.

1. I have a possible attraction to much older men.

2. For whatever reason, the whole cliché regarding inquisitive reporters getting in over their heads does not seem to want to go away.

3. I may be in love with my best friend.

4. Last minute rescues are highly overrated after a time.

5. My parents died when I was five, leaving me to be raised by a spinster aunt.

6. A dog is a woman’s best friend.

7. I also have a tendency to be attracted to dangerous men who, really, probably aren’t so good for me. But if we’re going to be honest, which would you pick? Dull and nice or adventurous and problematic? I really don’t find why it ought to be a cliché at all. Really: dull?

8. Since I am a woman, I apparently must become a mother. Although, I suppose I don’t mind so much. Life without Luke (or Valerie, if we’re talking about Milliways) would be dreadful.

9. I don’t find anything wrong with this one, but my mun insists: outspoken feminist.

10. Travelling broadens the mind.
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Ten times you should have said "I'm sorry" but didn't.

1. When I was ten and told my aunt that I hated her. We made up after the row, less than a day later, but I never did quite apologise. Sometimes I wonder if I should, just to be that darling angel of a girl she always wanted but never got.

2. When I called off the engagement to Andrew. I think I hurt him as much as he had hurt me.

3. Everytime I put myself in danger and leave the Doctor to blame himself. I never intend for these sorts of things to happen. But they do.

4. [Milliways] When James said that he loved me I should have answered with “I’m sorry, but I don’t love you.”

5. It was Andrea’s idea to play on the dock that day. I never stood up with my apprehensions (however selfish they were). I’m so, so sorry that I didn’t speak up, Andrea. I’m so sorry.

6. I should have apologized to Tommy Darling when I punched him after a row over who was the better hockey player. I was seven. I didn’t.

7. [Milliways] To James: I should have apologized for everything the last time we talked. I never did. I was being bloody selfish instead.

8. I never did tell the Doctor that I was sorry for sneaking in to his TARDIS. It would have been the polite thing to do. Truth is, I never was sorry about doing so in the end.

9. Nor did I ever apologise for thinking he was the enemy. In my defense, it all happened so fast. It was rather hard to keep up after a while.

10. I think I’m sorry that I ever even wrote this.
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048. TEN things that you're thankful for:

None of the following are things. Oh, I enjoy possessions and the like as every person does. But if you want the sorts of things I’m really thankful for, they’ll all be of the living variety. Life just isn’t life without the people that influence you along the way. I owe so much to the following and I’ll always be very thankful for having them in my life.

1. Lavinia Smith: My aunt and, in a lot of ways, my mentor. She took me in after my parents died. She taught me that I could do just about anything with my life. Without her, I wouldn’t have had a family growing up. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today, either.

2. The Doctor: He showed me the universe and its entire splendor. He changed my life in a way I never thought possible. And even if we did part and he never did return until decades later, he’ll always be my best friend. Always.

3. Harry Sullivan: After the Doctor and I said goodbye, he became someone I could confide in. Although he always will be a bit old fashioned, he wasn’t nearly as stuffy as the rest of that UNIT lot. We could reminisce together and enjoy life for what it really is. He became a better friend than I ever thought possible.

4. K-9: K-9 was one of the first gifts I had ever received from the Doctor. I had no idea it would be a litany of gifts, but my dog remains the most treasured (yes, even above you, Mr Smith). He’s the most loyal companion anyone could ask for. It had been the two of us for so long until he broke down. I don’t know how I would have made it through those years without him.

5. Luke Smith: I never wanted a family of my own. Oh, well, maybe I did when I was young and engaged to Andrew, but those days passed quickly. I became used to being alone, a hermit if you may. But Luke changed all of that. I couldn’t just give him up after rescuing him from the Bane, after all. And, to be quite honest, I’ve discovered that I rather enjoy having a son. He keeps me on my toes, teaching me new things every day whether he realizes it or not.

6. Maria Jackson: She reminds me a lot of myself at her age: curiosity, a thirst for adventure. To say that I don’t adore spending time with this girl would be a lie. She’s rather become the daughter I never had. She’s a loyal friend to Luke and Clyde and she’s so very determined to make her own sort of impact in the world. I admire her. And I’m very much thankful that she snuck into my yard those months ago.

7. Clyde Langer: I suppose we don’t always get along at the best of times, but he’s been there for both Luke and Maria. He’s turned out to be quite accepting of this daft life we live, even enjoying it. I don’t doubt for a moment that Clyde would ever abandon any of us. He’s… well, he’s a breath of fresh air. And we all need that time to time.

8. [Milliways] James Bond: He showed me that love and marriage isn’t something I ought to avoid in my life. He gave me Valerie. He’s taught me that some heroes are just men trying to do the right thing, that adapting is terrifying but worth while at the same time, and that the most joyous part of life is having someone to share it with. I love him. I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

9. [Milliways] Valerie Bond: She’s my daughter. How anyone could not be grateful for receiving such a gift, I don’t think I could ever understand. I highly doubt that life with her and James will be easy, but I’m thankful for that. I don’t want a dull, domestic life. I have a family with Valerie and James, and that’s all I really want in the end.

10. [Mixed Muses] Simon Skinner: I never expected to meet him. I certainly never expected to fall in love with him, especially at my age. But there’s something in him – perhaps it’s his guilt and his hope – that captured me. Every moment I spend with him makes me happy. The fact that he’s been so wonderful with Luke only adds to it. I can’t think of many men who would try so hard to please someone’s son. It’s lovely, really.
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046. Things you wish you hadn't said/done.

I’ve never been fond of regretting the past. There’s too much to live for in the present and even more to look forward towards in the future. I wasted too many years after the Doctor left me wanting nothing more than to go back to that time and not moving on with my life as I should have. But I suppose we all have our own sources of remorse. I don’t want to think that I’m too proud to share mine:

1. If I had known what was going to happen, I would never have allowed Andrea to talk me into playing on that pier in Westport. I was thirteen and far too interested in holding my own than being smart. There was no way I ever could have possibly gotten to her fast enough to save her. We never should have gone.

2. It brought Josh into my life, but I do wish that I had never once mentioned anything of the future or time travelling to Duke Guiliano. I had no way of knowing he would write a book of ‘prophesies,’ placing me as the herald of said events. Perhaps the White Chapter wasn’t so bad, but I certainly could have done without everything the Crimson Chapter was responsible for. Especially Will Sullivan’s death.

3. Sometimes I still wonder what my life would have been like if I had never let the Doctor leave me behind. I could have stayed with him for so much longer. Those few years just don’t seem like enough at times.

4. I wish at times that I had never rowed with my parents as a child. It’s a rather silly wish, but my time with them was so short that in the end, every moment counted.

5. Whenever I put Luke, Maria, or Clyde’s lives at risk, I wonder if it really was the proper thing to do. They’re a stubborn lot and it is quite difficult to tell them not to do certain things. But if one of them was ever seriously harmed or, god forbid, died, I doubt that I could ever forgive myself.

6. I was almost married once, back in university, to a man by the name of Andrew Lofts. I thought that life would be wonderful, but it turned out he wasn’t the man I thought he was. Sometimes I wish I could have prevented myself from ever accepting that engagement.

7. There was an article I wrote once when I was starting out – a small investigative piece on an up and coming politician that ruined his career. I don’t think I’ve ever fully regretted it, but the look his wife and children gave me still haunts at times. Maybe I wouldn’t write the article, given the chance again, or maybe I would. Either way, it was at that point in which I really saw how my words came with consequences.

8. That Slitheen boy. I let him die. What sort of person does that?

9. For that matter, I wish I hadn’t ever killed - ever. I’ve seen too much death already; I didn’t need to be a part of it.

10. I wish I had never written this list. It really doesn’t do to dwell in the past. There isn’t anything you can do to alter it, and even if you did, the repercussions could be disastrous. I have so much still to look forward to. In the end, I believe this list was a rather pointless task that only serves to hasten one’s regrets.
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044. TEN people you'd like to slap upside the head

1. The Doctor, for whenever he is being an insufferable git.

2. Harry Sullivan, for calling me ‘old girl’ and ‘old thing’ a good half the time. I do have a name I very much prefer!

3. The Brigadier. He enjoys censoring my articles far too much.

4. The Doctor, again. For being so utterly dense sometimes that it’s absolutely impossible to see him as anything but alien.

5. Devros – I don’t understand how someone could possess enough hate to create a monstrosity like the Daleks. I don’t think I ever will.

6. Hilda Winters, for being an utterly repulsive representative of Women’s Lib. That woman was nothing but power mad in the end.

7. Lord Byron, as he is quite possibly the most insufferable, arrogant, chauvinistic idiot of a man that I have ever met. Even if it was only his clone. He considered me childish and naïve and very much a sort of second class citizen for being a woman. Oh, how I enjoyed in proving him otherwise.

8. Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond. A man who made such a wonderful childhood hero should not treat women as objects. There’s so much more to Bond than what Connery portrayed in his films.

9. Chancellor Orton, as he kept Queen Thalira from reaching her full potential as rule or Peladon. As I told her, there isn’t anything ‘only’about being a girl. She was much better off without his influence.

10. Andrew Lofts. In rare cases, I don’t forgive as easily as I ought.
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042. TEN people you would die for and why.

1. The Doctor: He’d die for others without missing a beat of his heart. However selfish a Timelord he may claim to be, in the end, he fights for life. And if someone were to threaten someone, even someone the Doctor doesn’t even know, he’d do something. It wouldn’t feel right to call him my best friend if I didn’t do the same. A world without the Doctor is much more terrifying in the end than a world without me in it. Besides, I love him.

2. [Milliways] James Bond: He’s my (other) best friend, my lover, my family, my husband, my life. Like the Doctor, James is more than willing to risk his life for others. And I love him so, so much for that and for everything he is. I’ve left my world for him already. I’m sure that it’s rather clear by now (at least, I do hope it is) that I would do anything for him. I wouldn’t want to live my life without him anymore.

3. [Milliways] Valerie Smith-Bond: How can a mother not be willing to die on her daughter’s behalf? She might not be born yet, but I love her dearly. She’s ours, someone James and I created that no one can ever really take away from us. I never quite understood that blind devotion until now.

4. Harry Sullivan: I’ve seen others mention that travelling with the Doctor tends to form a bond between companions. I suppose they’re right in that way. Harry’s one of the few people I know I can talk to about all of this without being thought of as daft; he’s a wonderful friend to have. He’s saved my life more than one. I’d like to think that I have – and will continue – to do the same for him.

5. Lavinia Smith: My aunt who I will always love dearly. She acted as my mother and my father after my parents passed. I wouldn’t be where I was today if not for her. If you can’t die for family, who else is there?

6. Luke Smith: I see so much potential in him to do right by the world some day. He already has, in fact, even if no one can ever know. I never planned on having a family of my own, but I will never ever regret the day I decided to adopt Luke. He and his friends have filled a hole in my life I never realized was missing. I love him, so much, even if I tend to be reluctant to say it. No person can ever ask for a better son.

7. Maria Jackson: She reminds me so much of myself when I was her age: inquisitive, adventurous, intelligent, and brave. I do enjoy her company, but if something were to happen to her – her or Luke or Clyde – I wouldn’t ever be able to forgive myself. She deserves to live a full, glorious life. I’ve already lived mine.

8. Clyde Langer: We may not always get along at the best of times, but I admire the boy’s spirit. Like Maria and Luke, it’s my fault that he’s been dragged into this world of mine. As long as he continues to join us on our ‘adventures’ I will do anything to make sure that, at the end of the day, he gets home alive.

9. Alan Jackson: Maria needs her father more than she needs me. Not to be rude, but her mother doesn’t seem like much of one (although I suppose I am not one to talk) and a girl needs a stable parent at this point in time. Especially if he were in danger because of the sort of life I live, I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

10. Earth’s people: Although I suppose by this I do mean any large population of people, be it human or otherwise. I suppose I fancy myself as a bit of a protector of Earth, seeing as I’m stuck here now, even if we have UNIT and Torchwood and, of course, the Doctor. They can’t be everywhere at once, and I’ve so far rather enjoyed filling in the gaps. Being willing to die for those you don’t know, I believe, is very much part of this deal.
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036. TEN places you've had sex and why.

I don’t know why I’m answering this. It’s rather embarrassing, you know. And I can’t find James approving of seeing this posted in my journal. But, well, it is the question of the week. And he really is the only man I’ve ever been in a relationship with that has involved having sex in rather, well, interesting places. So unless you want the stereotypical list of bedrooms, this will be my answer for the week. Well, here goes:

1. My bedroom in Milliways, of course. The one in Flat 007. That’s where we had sex for the first time, made love for the first time, where I wound up becoming pregnant. The bed seems rather empty whenever he isn’t there. We have also made total use of the rest of the flat. Waiting for something as menial as a bed really isn’t our idea of a pleasant time.

2. In the Milliways lake grounds, dead of winter, in the snow. I really have no reason to explain this one aside from the fact that we were out there talking. And then we started kissing and well, he is James Bond after all. I’ve never been very good at control in the first place either. We wound up with matching colds because of this. I honestly don’t ever recommend it.

3. His Aston Martin. We were out on our first proper date and wound up parking on a hill in South Croydon. His South Croydon, I should mention, not mine. I suppose I can say that once again our randiness got the better of us. And I never had made love in a car before. It was rather exciting.

4. James’ London flat – the living room. I ought to stop calling it his flat, now that we’re married but it’ll always be his to me. We’re still searching for our own place in London, one proper for raising a child. Anyway, that carpet in there is more comfortable than you’d believe. So is that kitchen table and of course, the bed.

5. My room in the TARDIS. He hadn’t seen it yet and I really wanted to show him the closest thing I had in Milliways to a proper home. I know the one the Doctor has there has undergone some redecoration in all those regenerations that have passed since his fourth, but it’s still home. And that room is still certainly mine. I don’t think I can ever bring him home to my flat in South Croydon. It had to do.

6. The beach home in Jamaica. Like every other home we’ve ever had to ourselves, it wasn’t just the bed. Make up sex on the wooden floor by the bed, however, was quite possibly more terrific than any other sex during that trip. Even if James’ arm wasn’t entirely healed at that point.

7. The beach in Jamaica. I know sand is coarse and gets everywhere, but there is only so long James and I can go for a walk on the beach without well, wanting other things. Especially if it’s night time and no one else is about. We hadn’t seen each other for a month and even with that row, we had a lot of time to make up for.

8. Airplane back to Heathrow. I’ve never been overly fond of flights and between that and morning sickness lasting far past the morning, I was in quite a state. James thought that he would cheer me up by making us members of that clichéd mile high club. I really did try my best to be quiet, but after we left the bathroom, we got some odd looks.

9. You know? This one, I’m not even going to tell you. It’s simply too embarrassing to even admit to it.

10. Canterbury Inn, London, our wedding night. After everyone left the flat from the reception, neither of us really did feel like cleaning up. James surprised me with weekend reservations at the hotel. With room service as an option, I don’t think we left their once. Well, except for Sunday morning when I went back to Milliways to confront the Doctor, but I’d rather not talk about that. Really? All I do want to say regarding this? Making love with your husband is more wonderful than anything else imaginable.

[ooc: based on Milliways continuity.]

Muse: Sarah Jane Smith
Fandom: Doctor Who
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TEN Scars

1. Maybe most noticeable is the scar on my stomach. I had my appendix removed when I was seven. Aunt Lavinia got me a new journal for the occasion so I’d be entertained in the hospital room.

2. Internally, I would say the scar I’ll always have is the heart ache that never fully healed from my parents’ deaths. It’ll always haunt me, even though I don’t let it dictate my life. It’s a scar that can be covered up, but at the end of the day, it’s still painfully there.

3. I have a small scar on my right knee from a bicycling accident as a child.

4. Similarly, there’s one on my elbow from getting into a row with a member of an opposing hockey team…oh, I can’t remember specifics for the life of me… when I was in secondary school.

5. I sometimes wonder if Styre’s tortures left any scars. They’d be more of the sort you can’t see. But I do believe they’re there. If only because Devros’ form of torture didn’t leave any lasting physical scars. I’m starting to grow tired of those sort most of all.

6. On my left thigh – I fell into a nest of grass snakes at age eleven. I had wandered away from my aunt to explore the nearby woods. There was a ravine that I didn’t see. I’ve had a slight phobia of snakes ever since.

7. On my right hand knuckles are scratches that never properly healed from falling on concrete at age ten. Timothy pushed me after I called him a sexist pig, not fully understanding the words at the time. He deserved it.

8. [Milliways] If I look closely, I can still see a little bit of the rope burn on my wrists from when Le Chiffre tried to… oh, I’d really rather not say. But it’s there. Faint, but there.

9. [Milliways] There are small marks on my left ring and middle that’s the result of a rather embarrassing incident that I do very much believe I treasure, despite the fact. They’re the results of mild frostbite and a reminder that, no matter how randy James and I might be, we ought never to make love in the snow again.

10. A scar on my leg from a rather nasty fall. I wasn’t watching where I was going, not with the Daleks chasing after me. Thankfully, it was only a cut and not anything that would have kept me from sprinting further.
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1. [Canon] "My name is Sarah Jane Lofts and my husband is a successful television journalist. Perhaps you've heard of him?"

2. [Canon] "Doctor, I'm not going anywhere anymore. I've had it up to here with police box travelling. This time, I'm taking the train home. Harry and the Brigadier really do have the right idea."

3. [Milliways] "We almost had a child, James. I... I never thought that I would be so sorry to miscarry."

4. [Theatrical Muse] "In fact, Kane, I believe that I will take you up on that offer."

5. [Canon] "I think I rather like it here now that that bug-thing is gone. These people on Nerva need someone to show them how proper Brits run things. I wouldn't mind helping."

6. [Milliways] "Well, Jack, I'm certain James wouldn't mind. We'll come, certainly. Just give me a when and where and I'll be certain that he's there."

7. [Ten Spot] "I don't think that I can take much more of this conversation, Doctor. If you don't propose right now - oh, I swear that I'll walk out of this TARDIS and never return."

8. [Canon] "Mum! Andrew actually kissed me last night!"

9. [Relative Space] "I think, Doctor, that that tattoo suits you rather well. It certainly stands out among all those ruffles. Are there any other surprises I should-- oooh!"

10. [Canon] "I think that, despite any spot of common sense, I've fallen madly in love with you."
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020. TEN lives you've never lived/could have lived

1. [Canon] White picket fences and a kitchen filled with the latest gadgetry. It wasn’t the first time Sarah Jane felt that she was living in an American suburb advertisement and she doubted it would be the last. Longingly, she stared out the window as she waited for the bus to drop off Alice and Trent. Andrew would be home from work soon, she really should start dinner. It was moments like this, when the dreariness of life as a housewife took over that Sarah regretted her decision. Twenty was far too young an age to marry. She never should have said yes.

2. [Canon] She couldn’t understand it. He looked so different now. He acted so different now. Sarah had seen him die with her own eyes. This man in front of her couldn’t have been the Doctor she had first met. It didn’t make any rational sense, even in a world that didn’t make any rational sense anymore. But there was no use dwelling on it more than necessary. She had made up her mind. Now that the crisis with the robot was over, there was no need in hanging about anymore. Sarah Jane had a career to get back to. She had explained as much minutes earlier when she came to UNIT HQ to say her goodbyes to the Doctor. Without a look back, she continued forward.

3. [Canon] When she said her last words, Sarah Jane was over a hundred and much older than she had ever expected to live. Somewhere out there in her universe, her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren roamed the stars. Wanderlust, it seemed, had been genetic and Sarah was content with letting them live the lives they wanted. After all, that was exactly what she did and oh, what a time it had been. Stowing away in the TARDIS that day the Doctor had tried to drop her off on Earth after receiving a call from the Timelords had been her most brilliant idea. Until now, neither had ever been lonely. And as she faded from this world, Sarah made her Doctor promise that he wouldn’t stay lonely for long.

4. [Milliways] It hadn’t been a false alarm. Her recklessness had finally caught up with her. There wouldn’t be any more trips with the Doctor, no eventual adventures with James. Sarah Jane’s future had been decided for her in one single mistake. But as James rubbed at her swollen belly, saying daft words to child inside of her, she didn’t consider it so much of a mistake anymore. Valerie was due to be born any day now; it was an event both looked forward to with trepidation and delight. Neither of them ever had a proper family growing up, but together, Sarah knew as she gave her husband a fond smile, they had found what they were missing.

5. [Milliways] Sarah Jane hadn’t quite sold her soul to the devil as given him her heart, freely and happily. At some point, sex with Sam had turned into something much more. He was still her friend, certainly, but she had started to see him in a different way. She had always known that Sam was rather gorgeous (and it didn’t really surprise her much given his background), but there was something more about him now. Something she hadn’t recalled feeling in a long time. As she laid in his arms that night, oblivious to the rest of the universe around them, she figured out what it was. Somewhere, somehow, Sarah had fallen in love. She was doomed.

6. [Theatrical Muse] She had been too late. That one fact would haunt her forever. With tear-filled eyes, Sarah watched the funeral pyre burn in the icy night. The sky was clear, much clearer than the night they had landed here days ago. But it was as cold and desolate as she remembered. Kane stood by her, an arm wrapped loosely around her shoulder. No matter how much she despised the pilot, she needed the comfort right now. Her best friend was gone. And she never even found out how much he had understood when she had whispered “I love you” the night before.

7. [Milliways] Except for that one-time pregnancy scare, she hadn’t ever planned on being a mother. But when Allana came into the bar two days ago, everything had changed. Her four year old friend was covered in dirt and grime, bruises and scratches covering her skin and tears in her eyes. There had been an explosion in the palace and, Sarah found out soon after, Hapes had been dragged into a war that had encompassed the rest of Allana’s galaxy. She had never planned on being a mother, but after meeting Allana’s father (though the man wouldn’t admit it) Sarah knew she had to try her best. He had been willing to give up his daughter to a stranger from another world to keep her safe. It gave Sarah a lot to live up to. As she walked over to his table to explain the matter, she only hoped James was willing to see this through with her.

8. [Relative Space] Sarah Jane had stormed away from the rest of the group after being stung by that flipping jam fish. For once, she had absolutely no intention in sharing in with the excitement, still too lost and confused by everything going on about her. The universe was ending and yet they were on Florana on a short vacation of sorts. But despite finally making it to Florana, she felt as if she was trapped in a never ending disaster. By all means, she probably was. So caught up in her own self pity, Sarah Jane didn’t notice anyone following her. When a hand grabbed hers, she turned around, startled. Sarah found herself looking up into the Doctor’s kind eyes, white hair mused by the wind. It was certainly a nice face to look at, she realized as she smiled back uncertainly. That uncertainty disappeared entirely when he kissed her. Everything but the two of them disappeared for that one lingering moment: the eye in the oncoming storm.

9. [Canon] Sarah laughed with excitement as she scored the winning goal of the playoff game. Never before had she performed this well. Certainly never before had she actually made a goal that made all the difference in the end. Her hockey stick was thrown to the ground as the ten year old girl ran forward to her team mates, joining them in excited shouts of celebration. From the corner of her eye, she caught her parents in the stands. They were clapping more enthusiastically than any other person, clearly proud of her. Sarah Jane laughed again, this time with anticipation. There was going to be a party in the Smith household tonight.

10. [Milliways] Every time she walked past the graveyard, Sarah was filled with a pain of what might have been. It hadn’t been a year yet and the ache inside her certainly hadn’t dulled. When James had died, it was unexpected, shortly after their first date. He had been called away on a mission to Cuba. She had waited a whole week for him to return, unable to get back to Milliways without his help. But he had never shown up. She had been abandoned in a world not her own. She hadn’t even had the chance to fall properly in love with him. Walking by that one graveyard always hurt. Yet, she never knew how to change routes.

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016. TEN people you wish you’d never met

1. Rudyard Kipling. We were supposed to meet him in India, and instead wound up in London decades before he reached maturity. Kipling was, you see, the most infuriating, smutty, and cheeky brat you could ever meet.

2. Styre. I’d really rather not discuss that encounter.

3. Devros. He invented the Daleks. Aside from that, he was an absolutely evil man rather obsessed in making sure his creations were the supreme beings in the universe. He wouldn’t stop at anything. He didn’t.

4. Andrew Lofts. I suppose a part of me is still bitter at him for actually making me chose between my career and my relationship. He wasn’t worth the two and a half years I spent with him in the end.

5. Hilda Winters. Absolutely frigid woman with no respect for life.

6. The Spider Queen. I never exactly met her, but I did encounter spiders controlled by this thing. She almost killed the Doctor. I couldn’t ever forgive her for that.

7. Lizzie Kidds. Never did like her much, either in primary or secondary school.

8. Sutekh. Bloody terrifying, he was.

9. Billy Watson. Last I heard, his career had begun a steady spiral downwards after printing a rather libel story on York’s police department. The swine rather deserves this.

10. Sometimes I have considered putting the Doctor on a list like this one. Usually, it’s when we’re in some sort of mortal peril. But I couldn’t. Not ever. So I’ll end this list with someone else: Santa Claus.
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015. TEN people you wish you could meet

1. James Bond. I do know he’s fictional, but he is a rather interesting character. And to be honest, I did have a bit of a crush on him when I was a teenager.

2. Jane Austen. If her personality is anything like the clever, witty narrator in her works, I would imagine that conversation would be fascinating.

3. Susan Foreman. The Doctor has told me stories of his granddaughter. It would have been lovely to actually meet her.

4. Mary Shelley.

5. Dame Flora Shaw. She was one of my role models in university, as well should be for any female budding journalist.

6. William Shakespeare.

7. Hildy Johnson. She’s fictional as well, but His Girl Friday will always be one of my favourite films. She’ll always be one of my favourite cha

8. Lois Lane. We’ve established fictional doesn’t matter in this list, thank you all the same.

9. Michael York.

10. Every one of the Doctor’s regenerations.
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013. TEN (best/biggest) triumphs or victories

As a preface, there are quite a lot of ‘triumphs’ that I feel like I can chose from. This comes especially after travelling with the Doctor for as long as I have, and well, not to be arrogant, helping to save Earth and other worlds countless times. We’re still travelling together, and I’m sure if you ask me this again in ten years, the list will change. Until then, I’m presenting those triumphs that stand out most in my memory to date:

1. Scoring the winning goal during my second year of secondary school that got my team into the county finals. I was rather in to field hockey at that time, and even today that goal still means a lot to me. It proved that despite my height, or lack thereof, I was just as good a player as all the other girls on the team.

2. Being named editor of my university’s magazine for my final year there. I worked hard to achieve that post, and it was wonderful to see that the years of dedication meant something to the professors at Nottingham. Especially when I beat out Benjamin Basil for the post, that prat!

3. Scooping Arthur Gold. It was a short little article on a controversy involving a local drug dealing by a formerly respectable politician. Gold was convinced that he had stolen my lead after snooping about the files on my desk, but I showed him a thing or two. That article also earned me my column in Metropolitan.

4. Helping Sir Edward defeat Irongron and Linx, the Sontaran. Oh, all right. The Doctor did have a lot to do with that victory, but it was my first time travelling to the past and I did manage to convince Sir Edward of a thing or two before the Doctor ever showed up.

5. Watching Thalira, queen of Peladon, take my words on women’s lib to heart. I’ve been a staunch feminist for years and written many articles on the topic, but I had never actually seen the effects my words could have before. It was quite an accomplishment, for Peladon and myself.

6. The first time I got to rescue the Doctor, for a change. It wasn’t much, I suppose, but I still savour the look on his face when I marched him right out of prison. We were on Antari 7 and he had gotten confused for a serial murderer after attempting to help the latest victim. I managed to talk the judge and jury into seeing that the Doctor wasn’t the dangerous criminal they all thought him to be. And of course, it helped that a local and I managed to find the real villain instead.

7. This one will seem rather pale in comparison to some of the other triumphs I’ve previously listed, but I was rather smug the day that I finally managed to beat Harry Sullivan in a game of poker. It took weeks and months of practice, but it was worth it when Sergeant Benson started laughing loudly as Harry stared in disbelief. I made quite a bit of money that night.

8. I don’t know if this truly fits on this list, but I consider it a rather important victory that I helped to participate in no matter what anyone else might think. We were on Skaros – Harry, the Doctor, and I – sent back by the Timelords to prevent the Daleks from ever evolving. And he did get that opportunity, to destroy the Dalek embryos and achieve genocide all at the same time. I reminded him of all the horrors the Daleks would commit, practically trying to convince him to connect the wires on purpose. It felt horrible, even if they were Daleks, but in the end he decided to argue with me like always. And he didn’t. I couldn’t have been prouder.

9. Finding a home for those poor children that Dr Ross had altered and Mr Beckinridge enslaved in setting up his underwater telephone lines. Even in the 19th century, it turned out, people could be such monsters! But we helped put a stop to Dr Ross’s barbaric experimentations in the end. More than that, though, was the look of pure joy on the merchildren’s faces when we brought them to the oceans of Florana. It was a complete triumph over a madman’s horrid and careless view on life.

10. Hearing the Doctor call me his best friend for the first time.
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011. TEN facts about your family

1. My parents died when I was five in a car accident. Most of the memories I have of them are from the stories my aunt told me while growing up.

2. Aunt Lavinia has always been a wonderful guardian, especially as her career as a virologist would take us to various cities during my youth. I tried impersonating her once, back when I first met the Doctor, and that didn’t go as well as I hoped. How was I supposed to know people there would have actually read her work? Doctor, I’m talking about you.

3. What I learned from growing up with an aunt as a guardian instead of parents is that family is what you make it. I’ve never been one to believe in conventional families. Family is what you make it, be it blood relatives or friends. And I absolutely adore the small family I’ve found with the Doctor and with Harry and the rest of my friends at UNIT.

4. I’ve been absolutely horrible about keeping up with my aunt since travelling with the Doctor. I send her letters here and there when on Earth, but aside from that, our regular correspondence has since vanished. I do hope she’ll forgive me for that one day.

5. My father was a businessman. I don’t know how much this is a memory or how much this is something Aunt Lavinia once told me, but every time he had to travel to another town, he’d bring me back a small gift. I believe my favourite was a small beanbag owl.

6. Nigel Smith and Alice Trent Smith are buried in a small graveyard behind a small church right outside of Liverpool. I used to make my aunt take me on trips there often when we travelled, even though it was often rather out of the way.

7. I have no siblings. When I was younger, I often wish I did, especially to have someone to play field hockey with. I grew out of that stage quickly enough, since I had a tendency to consider children my age dull. But I still couldn’t help but long for a brother or a sister when I saw siblings in the neighbourhood play together.

8. My grandparents never played much of a role in my life. By the time I moved in with Aunt Lavinia, only my mother’s mother remained alive. I was never very close with her.

9. Despite everything I said in item three about family being what you make it, this topic has always been a sore subject for me. I suppose it’s due to some of the teasing I used to receive in primary school. And all of the punishments I got after giving Teddy Miles a black eye for doing so.

10. My family hasn’t been normal. Growing up, it consisted of an aunt who wouldn’t always be around to take care of me. Now, it consists of friends instead of lovers or children. But I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. I’m rather fond of it just as it is.


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